BITCOIN | CryptoTrend: Should we band or use CryptoCurrencies?

BITCOIN | CryptoTrend: Should we band or use CryptoCurrencies?

Previously For a farmer to sell his vegetables in the market, A whole-seller used to collect vegetable that costs Rs. 50 in 52 rupees from the farm. Whole-seller then sells the vegetable to a dealer who collects all vegetables from many whole-sellers at 55. He than sells the vegetables to our shops nearby in 60 rupees. And different shops sell those 50 rupees worth vegetables at any rate they want. The Price ranges from 65–70.

Dis you notice how many middleman are there who actually play a decent game and earn from the farmer’s product? And what value does a farmer gets for investing weeks to produce that vegetables? The farmer is getting only four percent benefit while those middle men easily earn 15–20 percent for just speaking.

And also the price margin that exists in our market. A new customer will never know that he is paying 100–200% more.


BLOCK CHAIN CAN RIP THINGS APART. It can stab those bribers’ heart apart and squash all the middlemen.

BITCOIN is a digital currency which actually runs under the principal of block chain.
After using BITCOIN the process for selling vegetable by a farmer will be something streamlined like this:
  • Farmer marks its margin say X-Bitcoins
  • The Wholeseller won’t play any role in selling price. They are now the disrtibutors and will get money for carrying the good and distributing it to the retailers and shops.
  • The cash transaction will be done via Bitcoin.
  • And the Product’s quality and quantity will be controlled via BLOCK CHAIN. It mightn’t be cleanly applicable for vegetables. But let’s generalize the product as a digital content. The content sold by it’s creator will be unique and will be hashed(private encrypted key which are not easily breakable.)
  • So the guaranteed products will be bought and sold(hash keys makes it possible)
  • Transaction will be done via Bitcoin so straight transfer will be possible between seller and buyers.
  • Sellers selling price will also be publically available on a open journal that is maintained by the BlockChain. So nobody can smart out anybody.
Isn’t it what we all want? But you might ask why bitcoins while we have banks to do so? Then my answer will be like this:

Like in the farmer’s vegetable selling story I mentioned above: even BANKS are some middlemen. And they are legal bodies who are certified to make income from the money that citizens earn from doing hard work. The bank and corporate polities are more dense than a spider’s net. Once we are inside it will be hard to escape.

And so are the governments. My only point for supporting BITCOIN as of now is this:
Government is corrupt. We keep paying bills every single month. But where does those budget that government announces every year goes? Why are there huge pot holes in a Highway which should actually be black paved. Why are there no infrastructure of Development (Education Health, Transportation) decentralized to the remote areas?

So why to pay TAX to such government who doesn’t pay back to it’s citizen .

This is when I support bitcoin and do one-to-one transaction and keep the product and its value(give -return) within two body, but not any middlemen(corrupt government in this case)
There are some other reasons which puts me in favor of Using Bitcoin. But there are certainly some downside and some of them are discussed below:
  • Do we have in-depth knowledge about Cryptocurrency and what it is?-I don’t think we do.
  • Do we know if we can fully trust on some digital currency? - I don’t think we do.
  • Do we have a promising Cyber Law that can take full responsibility of digital transactions or the fraud that are probable in future? - I don’t think we do.
  • Have we practiced such thing before or even have a bullet proof well researched plans which could give us confidence to give Cryptocurrency a try? - I don’t think we do.
  • What percentage of a country’s total population are using internet?-Very Low
  • What skill sets those online citizens have in order to browse internet? Coz most of the citizens browse facebook and youtube and don’t know how to send an email.
  • What are the actions that we will take if any illegal activities like (Drug Smuggling, Child Pornography, Gun Dealing) takes places with the help of Cryptocurrency? First how can we know if any such activities are occuring online?
  • Do we have enough resource, knowledge, plans and promulgation ready ? I don’t think we do.
So for these reasons and some more yet to be listed, I thing we are not yet ready to adapt any Cryptocurrencies in Nepal.

How to Enable Youtube Dark Theme?

May update of Youtube released this simple, most needed and cool feature that is The Dark Theme. Yes this is a basic feature for Youtube and it's most needed because white color reflects much brightness. So imagine how many hours you spend every day in youtube. With that also consider this fact that everyone's eyes are retarded, itchy and dry because of stalking on their monitor screen all day long. So now with this Dark Theme on youtube you can atleast get little rid of dry eyes issues. 

Enabling dark theme is super easy. And I have found out that most of my friends are already using it in their browser. But to those small number of people who don't know about the dark theme on youtube, please go through the video and try it right now. Video takes two minutes of your time. Also don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to our channel if you want more contents that could be useful. 


Bye Bye Unity! I personally never liked you as a Desktop Manager.

In past recent months, there were rumors about Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Manager which could replaced by some Desktop Manager. And it happened officially in this October Release. We now have Mid Release of UBUNTU Version 17.10 ARTFUL AARDVARK.

Artful Aardvark now uses GNOME as its Default Desktop Manager. LightDM will provide you two GNOME session in Aardvark. 
You can find the release information on Ubuntu's Official Release page. But currently (15th of October) The Ubuntu Wiki is not updated. So in order to download the iso what you can do is browse to your nearby ISO Mirror Provider. Here at Nepal Nepal Telecom provides us with the ISO of every  Ubuntu Releases. So Ubuntu users from Nepal can download Artful Aardvark from the link provided below:

This is not the only way to upgrade your Ubuntu Distribution. You can also update it from your Settings by Checking for Updates. Update Menu provides you the Official OS Updates from where you can upgrade to Artful Aardvark.

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Video Tutorials/Recording in UBUNTU with KAZAM

Hello Everybody. Welcome to another tech blog. Today we will be talking about another useful tips that helps us to begin with the Video Recording of your Screen. There are tons of good tools out there for Video Editing, Video Recording and post processing. But most of them are developed for Windows Operating System . And for beginner like us we have trouble choosing easy and learning easier.


This tutorial is about KAZAM SCREENCASTER where I will show how to install it and a quick demo after the installation. We can do the screen recording and also take the screenshot. KAZAM is lightweight and works smooth. Watch the video tutorial which I recorded with KAZAM. Enjoy the blog and tutorial.

HAPPY DASHAIN TIHAR | बडा दसै तथा दिपावलीको हार्दिक मंगलमय सुभकामना

HAPPY DASHAIN TIHAR | बडा दसै तथा दिपावलीको हार्दिक मंगलमय सुभकामना


Dashain & TIHAR ”, two most celebrated festivals in Nepal, marks the victory of virtue over vice and peace, prosperity with lights of glory and delights. It symbolizes the triumph of truth over falsity.It unites families and fills our lives with new vigor, fun and Joy. With that spirit, on behalf of TECHJHOLA we would like to wish everyone (open contributors, Bloggers, Writers and Readers) . a very HAPPY DASHAIN and SHUBHA DPAWALI 2074), abundant with happiness and contentment. May truth guide you towards success and cheerfulness.

देस्सबिदेसमा रहनुभयएका सम्पुर्ण सुचनाप्र्बिधीका माध्यमद्बारा जोडिनुभएका डिजिटल सिटिजनहरुमा वडा दसै तथा दिपावली २०७४को हार्दिक मंगलमय सुभकामना वयक्त गर्न चहान्छोै।
Medical Data Insight Sprint 2 Retrospective

Medical Data Insight Sprint 2 Retrospective

This Blog and all future blogs with title Medical Data Insight are updates about the very Open Source Project which I announced some weeks ahead via this blog article: Open Source Project "MEDICAL DATA INSIGHT". Open Call for Technical/Non Technical Collaboration.

Even though this is a Open Source Project and maintaining consistent contribution is very rare, I'm following AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES for this project. This is the reason why you are seeing the Updates about our Retrospective and Planning. Following AGILE is actually fun and productive. And I can keep a close track of what's happening with the project. 

Here is the RETROSPECTIVE summary of SPRINT 2. Please go thorough the link and do provide your valuable feedback to us.

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Microsoft's October 10 Updates Might Cause Windows Devices Boot Failure

Microsoft Support has stated that it is well aware about the October 10th Security updates Issue. Security update was done as 2017's monthly security updates for Windows 10 version1703 (KB4041676) and version 1607 (KB4041691), and Windows Server 2016 (KB4041691) for WSUS/SCCM managed devices.
On the very afternoon of 10th October Windows released Cumulative Security Updatess. and has asked it's customers to update the Cumulative Updates. 

Mitigation Plans and Reported issues can be found on the notice released by Microsoft in the link below:

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I bought this Domain from Ohodomain. The process of buying domains was too easy, but managing the CNAME A and sub-domain entries was a headache. While I wanted to add a sub-domain I couldn't identify what should  be it's ip address. And modifying, changing those CNAME, A and subdomains are not much user friendly. 

Even more than that I need to pay for getting a SSL certificate. Well then I started to look for ways to make my site secure and use HTTPS instead of HTTP Protocol. Then I found Cloudflare. My friend Rabindra suggested me to try it. Well I did it and then I never looked back.

Cloudflare, Inc. is a U.S. company that provides a content delivery network, Internet security services and distributed domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

Main reason for me choosing Cloudflare was that I got opportunity to switch to HTTPS from HTTP with just a single click. :)
And the interface is so much easier. After you add your site to Cloudflare and it will collect all DNS entries.
And it not only manages your DNS entries but at the same time you can get a bunch of features like Analytics, Crypto, Firewall, Speed, Pagerules, Network, Traffic, Customization, Apps and Scrape Shield.

For small or personal blogs and sites, you don't need to pay. If you are a company and want the real time network security on your products, be it a mobile app, app hosted over cloud or any e-commerce site. There are plans where you can choose any affordable plans.

Cloudflare also handles huge DDOS Attacks even you will get it on scale of Gigabytes. It has its datacentre on 100 cities of the world. So you will be getting high speed service for protecting your data online.

It will be a long blog post to write each features that are provided by cloudflare. And I don'y want to copy paste all of it all again like I generally do for the definitions of any word from Wikipedia.
So signup today and thank me later.

On my next blog I will be writing that one single click to perform in order to turn your browsers secure i.e. HTTPS from HTTP. Also there are many apps provided by cloudflare which needs to be shared to the bloggers. Apps like the Social Media Like Buttons, Grow your email, NoAdBlocks and more...

One Last thing I want to say is that I'll never switch to any cdn ans internet security services provider except Cloudflare.

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BITCOIN: CRYPTOTREND IN NEPAL | BITSEWA CLOSURE NOTICE Nepal's First Bitcoin Company and Digital Assets Exchange, has announced its CLOSURE NOTICE on 7th of October, 2017.

On it's official website, you can see the closure notice of bitsewa. After Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Bank of Nepal stated that buying ans selling of BitCoin in Nepal is Illegal, Bitsewa Team announced to shutdown their service.
They have plans to return the funds that their customers' have invested in Bitcoin. A detailed information about the shutdown of bitsewa service was posted in their official facebook page:

Impact of Bitcoin seems to be noticeable here in Nepal. Earlier I had no idea that our Government was aware about Bitcoin and any of the Cruptocurrencies issue trending online. But then I saw Nepal rastra Banks notice about BitCoin. And I also came to know 7 people were nabbed for doing Bitcoin Business. And now I knew there existed a company which was dedicated for Bitcoin Trading in Nepal. And just recently it got shutdown too.

Seems like we will get to hear more news regarding Bitcoin in Nepal. I am curious if there are any Bitcoin Miners and Researchers who are following the CryptoTrend ?

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BITCOIN: CRYPTOTREND In NEPAL | 7 nabbed for running bitcoin exchange business

BITCOIN: CRYPTOTREND In NEPAL | 7 nabbed for running bitcoin exchange business


Recently I saw the notice from Central Bank of Nepal which stated about Prohibiting Buying and Selling of Cryptocurrency in Nepal. I've written a blog about this topic here:

Bitcoin is a hot topic over the globe and everyone is following this Cryptotrend. I started surfing on internet to collect more information about Cryptocurrency. My focus was specially towards news that are related to Cryptocurrency and its usage in Nepal.

It was the month of July 2017 the notice was stated by Central Bank of Nepal. and just recently I found a news published by National Magazine of Nepal The Kathmandu Post which was entitled: 

7 nabbed for running bitcoin exchange business

Gyan Prasad Paudel of Sindhuli, Madhav Khanal of Arghakhanchi, Prashant Pratap Shah of Kathmandu, Bida Dhakal of Nuwakot, Mingmar Tamang of Sindhupalchok, Daman Basnet of Kathmandu, and Manish Kumar Giri of Rupandehi, these seven were arrested by a police team deployed from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police.

You can find the detailed news on this link:

Bitcoin is flourishing over many Asian Countries like India, Japan and Korea. There are ATM Centers and VISA CARDs available for doing Bitcoin Transaction in Russia. While here at Nepal People were nabbed by the Government Officials for using Bitcoin. 

Well I still don't have a clear knowledge about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Usage if one should use it or not. But I will frequently be collecting and sharing news about Bitcoin and Cryptotrend. This will help me & readers to understand about CryptoCurrency.

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What is BITCOIN?
A Clear definition from Wikipedia about BitCoin: 
Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system[8]:3 called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator.[8]:1[9] It was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto[10] and released as open-source software in 2009.[11] The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.[8]:4 These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. 
Cryptocurrency, blockchain, distributed ledger, network nodes and many more words are mentioned above in definition of BitCoin. To be true, I still don't have clear understanding of all those complex terminologies related to BitCoin. But I've heard many words about it from my Friend Manish, who is always watching the stock value of bitcoin. Looking at his tweets, I am used to with the Term CryptoCurrency  and BitCoin.

CryptoTrend In Nepal

Last year there was a discussion on Reddit where someone shared news about buying BitCoin is now available in Nepal. I was not interested about the news back then. But recently BitCoin is a boom and everyone all over the world are curious about it. People closely engaged with technology specially developers and economists from Nepal are now a days surfing about cryptocurrency. I was curious what was going on with our Government? Are they aware about this decentralized currency which is now a major concern to the whole world?

I was surprised while reading this official notice from Central Bank of Nepal regarding the Cryptocurrency BitCoin. This notice was published in month of Shrawan, 2074 i.e. July 2017 on it's official site.

Above notice basically states that The Government of Nepal hasn't stated BitCoin as any recognized Foreign Currency and buying and selling of Bitcoin via any Online Platform is strictly prohibited and is illegal.

I felt like wow, my government is aware about the global trends even though it is currently going through long ongoing political instability issue.  Personally speaking i would love to use the Cryptocurreny. Specially here at Nepal I want it to flourish. Because we regularly pay taxes to the government with this belief that in return we will get the infrastructures for development built all over our country. Government makes rule/ plans and also estimates budgets for Construction. But the construction works begins only when those budgets are about to be freeze. And there is this layer of corruption from highest post to the lower level contractors who complete the task just for the sake of completing.

Why the hell should we pay for such government which neither has transparency for each penny we pay them for? Not it fulfills the promise of building necessary infrastructure of development. Being a digitally aware citizen I find is fascinating that they published a notice about BitCoin. Liking it or not depends upon our own personal view. But from now on I will be having a close watch at the CryptoTrend in Nepal and will be sharing posts frequently.


Jump straight to the Unity is a Burden below because first three paragraphs are my  common Ubuntu talks that might not interest you.  
Two years back I wanted my Ubuntu to perform fast and I looked upon some tweaks and tricks to make it perform fast. Back then I was a beginner to Linux and programming stuffs. Well, I still am a beginner and the expertise that I've gained over time is building/configuring/installing any Debian package and make it run on my machine. Which is kind of cool. Even though you don't build any tools, being able to run tools build by some other developers also keeps you updated with technology. 

After years of using Ubuntu and upgrading from 10.04-12.04-14.04 to my current version 16.04LTS the performance issue is gradually increasing. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) was one of the best distribution version from Ubuntu which performed to its optimum  capability even in my old Dell Inspiron Dual Core Processor and 2GB RAM. That was That was 4 years back and I was worried since then I might get the performance issue on my obsolete machines after the Ubuntu Version starts upgrading.

Back then I have written a blog on my approack to speed up Ubuntu in this article A Learner's Approach To Speed Up Ubuntu.
And I got no chance to ponder back in to the performance issue and find some more tweaks which could help. But I did one thing which has been helping me for a year or a two. 

Unity is a burden

If you check memory usage of your system you can see that Unity occupies like almost 10-15% of your memory usage. Just for the interface your 20% of memory gets occupied. And this is not after you start browsing applications but right after the system gets booted. And the memory usage increases gradually after you start surfing other applications.

Let's say you opened your file explorer which takes 3% memory usage. Then Unity doesn't manage the memory usage with it's initial 10-15% occupied memory, but additional 3% memory usage is added.

So why the heck do you need Unity if anyways it wont be managing your usage? And why do you let your 20-25 percentage of memory usage be occupied initial and get no benefit in the performance?

i3 Desktop Manager

I was done with Unity and started exploring some light weight desktop managers. After some online surfing, I found i3 Desktop Manager, a famous easy windows tiling Desktop Manager also lightweight.

You can download i3 from Ubuntu Official Updates. Use commands mentioned below to install i3:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install i3

After you download and insall i3, log off your machine. You are currently using Unity so you need to log out of it. After you log out in your locked screen choose i3 desktop manager. The Desktop Manager Selection is available on the right side of your password entering area. You will currently see Unity's logo click it, it will list i3 desktop manager. Select it and enter your password.

If you check your memory usage by your desktop manager you can find a drastic change.

NOTE: If you are new to Ubuntu, I would suggest you to use Unity for some time and ignore the memory usage issue. Because switching to i can be a trouble. i3 can be customized and is geeky. It has minimum user interface and you need to manually type for the commands that you want to perform. 

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TODOSIT is a really cool app I'm using these days to set my daily goals. Todoist helps to add tasks and manage out tasks in an easy way. Wherever we are or whatever task we want to logs in any projects we can do it here at TODOIST.
Todosit has many features that are available for free, which are listed below:
  • Access tasks everywhere
    With apps and extensions for 10+ platforms, your tasks are always there: on mobile devices, web browsers, inboxes, and more.
  • Collaborate on shared tasksShare unlimited tasks with anyone – colleagues, family, friends – and collaborate in real-time on shared projects and goals.
  • Distraction-free designYour tasks are a big part of your life. Stay motivated and organized with Todoist’s intuitive and beautiful to do list.
  • Subtasks
  • SubProjects
  • And manymore which you can find in their official site

But it says you to go PREMIUM for Setting REMAINDERS

But I don't suggest you to go PRIME and pay for a feature which should be paid. With this easy trick you can get the remainder for free.


  • Go to the Todoist App
  • Go to Settings menu on your browser's top right area
  • Go to the Integrations
  • Now choose Google Calendar
  • Sync your Google Calendar with Todoist app.
    On your mobile phone you might be using some applications for getting the remainders like: SPlanner or the Google Calendar itself. For most of the Smart phone from Samsung which runs Android they have Splanner as default Samsung Apps.
  • Now Create a new Task something like:
    "COFFEE at 14:00 with Techjhola"  as  a remainder.
  • Your todo items will now automatically get synced with Google Calendar and you will get a remainder on your phone.
DON'T GO PREMIUM UNLESS YOU CAN HACK any apps in any possible ways. Because sneaking out and taking advantages of loopholes is more fun than paying money.
Happy Blogging

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DuckDuckGo began as an idea for a better search experience with more instant answers and less spam. With this idea back in Month of February, 2008 DuckDuckGo started with a few servers in a dusty basement. DuckDuckGo was soon announced/introduced to the Hacker News and reddit communities.

DuckDuck TimeLine

Duck gained even more popularity on January, 2009 when they decided to make a bold move and not collect or share any personal information of users'. On January 11, 2011 Duck Team told the world “Google tracks you. We don’t” with a billboard in their backyard. On Febrauary,2012 DuckDuckGo reached a record of 1,000,000 searches a day. Well that is not the only good news, it reached 2,000,000 searches a day in June 2013. Just after 8 days it reached 3,000,000 searches a day. on February 2014 it got 5 Million searches a day which is 1.825 billion searches in a year. On Febraury 2017 15 million searches in a single day (15,106,357 to be exact) was achieved by duck team.

DuckDuck Donations

Being a search engine which don't keep any users' personal information and who don't display add in the browser DuckDuck has been continuously donating several Open Source Projects. Some of the organizations & Projects that DuckDuck helped this year with $225,000 divided equally are: SecureDrop, Freenet, OpenBSD Foundation, CrypTech, Tor Project, Fight for the Future, VeraCrypt, LEAP, GPGTools

All these information are available in its official site:

Will you ever get these data always available on any other site. Last week when there was a sale on, I searched for like a dozens of smart TVs. And now on my google search everytime I get add of this Smart TV SONY BRAVIA. And this was annoying so I changed by default browser to duckduckgo.
This is a shout out to all those who care about privacy, who don't want to be a puppet of searchengine like google who crawls not only what we search but also tracks about every searches, sites, location, online shopping etc.



Today's blog is to update the news and updates that has happened on Open Source Project MEDICAL DATA INSIGHT side. I'm currently contributing/mentoring this project "Medical Data Insight". If you haven't known about MDI then please go through this announcement that I've made on my previous blog:

Open Source Project "MEDICAL DATA INSIGHT". Open Call for Technical/Non Technical Collaboration

Today we ended our first Iteration and we could do some tasks on this project. Please go through the official project's website for detailed report.