Trash in Linux

Trash in Linux

When deleting a file a .Trash-1000 folder is created which contains two subfolders files and info.
My deleted file as well as folder is saved all inside the subfolder files.
If I Select Trash and Right click + Properties I cannot see the location of trash, just the details of files it contains.
If all my deleted files are saved in a hidden folder in same directory, what is Trash? Is it just a virtual folder which seems to exist but really doesn't?

With my observation I can say that Trash is collection of such deleted files and they remain always inside the same directory   it was deleted. In order to remove them you should permanently delete the i.e. Shift + Del + Enter . This will only permanently delete the file. Temporarily deleting a file means hiding it with .filename. 
Flareget  Video Downloading solution for Chromium Browser

Flareget Video Downloading solution for Chromium Browser

There are many extensions for in Firefox to download videos, but I was stuck so long in Chromuim Web Browser while I needed to download videos. So with my some internet surfing Flareget is my best alternative for video downloading. Let's say it is the alternative software of IDM in Ubuntu in the sense of speed. Flareget provides high speed for video downloading.

Follow the following steps: 
1)  Go to the link and select the download dile for debian package 
In Terminal type   sudo wget -c"
 This downloads  .deb file for installing Flareget. 
2) Double click the downloaded file and you will get forwarded to the Software centre and you will need to install from there. It won't take time to install because it is already downloaded .

How to Troubleshoot ap-hotspot

Fig: ap-hotspot error
Figure describes the error faced while accessing the ap-hotspot. the red color marked "Another process is already running"  is the error.

sudo rm /tmp/
This deletes the process id that is causing the error display.
In order to see which process is running 
 ps -ef | grep ap-hotspot 
It is necessary to keep in mind that whenever you update your system or install the new operating system this updates the version  ap-hotspot  package as well so you should mark hold the hotspot package  i.e.
                    sudo apt-mark hold hostapd