How to Clone Ethernet Card MAC Address in Windows 10 OS

Vlog is all about sharing and creating video blogs of my own or from other contributors. 
Sharing tips and tricks about technologies has always been my passion. As I keep my interest in sharing tips and ideas about Open Source Philosophies, My Friend Rabindra Lamsal  keeps interest in both Open Source Technologies as well as Proprietary. He has been a Microsoft Student Partner last year. Therefore having enough experience about Products from Microsoft and as a Network Enthusiast Rabindra has prepared a video blog about  How to Clone Ethernet Card MAC Address in Windows 10 OS.
Description about the video is mentioned below:"In Windows, you don't need to install any sorts of third party applications or software to clone our Ethernet Card MAC address. Within few steps, using inbuilt options, you can change (it's better to say clone) the MAC address.Hope this will be of some help to all Networking Enthusiast."

PS: Rabindra also said"Sharing ideas about high tech tools and technologies doesn't necessarily mean that we are contributing to the online community. Not every one is intelligent and knows about the world about. Sometimes you need to roll back and think how happy you were when for the first time you created your yahoo id, or downloaded a movie via netscape, etc. Those are true learning as well. So whatever may be the complexity level of any technology, my contribution will be to share it in an easy way over internet.