How to View Complete Details About a WiFi Network in Mac OS

How to View Complete Details About a WiFi Network in Mac OS

Whenever you’re connected to a Wireless network (WiFi) on your Mac OS X, you don’t get to see the complete details about that specific WiFi network. You can manage various WiFi settings by visiting Network preferences > WiFi > Advanced. While you can view very few details like your local IP address provided by the router, subnet mask, router’s IP address, setup DNS and proxies; from the Advanced settings window.
But there is a quick way, to view complete details about a WiFi network which includes BSSID, channel & country code of the router, signal strength, disturbance (noise), and the transfer rate of the network.


Make sure you’re connected to the WiFi network whose details you wish to view.
Now hold down option key and click on the WiFi icon on the menu bar. This time you’ll not only see the options to search and switch between the networks, you’ll also see a list of various technical details about the WiFi you’re connected to.
From the top are the interface name and the mac address of the WiFi adapter of your Mac system. The next extra option you get this time is Open Wireless Diagnostics. Without having to visit the advanced setting window you can directly diagnose WiFi problems, using this option.
BSSID is the mac address of the wireless access point (WAP).
RSSI is the strength of the signal of the Wireless network you’re connected to. RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indication, whose value ranges from -100 to 0. For a signal to have good strength, its value must be near to 0. That means, RSSI indication of -20dBm is better than -70dBm.
Tx Rate is the maximum speed of the network which is possible for data transfer inside that specific network.
PHY Mode shows which wireless technology standard does the network follow for the connection. Mostly, nowadays’s routers make use of 802.11n technology, but it might vary depending upon the router you’re using.
How to Free up Google Photos Storage From Google Drive

How to Free up Google Photos Storage From Google Drive

Over a period of time your phone definitely takes tons of photos and if you’re using Google Photos to backup your photos then I’m sure the storage might have been used to some GBs. Google Drive allows you to store max 15 GB of data (Drive, Gmail & Google Photos). For high-quality photos, Google gives you unlimited storage. But if the images are stored in original size, the upload quota is limited.
So if your photos have been accumulated in your drive account in original size and the storage is about to bid you bye bye, well here’s a way-out to free up Google Photos storage from Google Drive.
You can download all of your Google Photos to your local machine using Google Takeout.
Visit Google Takeout page and select the app Google Photos and click the “next” button to grab all the photos from your Google Account.
After you’ve downloaded all your photos (make sure you have all of them), delete the online copy of photos from Google Photos app.
Now within Google Photos app, visit settings > backup and select the quality of photos to “high quality”. Selecting high quality gives you unlimited storage quota for backing up your photos in Google Photos.

Facebook Spaces is live now

When Mark Zuckerberg  CEO of Facebook, first demo'd Facebook VR at  Oculus’ third annual virtual reality developer conference  on October 12- 2016. Where he  discussed the next phase of VR, including an exciting live demo of Facebook’s latest social VR experience . Facebook said they expected it to go live within a year. It's taken them just 6 months and here is :

Virtual Reality (VR) is buzzing word of todays'  Tech Era and to make VR more lively,Facebook launched Facebook Spaces BETA version. It's live now at and can be used straight away via Oculus Rift. 

The  beta version of it will allows you to :

  1.  Personalize your avatar with your Facebook photo
  2.  Enter your Facebook photos or videos virtually with friends 
  3.  Teleport yourself anywhere with your friends
  4.  Take selfies in 3D with your friends and share them
  5.  Draw in 3D with your friends, chat and collaborate
  6.  Receive messenger calls even if your friends aren't in VR
  7.  Delve  yourself into 360
  8.  Capture the moment by creating the fun memories in VR and take selfie even in  costly areas : Mars.

and Explore more then you have ever imagined.

Additional Details: 

Language : English 
Space  Required : 1.35GB
Developer : Facebook VR
Publisher : Facebook
Supported controllers : Oculus and Touch 
Supported Players Modes : Sitting and Standing 
Supported Tracking Modes : Front-facing 

 As It's in Beta so  it may not be in store yet. But  you can add it here: 

How to Activate or Deactivate Cortana in Windows 10

How to Activate or Deactivate Cortana in Windows 10

Finally, Microsoft’s digital assistant “Cortana” has been embedded into the company’s desktop operating system – Windows 10. Using digital voice assistant, one can easily get small things (set alarm, remainder, search, etc) done and its a wise thing to activate it for increasing productivity level. Windows user can easily upgrade to the new version of Windows for free.
If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 from previous versions, then “Cortana” might not be activated by default. So here’s an easy way to activate/deactivate her.


  • Click Start button
  • Select Cortana
  • Within the settings, click the notebook icon (third icon down – on the left)
  • Click the toggle button to turn on/off Cortana


Cortana pops up herself when you use this command, that means she’s active all the time which is battery consuming too! So some people might prefer deactivating this voice command.
Go to Start > Cortana, and select the notebook icon. Click the toggle menu to turn off the voice command.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Big Companies Dream Big and never stop surprising with smart and Intelligent Products. Entangled to the wide world with technology, Mobile Phones acts as mirror as well as your screen to envision  innovative ideas. We live our lives through our phones. They're now our screens of choice to enjoy everything from TV shows to mind-blowing games. But smartphones still look the same as they did a decade ago. Until Now.

With bunch of surprising features Samsung, one huge tech giant has Officially Unleashed Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. on 29th March, 2017. Infinity Display,Intelligent Interface,Face Recognition, Iris Scanner, Samsung DeX,Gear VR and Gear 360 are some of the major attractions that Samsung provides to its customers in Galaxy S8 and S8+. Let's review some of its outstanding feature here.

[Infinity Display]

bezel-less, full-frontal edge-to-edge screen,

The new Infinity Display gives you an incredible full screen experience. By creating a bezel-less, full-frontal edge-to-edge screen, the Galaxy S8 gives you more space for the things that matter. With this infinity display it gives you feeling of wide screen interface like you are viewing every corner of the object over your screen. Experience the cinematic looks of your world transparent through your phone. 

This phone is redesigned to function better than its previous version by making components smaller without compromising the performance. The Home Button is embedded under the screen and this phone has smoothly curved edges which looks so perfect. It has a wide area for doing multiple tasks at the same time. While you will not feel ani glitches during multitasking.

[A Whole New Way To Interact]

The Galaxy S8 also presents a whole new way to interact with your phone – Bixby. Bixby will be a new intelligent interface on our devices. With this feature, you can Say "Bixby"  to take the screenshot and text it to your friend on your contact list. It does that very fine. Isn't that cool to interact with your phone. Bixby also analyzes the object that it sees and provides insight about them. 
Once it learns about your routine, it will display only necessary information in your screen. This helps you to be updated with your routine and way you interact with your phone.

[Removing Everyday Barriers]

We constantly push ourselves to give you technology that makes your life easier through Face Recognition, Iris Scanner, Camera and more. You can unlock your phone with one touch i.e. finger scan or thorurgh face recognition. More to that you can secure your important file just with your eyes. Your eyes can only now see your important document.

Samsung DeX provides you a studio like experience with its feature of adding HDMI Cables and wireless keyboards, Mouse and Audio cables. You can use your phone like a computer and take advantage of it in your workstation.

[Opening New Worlds]

Virtual reality is another way to experience your new world. Like in S7, the Galaxy S8 connects with the Gear VR and also has a motion sensing wireless controller which makes it more realtime experience. It also has a Gear 360 which taker your 360 experience and enables you to livestream your special moments with your close ones.

This phone is still water resistant, captures high quality images and detects face for taking awesome selfie. Camera works perfect even during the low light and it's now easy to zoom. 


Color Availability :  Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold
Dimensions:  Galaxy S8                                           Galaxy S8+ 
                     (148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm, 155 g)                  (159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm, 173 g)

Display:         Galaxy S8                                                   Galaxy S8+
                        5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED              6.2" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED
                        (2960x1440)                                               (2960x1440) 
                        570 ppi                                                       529ppi
Camera:  [FRONT]                         
F1.7 Aperture
Pixel size: 1.22µm
Sensor size: 1/3.6"
FOV: 80
Wide selfie
[REAR]Dual Pixel 12MP AF
OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
F1.7 Aperture
Pixel size: 1.4µm
Sensor size: 1/2.55"
FOV: 77
Max Zoom: 8x (digital)
Pro mode
Slow motion
Food mode
Save as RAW file
  • Video Recording:
  • 4K video recording at 30 fps
  • 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps
  • 720p HD video recording at 30 fps
  • VDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization)
  • Digital Zoom 8x
  • High CRI LED Flash
  • Slow Motion video support for 720p at 240 fps
  • Hyperlapse video with stabilization
  • Continuous Autofocus video
  • Face Detection
  • Tracking AF
  • Take 9-megapixel still photos while recording 4K video
  • Playback Zoom
  • Video Location tags

  • Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor
  • Octa-core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor
  • Memory:
  • 4GB RAM (LPDDR4)
    64GB (UFS 2.1)
  • OS: Android 7.0(Nougat)

Fore more details/pricing/specificaiton visit the official site of samsung which we have listed below at our reference section:

  1. Samsung Galaxy 8 Specs
  2. Samsung Official Youtube Channel
  3. Images Credit: Samsung( taken from youtube, screenshots)

How to Visit Your WordPress Login Page

WordPress beginners might find it difficult to find and visit their WordPress login page. WordPress login page is the admin section of WordPress site which lets authentic users to login into their site’s dashboard, so they can manage their WordPress site from the back-end. Once you’re logged in to your WordPress dashboard you can publish posts & pages, change appearance, add or delete themes & plugins, add or remove users, and manipulate various site elements.
Once you’re familiar with WordPress, everything becomes quite easy. You can have a better site running under 5-10 minutes. But to edit your WordPress site app per your needs, you’ll first need to login to admin dashboard vi WordPress login page.


You can simply access the login page of your WordPress site by entering /login/ or /admin/ slug after your WordPress site’s URL.
These URL automatically redirect to the main login page of your WordPress site. If they do not properly redirect, you can make use of following URLs.
The above example URLs are for the WordPress site running on the root domain. If you’re running your WordPress site on a subdomain, then you can access your site’s login page by adding /login/ or /admin/ slug to the subdomain URL. But if that does not redirect properly to the login page, use following URL structure.
Once you’re familiar with these URL, you can easily access WordPress login page of your site or blog.

Goodenough Inventor of Lithium-Ion Battery Reveals Fast Charging, Noncombustible Batteries

King of Battery for almost four decades John Goodenough, Unleashes a new technology, first ever all-solid-state-battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries. With this breakthrough in the world of advanced batteries the skeptical world is finding a hard time to believe if this could drain the market of current lithium-ion batteries. Researchers demonstrated the new battery they invented have at least three times as much energy density as today’s lithium-ion batteries.

A team of engineers led by 94-year-old John Goodenough, professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has developed the first all-solid-state battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries for handheld mobile devices, electric cars and stationary energy storage.
John Goodenought says, Cost, safety, energy density, rates of charge and discharge and cycle life are critical for battery-driven cars to be more widely adopted. We believe our discovery solves many of the problems that are inherent in today’s batteries.

People would find it as a bluff if any random person had claimed the invention of all-solid-state-battery. Goodenough being the pioneer and father of Lithium-ion battery, after this invention, people are saying that this could revolutionize the era with the hype of Electric cars and could challenge the automobile industry with the help of this invention.

Source: UT News

Wget: How To Scrap Any Website From Terminal?

Today I'm going to share you some easy but cool stuffs which I tried on my Linux Terminal. Today I downloaded this blog to my local machine with the help of command line tool "Wget".

Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web.  It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies. Wget is non-interactive, meaning that it can work in the background, while the user is not logged on.  This allows you to start a retrieval and disconnect from the system, letting Wget finish the work.  By contrast, most of the Web browsers require constant user's presence, which can be a great hindrance when transferring a lot of data.

Today I will show you how I did the web scrapping of my website. Web Scrapping simply means downloading data from any online platform through automation of third party software. I've added a screenshot of the downloading activity created by wget. The command below looks kind of lengthy. The command I used is:
sudo wget --show-progress --progress=dot --verbose --recurseve --retryconnrefused -x --level=5 

I'll now break the command and describe the use of each parameters used within a single command.

Basically to download a website it is okey to provide the default command wget But at the same time you should make sure if the download is on progress so you add the parameter: --show-progress.  So i used --show-progress command along with the dot displaying parameter --progress=dot. 
Now that a website will have different directories that it fetched tie file from so I added a --recursive parameter.  -x  is used such that I shouldn't bother about any restrictions and I can download the site forcefully. 
--retry-connrefused This is useful parameter which helps to continuously retry connecting to the website and establish a connection. 
Wget has this special parameter level,  which you shouldn't miss using wihle downloading a website which has many indepth urls within an article or a page.
Suppose you use --level=3,  than the download begins with the doamin i.e. ans it starts downloading all data of the domain. If it finds any content with a weblink then it downloads everything inside that weblink. Same is done till it reaches its final level i.e. 3.

There are huge bunch of parameters that you can implement while executing the command. To learn about the tool type man wget in your terminal.

Offline Wikiepdia in HeNN E-Library Project

There are more than 35 E-Libraries  setup in Nepal by Help Nepal Network which runs on Linux Machine(Edubuntu : Educational Distribution of Ubuntu). What we the volunteers from Kathmandu University Open Source Community have done is, we have download GBs of wikipedia from the High Bandwidth University Internet and added those contents to the E-Libraries. And the volunteers update the content of wikipedia every three months they visit the site for Monitoring.

Windows 10 : How to Disable Login Screen Background Image

Windows 10 included Hero wallpaper that comes as a default wallpaper in final build of Windows 10. It also popped in the same image for the login background.
It might have pleased a few people but most of the people out there don’t seem to have liked it.


  • Go to Start > type regedit
  • On the folder tree (left side of regedit window), open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > System
  • By clicking System, you can see (Default) file on the right pane of the window.
  • Right-click on the empty area > New > DWORD (32 bit) Value
  • Name the file DisableLogonBackgroundImage (Remember: Name the file exactly mentioned here)
  • Double-click the file:
    • To remove the Windows Hero background, set the Value data to 1.
    • To restore the Windows Hero background, set the Value data to 0.
This method sets the accent color to the background image in login screen. In the internet, you may find 3rd party software that commits to set user defined image but after the KB3081424 Windows Update, it seems to cause screen flickering issue between Lock Screen and Login Screen.
WIKIPEDIA: Wiki Women Editathon 2017 | विकिपिडिया:विकी विमिन एडिटाथन २०१७

WIKIPEDIA: Wiki Women Editathon 2017 | विकिपिडिया:विकी विमिन एडिटाथन २०१७

नारी सम्मानमा समर्पित भई नारी दिवसको अवसर परेर विकिपिडिया र विकिपिडियाका भातृ परियोजनामा योग्दन पुर्याउने सम्पूर्ण नेपाली भाषी योग्दनकर्ता हरुद्वारा यस्बर्स विकी विमिन एडिटाथन २०१७ प्रतियोगिताको आयोजना गरेको छ। यस अघि विकिमिडिया समुदाय नेपालले बि.स. २०७१ र ७२ सालमा पनि विमिन एडिटाथन आयोजना गरेको थियो।नारी सम्मानमा समर्पित यो तेस्रो प्रतियोगिता हो।
मार्च ८,२०१७ मा सुरु भएको यश प्रतियोगिता  मार्च २२, २०१७मा  सकिने जानकारी विकिपेडियाले आफ्नो वेबसईटमा जनाएको छ। 
पुन्यश्वरी प्रजापतिको संयोजकत्वमा बनेको तिन सदसिय संयोजन समिति रहेको यस् कार्यक्रमका निम्न उदेश्यहरु रहेका छन्:
  • नेपाली विकिपिडियामा महिला सहभागिता बढाउनु,
  • नेपाली विकिपिडियामा महिला सम्बन्धि लेखहरू वृद्धि गर्नु,
  • नेपाली विकिपिडियाको स्तर अभिवृद्धि गर्नु,
  • नेपाली विकिपिडियाको नेपालीभाषी माझ रहेको पहुँचलाई बढाउनु,
  • विज्ञान प्रविधिको यस युगमा विकिपिडियालाई नयाँ ज्ञान र पठनपाठनको स्रोत बनाउनको लागि सामाजिक सोचको विकास गराउनु,
  • ज्ञान अभिबृद्धिको कार्यलाई हर्षोल्लास या मनोरञ्जनात्मक तरिकाले सम्पन्न गराउनु ।

प्रतियोगितामा विश्व भरी छरिएर रहेका सम्पूर्ण भाषी महिला तथा पुरुषहरुले भाग लीन पाउनेछन् भने सहभागीहरुले आफ्नो प्रयोगकर्ता पृष्ठमा विकी विमिन एडिटाथन ब्याच राखन सक्नेछन। सो गर्नका लागी  {{विकी विमिन एडिटाथन ब्याच}} टाईप गरी रख्नुपर्नेछ।

कार्यक्रममा सहभागी हुनकालागी सर्वप्रथम नेपाली विकिपिडियामा गएर आफ्नो खाता खोल्नु पर्दछ।खाता तयार भैसकेको भए प्रवेश गरेर यहाँ गएर आफ्नो नाम दर्ता गर्नुहोस् : दर्ता गर्न सम्पादनमा क्लिक गरेर अन्तिम हरफमा # ~~~~ राख्नुहोस।

कार्यक्रमको बारेमा थप जानकारीका लागी यो लिंक क्लिक गर्नुहोला।


Today's blog is about a simple issue you sometimes encounter after you rename your machine's hostname. 
[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hostnameUnable to resolve hostname xenialPlease enter your password:
This issue occurred to me just recently when I renamed my machine name from whoareyou to xenail.
Everytime I encountered this "Unable to resolve hostname xenial" issue

Earlier while I checked my hostname with command sudo cat /etc/hostname the result was xenial.
[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hostnamexenial

But the hostname was not listed inside /etc/hosts. I checked with command sudo cat /etc/hosts

[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hosts localhost whoareyou
The exact reason for why the host xenail wasn't listed in hosts is yet unknown. But in order to resolve the issue I did this simple tweak.
I renamed the hostname xenial from /etc/hostname to whoareyou.  and restarted the machine. Then after the issue was no more encountered. As simple as it is.

Help Nepal Network | हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क

 नेपाल द्वन्दकालबाट गुज्रिदै गर्दा जनताहरु अन्योलमा थिए। नेपालको आर्थिक, राजनैतिक, सामाजीक उतारचढाबलाई लिएर विश्वसमुदायमा धेरैनै कौतोहलता सृजना भईरहेको थियो। त्यही समुहबीच बिदेशमा बस्ने नेपालीहरु माझ नेपाललाई हेर्ने फरक द्रिस्टिकोण भएको एक समूह बनेको थियो। आफ्नो मातृभूमी अन्योलमा परेको बेलामा दुख अनि समबेदनाको भावनाभन्दा, देशका  राजनीति, राजनितिज्ञ, बिकाशका पुर्बधरहरुको अभाब जस्ता नराम्रो पक्ष्यलाई औल्याउदै खेद गर्ने गर्दथिए।

सन् १९९९ बेलायतमा बसोबस गर्ने नेपाली, रबीन्द्र मिश्रले, हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कको, स्थापना गर्नु भयो। संस्थाको स्थापना १२ जना स्दश्यको समायोजन भएको थियो भने अरुण सिंह बस्नेत नेपालका लागी  संयोजक थिए। आजको मिती सम्म यस् संस्थाको १२ राष्ट्र (अस्ट्रेलिया, अष्ट्रीया, क्यानाडा, डेनमार्क, आयरल्याण्ड,  नेपाल,न्युजील्याण्ड, कतार, रसिया, साउदी अरेवीया, दक्षिण कोरिया, स्वीडेन, युनाईटेड किङ्गडम् र  संयुक्त राज्य अमेरीका)मा संजाल स्थापना भईसकेको छ। आफ्नो १७औ बसन्त पार गरी, यस् संस्थाले राष्ट्र निर्माणमा उल्लेखनीय योगदान पुर्याइसकेको छ ।

हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क सन १९९९मा “एक महिनामा एक डलर” कोषको स्थापना गर्ने नेपालको पहिलो अंतराष्ट्रिय संगठनिक संजाल हो। यस् संस्थाले नेपालका दुर्गम क्षेत्रमा रहेका बालबालीकाको शिक्षा तथा श्वास्थक्षेत्र उत्थानका लागि दत्त चित्त भएर लागीपरेको छ। बाह्र वटा देशमा च्याप्टरहरू रहेका यस् संस्थाले आजका दिनसम्म अनेकौ क्रियाकलाप गरेर रास्ट्रको शिक्षा तथा श्वास्थक्षेत्रमा योगदान पुर्याएको छ।
हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क नेपाली जनसमुदाय माझ "दिने" संक्रृतीको प्रबर्धन गर्ने काम गर्दछ। उद्हारणका लागी बिदेसमा रहेका हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क का सदस्यहरुले त्यहाँ बस्ने नेपाली जनताहरुलाई महिनामा एकचोटी आफ्नो आर्जनबाट थोरै रकम अनुदान दिनका लागी प्रोत्साहन गर्दछन्। नेपालमा हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कका सदस्यहरुले बरु  मासिक एक प्लेट मो:मो कम खाने गरौ  अथवा केही कप चिया कम पियौ र त्यो बचत कतै दान गरे भनेर अाफ्नो कार्यक्रम संचालन गर्दछन।

सन् २००२मा हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कले १२०० पाउंडको आर्थिक सहयोग प्रदान गरी  प्युठानको सरस्वती प्राथमिक बिद्यालयको दुइवटा भवन पुनर्निर्माण गर्न सफल भएको थियो। त्यही साल दांग र डोल्पामा दुई बिध्यलयाको भवन निर्माण र पुस्तकालय सुधारमा करिब २८०० पाउंड सहयोग पुर्याओ। सन् २००३मा आवहान समूह, चाबहिलको सहकार्यमा हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कले ६०० पाउन्डको सहयोग गरी काठमाडौँको कपनमा हेपाटाईटीष बी खोप सिबीर संचालन गरेको थियो। साथसाथै खोटांग जिल्लाको दिप्सुंग गबिसा मा ११४० अमेरिकी डलरको लागतमा रेनुका निम्न माध्यमिक बिद्यालयको छत मर्मत गर्न सहयोग पुर्याएको थियो। यसरीनै हरेक वर्ष यस् संस्थाले शिक्षा र स्वास्थ्यमा टेवा पुर्याउदै आएको छ।

शिक्षा र स्वास्थ्यको दिगो बिकाश गर्न सूचना प्रबिधी अंगाल्दै यस् संस्थाले “हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क एल.टि.एस्.पी ई-लाईब्ररी प्रोजेक्ट चलाउदै आएको छ। “एउटा जिल्लामा कम्तिमा पनि एउटा ई-लाईब्ररी” यस् प्रोजेक्टको मूल नारा हो ।

परम्परागत पुस्तकालयको आधुनीक रुप हो ई-लाईब्रेरी। ई-लाईब्रेरी लाई  ईलेकट्रोनिक-लाईब्रेरी पनी भनिन्छ। हजारौको संख्यामा शैक्षिक सामग्री जस्तै किताब, डिक्सनेरी, लेख, गेम्स, गीत, भिडियो जस्ता शैक्षित र मनोरंजनात्मक सामग्रीहरुलाई कम्प्युटरमा संग्रह गर्ने प्रबिधि हो ई-लाईब्रेरी।

पुल्चोक क्याम्पसका केहि बिद्यार्थीहरुले सेमेस्टर ब्रेकमा लगिने भारत भ्रमण नगई क्याम्पसका पुराना र प्रयोग नगरिएका कम्प्यूटरमा ओपन सौर्स सफ्टवएर स्थापना गरी ई-लाईब्रेरी सेटअप गरेका थिए। हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क ले त्यश अभियानलाई निरन्तरता दिदै आजको मिति सम्ममा ३५भन्दा बढी जिल्लामा ई-लाईब्रेरीको  स्थापना गरिसकेको छ। फस नेपालका स्वयम्सेबकहरुले बिगतका दिनमा ई-लाईब्रेरीको स्थापना, मर्मत, समस्याहरुको निवारण र उपयोग गर्नका लागी बिद्यालयका बिद्यार्थी र शिक्षकलाई तालीम दिने गर्दथिए। फस नेपालका स्वयम्सेबकहरुले काठमाडौँ विश्वबिद्यालय स्थित काठमाडौँ विश्वबिद्यालय ओपन सोर्स कम्युनिटीका स्वयम्सेबकहरुले ज्ञान आदान प्रदान गरेपछी अहिले ई-लाईब्रेरीको सम्पूर्ण क्रियाकलाप के.यु.ओ.एस्.सीले संयोजन गर्दछ। सन २०१४मा  हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कले काठमाडौँ  विश्वबिद्यालयको कम्प्युटर साईनस् तथा ईन्जीनरिङ्ग बिभाग संग समझौता पत्र हस्ताक्ष्यर गरेको थियो। हेन नेपालका सदश्य रोशेन्द्र ध्वज खड्काले  के.यु.ओ.एस्.सी संग समन्वय गरी ई-लाईब्रेरीको कार्यक्रम संचालन गर्ने गर्दछन।

ज्ञान आदान प्रदानको सिलसिला जारी राख्न र ई-लाईब्रेरीको क्रियाकलाप द्रुतगतिमा लैजाने उदेश्यले अहिले के.यु.ओ.एस्.सीले पुल्चोक क्याम्पसका स्वयम्सेबक हरुलाई  यस अभियानमा हातेमालो गरिरहेको छ।
ई-लाईब्रेरी स्थापना गर्न चाहिने पुर्बाधारहरु निम्न प्रकारका छन्:
  1. प्रथम त एउटा १० देखी १५ वटा कम्प्युटर राख्न सकिने फराकिलो कोठा चाहिन्दछ।
  2. हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कले स्थापना गरेको प्रत्यक  ई-लाईब्रेरीमा
    एउटा सर्भर, एउटा स्विच, १० वटा थिन क्लायन्ट( अर्थात् सरल भासामा भन्नु पर्दा १० वटा कम्प्युटरहरु) हुन्छ।

यी सबै पुर्बधार किन्नु परेमा सरकारी विद्यालयलाई अतिनै महँगो हुन जान्छ। त्यशैले तपाईहरुले हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्क मा आफ्नो बिद्यालयलाई किन ई-लाईब्रेरीको खाचो छ भन्ने कारण देखाएर एउटा प्रस्ताब आवेदन लेखी पठाउनु पर्नेछ। संस्थाले सोही  आबेदनहरु हेरी आफ्नो बर्सिक ई-लाईब्रेरी स्थापनाका  लागी प्राप्त अनुदान अनुसार केहि बिद्यालय सुचित गर्द छ। सुचित बिद्यालयहरुमा के.यु.ओ.एस्.सी का स्वयंसेवकहरुले हेल्प नेपाल नेटवर्कको अफिस देखि ई-लाईब्रेरी स्थापना गर्न चाहिने सबै सामग्री लगी ई-लाईब्रेरी स्थापना गरिदिनेछन। सोही समयमा बिद्यार्थी र शिक्षक लाई तालिम पनि दिनेगर्छन।
पत्राचारका लागि सम्पर्क ठेगाना:
हेल्प  नेपाल नेटवर्क, चुचेपाटी, चाबहिल, काठमाडौँ ७ ,नेपाल
फोन न: ९७७-०१४४९८३२८
इमेल ठेगाना: [email protected], [email protected] 
ई-लाईब्रेरी स्थापना  गरी आफ्नो गाऊ घरमा आधुनिक शिक्षा प्रणाली भित्र्याउनु हुन हामी सबैलाई एस कार्यक्रम मार्फत पहल गर्न चाहन्छौ।

Mahabir Pun and National Innovation Center | महावीर पुन र राष्ट्रिय आविष्कार केन्द्र्

 वायरलेस प्रविधिद्वारा देशको ग्रामिण क्षेत्रमा सूचना प्रबाह गर्ने लक्ष्य बोकेर नेपाल वायरलेस सञ्जाल परियोजनामार्फत इन्टरनेट संजाल विस्तार गर्न सफल व्यक्तित्व महावीर पुन म्याग्दी जिल्लाको नांगी गाउँमा जन्मीएका हुन् | भेडाबाख्रा गोठाले बनेर आफ्नो बाल्यकाल बिताएका पुन गाउँमा एक जिर्ण अबस्थामा रहेको पुर्भाधारको अभाब भएको सरकारी बिद्यालयमा पढदथिए।  पुनका पिता, एक रिटायार्ड ब्रिटिश गुर्खा आर्मी थिए र उनीले आफ्नो परिवारलाई देशको दक्षिण भेगमा बसाई सर्ने र छोराको शिक्षामा लगानी गर्ने निर्णय लिनाले पुनको जीवनमा ठुलो परिवर्तन ल्यायो

आफ्नो उच्च माध्यमिक सिक्षा सकाएर पुनले १२ बर्स ४ वटा बिद्यालयमा पढाउने काम गरे । सन् १९८९ मा पुनले नेब्रास्का बिश्वबिध्यालयबाट  बिज्ञान सिक्षा मा स्नात_कोत्तर हासिल गरे। स्नातक सकाएर २४ बर्स पछी आफ्नो गाउँ नांगी फर्किदा उन्ले दिगो शिक्षाको आवश्यकता महसुस गरे। जसको सुरुवात उनले हिमान्चल ऊ, मा, बी को स्थापना बाट सुरुवात गरे। कम्प्युटर सिक्षा र आय श्रोत बिद्धि लाई ध्यानमा राखी उनले आफ्नो कार्यक्रम अगाडी बढाउदै देश लाई बिकाश को ज्योतितिर अग्रसर गराउन थले।
सन २००१ महाबीर पुनको जिबनको स्वार्णिम वर्ष रहन गयो जब (ब्रिटिश ब्रोडकास्ट कर्पोरेसन)BBCले उनको गाउँगाउँमा इन्टरनेटको पहुच पुर्याउने महत्वोकाञ्छि योजनालाई विश्वसमुदायमाझ पेस गरिदियो। BBCको यस समर्थनबाट युरोप र अमेरिकाबाट विभिन्न सहहोयी दाताहरुले पुनलाई आर्थिक सहयोग गरे। त्याश सहयोगबाट उनले नांगी र राम्चे आसपासका गाउँहरुमा वायरलेस इन्टरनेट संचालन गर्न सफल भए।

पुन ‘इन्टरनेट हल अफ फेम’, ’समग्र सामाजिक नवीनता पुरस्कार’, एसियाको नोबेल पुरस्कार ले चिनिने ‘रोमन मेग्सय्सय अवार्ड’ जस्ता विभिन्न सम्मानद्वारा सुसज्जित राष्ट्रका ज्वाजल्यमान नक्श्यत्र हुन्।

पुनले सन २०१२मा सूचना तथा प्रबिधी मार्फत देश्बिकश्का सम्भावना हरुको खोज र आविष्कारगर्ने  उद्देश्यले मुनाफारहित संस्था राष्ट्रिय आविष्कार केन्द्र्को स्थापना गरे। यस्तो बिसाल योजनालाई मुर्तरुप दिन ठुलो आर्थिक सहयोगको खाचो हुनेभएकाले पुनले नेपल सरकारर्को ढोका बारम्बार ढक्ढकाए। बिगत चार बर्षमा ५ वटा सरकार फेरिए तर उनलाई सहयोग कसैले गरेन। यसकारण आजकल पुनलाई हामी जनताहरु माझ सहयोग संकलन कार्यक्रम मा तत्पररहेको हेर्नसक्छौ। खुसीको पक्ष यो छकी भ्रस्ट र अन्योलमा रहेको सरकारले मुख फेरिपनि देशबिदेशमा रहेका नेपाली जनताहरुले निक्कैनै हर्शौल्लास्कासाथ पुनलाई सहयोग गरिरहेका छन्।

राष्ट्रिय आविष्कार केन्द्र्को बारेमा थप जानकारी र सहयोग गर्न इच्छुक सम्पूर्ण श्रोतामहानुभाबले  राष्ट्रिय आविष्कार केन्द्र्को वेबसाईट www.nicnepal.orgमा  लागिन गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ। वेबसाईटमा आजको दिनसम्ममा संकलित रकमको एकएक हिसाब राखिएको देख्न सक्नु हुनेछ। साथै महाबीर पुनलाई यहाहरुले twitterमा @mahabirpun सर्च गरी फलो गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ। पुनले सिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य र सामाजिक आर्थिक स्थर वृद्धि गर्नकालागि आजका दिनसम्म पनी दिनरात नभनी खटीरहेका छन्। एस्ता राष्ट्रका सर्जक, प्रेरणानायक व्यक्तित्वलाई कार्यक्रमको तर्फबाट सुभकामना ।

TECHCAST S01E02 With Feature Story Of Help Nepal Network | Episode 2

After another week of awesome experience, exploring new technology and concept TechJhola announces its second episode of TECHCAST. Techcast is a podcast recorded in Nepali Language for Nepali Audience. We did this in order to share the ideas, information and Information Technology News that is happening here at Nepal and all over the Globe.

You can listen to our podcast from Youtube and Soundcloud. Here are the links:
  1. TECHCAST on Youtube
  2. TECHCAST on SoundCloud
We will soon come with our third episode of PODCAST. Please provide your valuable feedback regarding the content, audio mixing, voice. We are new to this project and your feedback will help us to improve our mistakes. 

To know about how we started, our objective and more about our PODCAST click here [TECHCAST]

Removing Plug-ins from your browser

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google chrome each allow for the use of plug-ins and add-ons which are scripts that augment the functionality of the browser. In this we are going to see how to disable or remove such plug-in or add-ons from these three main browsers.

  • In the menu bar select Tools > Add- ons.
  • Then click on plug- ins icon on your left side.
  • Find the plug-in from the list of installed plug-ins that you want to remove
  • Select it and click on the Disable button (or click on always activate and select Never Activate) on the right side.

NOTE: In Google Chrome, Add-ons are called Extensions.
  • At the top of the browser, click on the “menu” icon and navigate to Tools > Extensions
  • In the Extensions tab, find the list of installed extensions that you want to remove.
  • Click the Disable link or uninstall link under the name of the extension.

Internet Explorer

  • In the menu bar, select Tools > Manage add or click on the “gear” icon and select Mange add-ons.
  • In the manage Add-ons window, we can find the add on from list of currently loaded add-ons on the right.
  • Select it and click on the Disable bottom.