G. Marconi, an Italian inventor, unlocks the path of recent day wireless communications by communicating the letter ‘S’ along a distance of 3 Km in the form of three dot Morse code with the help of electromagnetic waves. After this inception, wireless communications have become an important part of present day society. Since satellite communication, television and radio transmission has advanced to pervasive mobile telephone, wireless communications has transformed the style in which society runs. The evolution of wireless begins here and is shown in Fig. 1. It shows the evolving generations of wireless technologies in terms of data rate, mobility, coverage and spectral efficiency. As the wireless technologies are growing, the data rate, mobility, coverage and spectral efficiency increases. It also shows that the 1G and 2G technologies use circuit switching while 2.5G and 3G uses both circuit and packet switching and the next generations from 3.5G to now i.e. 5G are using packet switching. Along with these factors, it also differentiate between licensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum. All the evolving generations use the licensed spectrum while the WiFi, Bluetooth and WiMAX are using the unlicensed spectrum. An overview about the evolving wireless technologies is below:

From Generation 1G to 2G and from 3G to 4G, this world of telecommunication has seen a number of improvements along with improved performance with every single passing day. This fast revolution in mobile computing changes our day to day life that is way we work, use, interact, learn, implement etc. Until now we have achieved 4G technology and yes the smartphones manufactured now a days are a featured example of this generation. The underdeveloped countries such as Nepal itself had not been able to use of this generation unlike other countries where the research and innovation towards the next generation has already been on its way. All we can say is that 4G is a significant achievement for the further development of the 5G technology.

Now, let’s dig up what 5G is all about. The 5G aims to achieve the vision of essentially unlimited access to information and sharing of data anywhere and anytime for anyone and anything by providing affordable broadband wireless connectivity at very high speed (higher than 1 Gbps, 4G offers the wireless internet connectivity of about 1Gbps). The in use EDGE technology in 3G devices and now, Wi-fi using LTE in 4G will ultimately be developed into WWWW( World Wide Wireless Web ) to provide global sharing in a large scale through a common connected network from different devices also called ubiquitous (global) computing which means the user can simultaneously be connected to several wireless access technologies (2G, 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks, Wi-Fi, PAN ) and seamlessly move between them and result in multiple concurrent data transfer. It’s not just about super-fast internet connection and capacity, it’s about not compromising the needs of thousands of people. Suppose if you are in a Stadium along with other 30,000 people who are accessing mobile data to upload a photo in a social media then by 4G it’s a great deal but 5G uses innovative technology that can allocate each users with their own antennas. So, that makes 5G almost 10 times faster than 4G.

Additionally, it focuses on (Voice over IP) VOIP enabled devices that user will experience a high level of call volume and data transmission. It will give you the concept of intelligent Internet phone where the mobile can prefer the finest connections. It will support IPv6 where a visiting care-of mobile IP address is assigned according to location and the connected network. 5G will also provide wireless connectivity for a wide range of new applications and use cases, including wearable devices, smart homes, traffic safety/control, and critical infrastructure and industry applications, as well as for very-high-speed media delivery, documentation, supporting electronic transactions (e-Payments, e-transactions), and multimedia newspapers, also to watch T.V programs with the clarity as to that of an HD T.V. It is expected that the initial Internet philosophy of keeping the network as simple as possible, and giving more functionalities to the end nodes also using 5G with cloud computing and nanotechnology in real wireless world with no more limitation to access and zone issues.

Evolution beyond mobile internet from analog through to LTE (Long Term Evolution), each generation of mobile technology has been motivated by the need to meet a requirement identified between that technology and its predecessor, the next generation must be about the advancements in all existing mobile technology so smart that it can ultimately result in artificial intelligence. By 2020, 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra HD 2K content and remote medical service will be common on a smartphone resulting in need of 5G networks.

A Survey of 5G Network Architecture and Emerging Technologies


Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) is a non-profit, independent Club formed by students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the year 1997 with registration number in Student Welfare 001/1997. Celebrating its eighteen years of success in the field of Information and Communication Technology, KUCC organizes many ICT related workshops and events. IT MEET is an event organized by KUCC every year to showcase the emerging innovative technology.

KUCC has more than 1000+ members from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Every student from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are general members of KUCC. Apart, from these members, KUCC is supervised by the experienced Professors in any event conducted by the club. This club collaborates to conducts various project and workshop in and outside Kathmandu University. It has executed various small to large scale programs to raise awareness of ICT in different levels.

“IT MEET 2017” is an ICT event organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) and Department of Computer Science and Engineering to encourage interaction between students from various institutions of Nepal and youths from various walks of life. The event is a platform that gives momentum to the ICT Campaign. KUCC envisions to empower youths to promote their technical talent that will ultimately produce a technically reinforced society. KUCC advocates that the existing problems be solved using an innovative approach by bringing IT students and professionals together in a podium and share the solution to the general public.

KUCC has been organizing the IT MEET every year, commencing from 2006. The IT MEET of 2010 was conducted at IT Park, Banepa and that of 2011 conducted at Kathmandu University premises and it had been a trend until 2016, which was conducted at IT Park again. IT Meet 2017 assures a similar event, where we tirelessly probe the enhancement of IT throughout the nation and assist the overall development.
Development, however, is a vague notion. It is the consequence of various individual developments. Without collaboration and cooperation, the development process becomes fragmented, resulting uneven distribution and grotesque arrangement. Thus, at IT MEET 2017, we hope to work together with several institutions beside the IT institutions. Institutions such as School of Science, School of Law, School of Arts, School of Management and many more might have diverse areas of interest as well.

We have anticipated together about 20,000 people. Among them, most of which will be students and general public from colleges in and around Kathmandu Valley, Youth working in social sectors, Media personnel, ICT enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, local audience from Kavrepalanchowk and others. The event, however, is open for people from any field. The event is planned as a series of three days’ festival dated January 20, January 21 and January 22 at the premises of Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, during the office hours. Several programs will be held that embodies the principle of prosperity of IT through collaborative effort and entrepreneurship involvement. The following are the list of programs that will be conducted during the event:
  • Software Competition 
  • Hardware Competition 
  • Project Demonstration 
  • Hackathon 
  • Coding Competition 
  • Theme Based Seminars 
  • Developers Meet (VR, PHP, Android, Python, WordPress, FOSS) 
  • IT Quiz 
  • Daily Workshops 
  • Treasure Hunt 
  • Googling 
  • Designing Challenge 
  • Gaming Competition 
  • Movie Screening 
  • University Tour 
  • FOSS Communities 
  • LTSP e-library 
  • Arduino Training 
  • Musical program 
  • Acoustic Night 
  • Robotics Event 
  • Photography Contest 
  • Idea Pitching 
  • Django Girls Training 
  • AR VR Workshop 
  • Paintball 
  • Localization 
  • Flash Mobs 
  • Pen Testing Competition 
  • AVR Training 
  • Blood Donation 
  • MIC Nepal Demo 
  • All Nepal Inter College Project Competition
Most of the times, the projects done by the students and IT enthusiasts/experts go unnoticed by mass of people. KU IT Meet 2017 addresses this problem and provides an ample platform for the students and IT experts to share the projects they have had done. While most of the participants will be student groups who are involved in their in-college projects, we expect the IT enthusiasts and experts who do late night hacks to participate in the event. The winners will be chosen based on the feedback from a panel of judges consisting of IT experts from both academic and industrial fields. Likewise, the feedback provided by the audiences will also be considered. The top two projects will be awarded with cash in both categories (software and hardware).

Project Demonstration
IT Meet 2017 will be a platform for all the students, academics, individuals or organization to display their ICT projects or showcase how they make use of technology and how the technology has helped them in their projects.

This is the event where Programmers dedicate a night to develop something small yet impressive within 40 hours. The participants will be kept in a computer lab with internet connection for one night. They will be provided a theme and they have to present (pitch) their project proposal based on the idea and finish the project within a night. The participants will also be provided with the facility of meal. The panel of judge will decide the winner based on the creativity, innovation, completeness, and other critical factors.

Coding Competition
In this competition, a programming problem will be given to the participant and they have to solve the problem in limited time using any programming language of their choice. The chosen problem will be based upon interesting scenarios. The person who solves the problem first with desired result will be awarded with an attractive gift hamper.

Theme based Seminars
“Ideate | Startup | Innovate” being the theme of IT Meet 2017, we will invite different speakers to talk about technologies, entrepreneurs to share about their stories motivate aspiring entrepreneurs and expertise from different field to talk about opportunities for ICT in the respective fields. We will also incorporate topics such as : 
  • National Branding Issue: ICT Branding 
  • Industry-Academia Gap 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Organizational Culture 
  • Advanced Computing Resources 
  • Developers Meet
IT experts gather lots of experience while working on ICT based businesses. This event focuses students as well as professionals working in various programming environments (PHP, Android, Python et al). In this seminar, professionals from different backgrounds share their ideas, by giving presentations and participating in discussions. This will give an opportunity for the tech-communities to come together with academics, non-technical audiences and industries.

Daily Workshop
Workshops are required to enhance the skills of all the enthusiasts helping them to earn the experience from those training sessions. In the daily workshop of this program, there will be expertise from different organizations related to IT field who will conduct technological based workshop for 3 days.

IT quiz competition
An inter-college (+2 / High school) quiz competition will be organized in IT Meet 2017. The two teams will be awarded impressive gift hampers and a running shield. This event is to encourage and motivate students from early age towards ICT.

Designing Competition
This program is fully a creativity based program where a designing competition is held between students under a theme. Participants can show their creativity using any designing platform. The best designs will be chosen and awarded with attractive gift hamper.

Cyber Gaming Competition
“Unite all Gamers” as a true gamer would say, IT Meet 2017 will be hub to bring together all gamers for an open competition, promoting the cyber gaming culture. Cash prizes will be provided to the winners.

In this event, a group of four participants will be given a problem and the competitors will have to find the solution using search engine. The person who finds the highest number of solutions in shortest time will be awarded with attractive gift hampers.

Movie Screening
To engage the visitors in an entertaining way, we have proposed several movie and documentary screenings to be scheduled at various times throughout the main event.

University Tour
Kathmandu University is one of the best academic institutions in Nepal. We want to utilize this opportunity to give the visitor organized tour of the University campus.

Career Counseling
Students and faculty members from different departments of Kathmandu University will provide free career counseling by explaining to the visitors about career choices, university course for the career, pros and cons of the career choice and scope of the career choice.

Robotics Event
This event is done in collaboration with Kathmandu University Robotics Club. We encourage community enthusiasts to participate in demonstration of various robotics project within and outside KU.

Arduino Training
This training is mainly focused for KU students, +2 students and other engineering students. Arduino is an easy yet powerful single board computer that has gained considerable attraction in the hobby as well as professional market. The main advantage of Arduino is that it uses simple programing language which is derived from C and is user friendly.

IT Exchange Program via AIESEC
AIESEC is a non-profit student run organization which focuses on leadership development of students through exchange i.e. by providing internships in countries all over the world. Students come for volunteering projects (6-8 weeks) or internship program (3-6 month). In this IT meet we would like to showcase the possible IT projects the students could get engaged in (outside Nepal as a volunteering projects and internships) which would help the students get practical skills in the relevant subjects. This in turn would benefit both the students as well as the institutions related.

FOSS Communities
This event covers different programs of FOSS Nepal and Kathmandu University Open Source Communities (KUOSC). It includes information on Free and Open source software. Various communities working on this sectors like OLE Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, OSM Nepal, HeNN (Help Nepal Network) will share their work on this sector.

LTSP e-library
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is the program funded by Help Nepal Network and technically supported by Department of Computer Science and Technology (DoCSE), Kathmandu University. There are more than 30+ LTSP e-library sites deployed until now which is helping the rural village to reduce digital gap. IT Meet 2016 will show how our LTSP functions and its contents to general public.

Idea Pitching
Supported by Kathmandu University Business Incubation Center(KUBIC), teams from various academic backgrounds construct ideas on a given theme and present their idea to a panel of judges. The judges will select and award the best pitching under several criteria such as creativity, market feasibility, resources use, etc.

Selfie Contest
In order to flourish and promote IT Meet 2017, selfie contest and photography contests are being held. Selfie contest is basically held through social networking sites where the participants are required to hash tag #ITMeet2017.

Photography Contest
Participants submit their photos related to Technology theme which are printed and put on display. Visitors will vote on the best photo and a prize will be given to the photographer. This event will highlight the status of Information Technology in Nepal in a truly artistic manner.

Django Girls Training
Django Girls Nepal will send their best trainers to a group of dedicated participants who will receive training on Django framework from scratch. The training is open to anyone interested in programming using Django.

Blood Donation
For the first time KU Pharmacy Club is collaborating with IT MEET organizing committee to conduct blood donation program for the visitors of IT MEET.

Musical Program
Musical Program is conducted by KU Society of Music, Arts and Culture for the visitors of Kathmandu University. Professional music artists will be performing on stage.

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt is an event conducted in collaboration with KU Geomatics Engineering Society. A stall will be provided on-venue for students who are interested in Treasure Hunt. Participants will be given certain hints, based upon which they are supposed to search a series of other hints so as to reach to a destination. Winners will be provided with attractive gift hampers.

Flash Mobs
It is a marketing technique, useful for attracting participants for the program. Group of individuals, perform an impromptu performance and describe about IT MEET towards the end of the performance.

A dedicated team of about 20 to 30 people gather and localize the open source software for usage in UNIX systems for Nepal. Some examples of such software include Wikipedia, VLC Media Player, Ubuntu Operating System, etc.

Pen Testing Competition
The first of its kind in Nepal, pen testing competition (with the technical expertise of Rigo Tech) is a tournament based competition in which cyber security enthusiasts gather and are expected to break into (hack into) a system or a virtual lab. Winners shall be provided with attractive gift hampers.

Acoustic Night
Acoustic Night is one proud tradition set by KUCC and KUSMAC (Kathmandu University Society of Music, Arts and Culture). Athe the evening of cloging ceremony, students of Kathmandu University perform acoustic music. This tradition of collaboration was set on 4th IT MEET(KU ITMEET 2014).

And many more..!!

For more details
Email: [email protected]


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Red Line In Youtube Videos

What is this red line in Youtube videos?

Channel: Traveling Nepal
Have you ever noticed this red line at bottom of your video thumbnail?. It's been about a month that I'm noticing this red strip below the video thumbnails of my youtube channel . And this is noticeable because there is this thin red line in only few videos. So I searched for what was the issue. There was a huge discussion going on in Google Product Forum. But different people had different ideas and nobody were having a common opinion.

Why Red Line?

If you have noticed, after this red line, something has vanished from the video thumbnails. Do you know what is that? Earlier there used to be a already watched notation. And now this is replaced by the red line. So why is this red line? Youtube videos has this red line because those are the videos which you have already watched with same Youtube user account some time before.

In the picture below you see only some fraction of red line in video Zariya. This is because you watched this video to that timestamp and discontinued afterwards.

How to remove this Red Line?

If you donot want to use this feature from youtube you can always opt out from it. In order to do so we have to remove a cookie from youtube. The cookie name is VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE. 
  1. Go to your browser's Settings Menu
  2. In privacy section find cookies.
  3. Search for the site ''
  4. Scroll the cookies and fine the cookie with name VISITON_INFO1_LIVE
  5. Rremove Selected and close.
  6. Restart the browser and you are done.
Note: I Tried this in latest version of Firefox browser 51.0

Sajilo Recharge (Scan Recharge)Top-Up With Smartphone Camera

Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell Recharge card pins are not annoying anymore. With Sajilo Recharge (Easy Top Up) easily scan the Ntc and Ncell Recharge card and recharge. Now say bye bye to the traditional recharge method. Make your Recharge Method even smarter. One app for NTC and Ncell. NTC Recharge Ncell Recharge. 
It's frustrating when you have to type long pin numbers from recharge card and check every time whether it is right or not. Sometimes the request may be invalid and you have to do it again and again.Bearing this in mind, Sajilo Recharge(Scan Recharge) designed for easy recharge is an awesome app from which you can easily recharge your mobile phone just by scanning your recharge card.


 With Sajilo Recharge you can Top-up for both NTC and Ncell recharge card. Not only this you can also see your recharge history. The app is very easy to use for anyone. All you have to do is scratch your recharge card and open the app, then Sajilo Recharge will use your device camera to scan the pin numbers and do the magic. The app detects your recharge pin numbers very fast and accurately without any mistakes.


The app supports both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid recharges. You can also Inquiry about your balance. Sajilo Recharge also supports Customer Care feature for both NTC and Ncell. The app requires access to camera for the scan feature to work. There is also help feature with FAQs to encounter some common problems and inquiries. All you nee to have is a shartphone and a rechargecard on your hand. scratch it scan it and all set. Your phone will be recharged innidiately.

Feel free to say how you feel about Sajilo Recharge app below in the comments.

                                                   Downolad Sajilo Recharge app here.

ECOSIA Plant Trees while you search the web

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Share Ecosia and show your friends how they can do good just by searching the web. Ecosia is a web search engine based in Berlin, Germany, which donates 80% of its surplus income to nonprofit conservationist organizations, with a current focus on tree planting. As a "social business", Ecosia is a CO2-neutral company that supports full financial transparency, and is certified by B-labs as a B-corporation.[Source: Ecosia].

Ecosia's search engine is powered by Bing and Ecosia's own search algorithms. It's mission is to "create a world where the environment no longer needs protecting". To know more about this seach engine follow the link About ECOSIA.




Sometime it feels like detachment with  Youtube, Google, Facebok, Instagram, Twitter is not less than living in the stone age. These are directly attached with our daily activities, our ups and downs. People share a picture if they are happy, tweet or post if anything good or bad has happened. Search for a solution on google whenever they get stuck in their work & listen to the music, watch youtube videos, share their vines, memes etc. Now we have more than a hundred social networking platforms.

Every social networking platform are strong in their own ways. But nowadays video blogging is being a worldwide trend. People are sharing videos for various purpose. There are youtube channels for every category that you can imagine. Likewise in Nepal, there are some youtubers who are continuously sharing contents about technology. They are sharing Gadgets, How to, tips and tutorials, fresh unboxing, apps and gadgets features, releases and many more. Being a youtube and tech stalker I thought of sharing some of the trending tech youtubers. So here are the top five youtube channels from Nepal based upon the total number of subscribers.
  1. Explore Gadgets
    Started its journey in July 2012, Explore Gadgets creates video contents about Unique Gadgets ,Tech Accessories, Android Apps & Games, Leaks, Rumors, Comparison, iOS Apps & Games,Tutorials, How-To and Many More.This channel has 580+ videos with the highest 366K+ subscribers  and 76M+ Views. 

  2. Joined March, 2013, Gadgetbyte Nepal is a official channel of
    This channel has 130+ videos, 4.3K+ subscribers and 616K+ views.

  3. Joined in December 2011, Gadgets in Nepal  creats content about Reviews, Unboxing, Hands-on, Apps, games, tips & tricks, Q&A and more videos related with smartphones and other gadgets in Nepali and English language. This channel has 30+ Videos with 1.8K+ subscribers and total of 188K+ video views. 

  4. Joined in Dec 2014, KTMTechTV creats content about best android apps and games, ips apps, games, Unboxing videos, tech review , how to videos & many more. This channel has 129 + Videos  with 3.4K+ subscribers and 87K+ views.

  5. Delta Digit
    Joined in February 2014, Delta Digit is 
    dedicated to science, engineering, technology, ideas, gaming and review. We support new innovations, research, instruction and ideas to help everyone. We cover every spectrum of technology, science, gadgets, information and ideas. This channel has 55+ Videos with 1K+ subscribers and 483K+ video views.
Besides these channels there are some rising channels from Nepal like GIS NEPALTechnoxMOMO Tech Nepal. We are happy for having all above listed tech channels from Nepal. We wish all of you all the very best for their upcoming projects. We hope to see more categories and quality contents from channel. I also request the blog readers to like and subscribe their channels and promote content about technology.
I would also like to request readers to provide feedbacks about the articles I've been writing. It will help me to improve my mistakes and also aware me if my articles are unknowingly wrong or violates any law.

[VLOG] EXPLORE GADGETS: A.I Experiments with Google

Explore Gadgets

Explore Gadget is a trending YouTube channel which provides informational videos, unique gadgets ,tech accessories, android apps & games, leaks, rumors, comparison, iOS apps & games, tutorials, how-to and many more. On top of that this is the only tech channel in Nepal with such a huge number of subscribers and 76M+ views and growing.

Out of 600+ Videos from this channel, I chose this particular video. The only reason for choosing the video is the A.I. Experiment projects which I was unaware. Thank you Explore gadgets for sharing information about Artificial Intelligence, which is what I love the most.
Explore Gadgets Brings you a collection of cool AI Projects which you can explore on your free time. All of us know Google's most expensive asset is it's database. It has abundant amount of data so that it can do research in Artificial intelligence Projects. All these projects presented in the video are from A.I Experiment With Google. This video will show you some of the Google Projects which are actually fun. Following projects are included in the video:
  • Giorgio Cam
    Take a picture to make music with the computer.
  • Quick Draw
    A game where a neural net tries to guess what you’re drawing.
  • The Infinite Drum Machine
    Thousands of everyday sounds, organized using machine learning.
  • Bird Sounds
    Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning
AI Experiment has some more projects which you can try. Best part of these projects is that you can get the source code of those projcets and do more geeky stuffs and explore your skills in Machine Learning.

Follow Techjhola and SUBSCRIBE  to EXPLORE GADGETS for more Technology Stuffs.

Mahabir Pun The Unsung IT Hero of NEPAL

Everything we wanna know about Mahabir Pun is available and well documented at Wikipedia. So you may be thinking why am I writing a blog about him here again? Well there are few reasons behind it. First is respect towards his contribution and second is again respect as a guru who followed his dreams and make it come true. Like him it's my dream and also dream of many of us to make our dream of a developed village, community and all together a developed country.

It was our third semester at Kathmandu University, where we got this opportunity to participate in Community Education Project. A team of 10 members headed to the various places of Dolkha district of Nepal. There we stayed for seven days providing training to the government officials of District Headquarter Office, Department of Forest. One day we went to the Gaurishankar Hospital with the application from University searching if we can provide any help regarding IT/ computer technology. There from the doctors we encountered a Workstation Setup with a huge monitor and a dedicated CPU. Doctor told us this device came here from Mahabir Pun's Project called Telemedicine.  We explored the workstation and explored how the telemedicine was set up. 

TELEMEDICINE is a concept of providing medical service in such areas where doctors cannot reach physically during the emergency. So with the help of technology i.e. Internet doctors make their virtual presence through video conference and assist online during a treatment. Local health assistants, or any other health personnel take advice from them and help the patient.

I've read about him during my high school as the man who provided access of internet to the people of Mountain regions. I always wanted to meet him and this quest is yet not fulfilled, although we have had timely conversations on phone.

And one day I saw this video recommended in youtube. I watched it and again I was mind blown with his new project of initiating Research and Development Centre at Nepal "National Innovation Centre". He was already an inspirational character for me. And here again he owns a huge respect. 
Theme of this R&D centre is development of country through investment in every aspects of infrastructure of development. Just the concept is that this Organization acts as a supporting cnetre which does research, analysis and also development for the country. He has estimated an approximate 2.5Million USD budget program for the organization. He proposes development of a micro hydropower which will cover most of the expenditure. On top of that he donated all his lands for the project. 
There is a reason for calling him an unsung hero. Since the time of this project initiation four government came and went from the parliament. All government leaders just listened to him, gave consolation and fake promise that they will help but nothing is done yet. If such project is accomplished then it would take no time for a country to swift to the edge of development.
I'm happy that I am also on the same track of contributing the community. With Help Nepal Network's E-Library Project many volunteers from Kathmandu University have contributed to the community and will be helping in anyways I can to his project. 

I request everyone online to take a look at what he has to say. Every information regarding his project and him is transparent. He is a down to earth, humble and genuine person. Let us together be a part of his campaign.

[SEO] How to Add Google SiteMap in Blogger?

We will show you to generate a complete sitemap of your website whichever be its domain name ( or

What are Sitemaps?Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. Sitemap 0.90 is offered under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License and has wide adoption, including support from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

Note: Above definition was adapted from the

How to Begin?
Problem with blog hosting with blogger is that unlike other hosting (Wordpress, Jumla, Drupal), you cannot upload any custom files to the blogger. All you can do is just select new post and write text in there and post the blog. Also the problem with sitemaps in blogger is that google adds only twenty six most recent blog posts in its sitemaps. So all the posts before these 26 may never be crawled as well as indexed by Google.

How to Generate A Complete Sitemap?

  • You can find many free sitemap generators, select one of them. I use the sitemap generator developed by Famous Blogger Amit Agrawal
  • Open Sitemap Generator and enter your site name.
  • Now Click Generate Sitemap
  • Copy all the texts you get as generated sitemap.
  • Now under your blogger dashboard, goto settings -> Search Preferences -> Enable Custom robot.txt option.
  • Paste your generated sitemap. Now from next time the google search engine crawlers will index your pages.

NOTE: This article is based upon Amit Agrawal's article about creating sitemap for blogger 

Web Insights about

This blog is just a minor update about website's online presence and tools used to view its search analytics. See the website's pagerank status, traffic sources, average page views, similar sites , and many details about in links below:

The purpose behind sharing these links is to support new bloggers to let them know about these tools. These tools above mentioned are so robust and keep track about your website, analyze them and give us a good insight for search engine optimization.

How to alias bash scripts and execute from terminal?

You wrote a bash script and now you have to run it, but you don't know how.  Well this is an easy task. We can do this with just few terminal commands.
  • First you need to make the file as an executable. Use chmod to do so. chmod changes the file mode bits of each fiven file according to the mode , which can be either symbolic or numbr.
    In your terminal type:  chmod +x
  • Now add an alias in the .bashrc file
    gedit .bashrc
     at the last line of file type this:
    alias filename =''
  • Save and close the file 
  • Type source ~/.bashrc  to apply the changes you made to this file
  • Now open terminal and just type the alias you provided to your application. Now you need not create the directory path and execute again and again to run a specific file. Just use the alias.

Open Street Mapping with MAPS.ME

"Like wallet, your smart phone is also nowadays part of your journey." 
I travel a lot within my country during holidays.  It was my last trek to Namche Bazar where my Friend Ramesh Tiwari suggested me to try MAPS.ME. After that day, I've only one map application installed on my phone i.e. MAPS.ME. This map is so precise that when we were on our trek it would navigate us and show every house and routes.
https://www.openstreetmap.orgMy friend had downloaded the map of Nepal offline, so we were able to browse the map ofline. This application is so awesome also because it is an open source project. Unlike Google and Bing it doesn't claim it's proprietary ownership to the maps which we contribute. Following reasons made me to contribute to OSM:
  • It's OpenSource. So the main advantage will be that all those researchers and developers who need information about my place can get all the information and data for free from this map or the Open Street Mapwebsite
  • Nepal is a country with huge scope in tourism. Many tourists come to visit our country, so it's our duty to at least provide information about places like, treking routes, hospitals, busstands, homestays and restaurants, parks forests mountains etc.  This open initiative can also imprint a good impression of a country whole over the world.
  • Being offline, also you can get directions, bookmark your places and also the 3D view feature is interesting.  

I wanted to show this contribution panel of MAPS.ME. After last trek to Namche in March, I have added 188 new places to the open street maps. Not only that I sometimes keep the GPS traces of my route which I upload to the website so that other can see it.  At the end of the year 2016 MAPS.ME was successful to map more than a million of object which was all contributed by volunteers like us. Picture below shows the number of schools, bus stop and more categories that we were able to map.Open Street Mapping is interesting, so I would like to invite every travelers to install the app and take benefit of it as well as contribute whenever they explore new places or new tracks during their journey.

To know more about MAPS.ME watch this video below:

How to Browse Internet in Laptop using Smart Phone?

How to Browse Internet in Laptop using Smart Phone?

I came up with this idea about using mobile phone's data to explore internet on my laptop. So I explored settings of my laptop and mobile phone and came up with two suitable solutions. Many people are already taking advantage of this feature provided in most of the Android phone(also on Iphone and Windows Phone). But in case you haven't given it a try, let me show you these three ways:


Tathering means using a smartphone in order to connect your laptop or any other device to browse internet. Tathering your smartphone lets all the connected devices to browse internet according to the bandwidth provided by your Mobile Network Providers. There are two ways you can tather they are 
  • USB Tathering

    In order to do USB Tathering it is necessary to connect your device to Smartphone with a USB cable. On your Mobile Phone's Setting 
    GOTO: Connections > More Networks > Tathering and Portable Hotspots > Select USB Tathering
    Note: Prior to these settings enable your mobile data to enable internet access.
    Enable wifin in your Laptop and suddenly after you enable USB Tathering, your device is connected to a network which is actually you mobile network. Now you can browse you internet.
  • Bluetooth Tathering
    Bluetooth tathering is also similar to the USB Tathering, Instead of selecting USB Tathering select Bluetooth tathering and you will have to enable your laptop's bluetooth to use the tathering

Portable Hotspot
Portable HotspotIn order to enable portable hotspoot in the same menu  Tathering and Portable Hotspots, Enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option. Normally when you configure your hotspot a wifi appears with its SSID ADYY..... Portable hotspot is better than rest of the alternatives because you can provide a security measure to the hotspot with WPA2PSK Security Protocol. You can connect upto 10 devices with a single hotspot.

Why Should Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts Watch Westworld?

Why Should Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts Watch Westworld?

It's all over the internet among the list of Trending. It's trending on QuoraRedditMedium and also on 4chan. It has got 9.2/10  IMDB rating. Any social networking site, or Q&A Channel, it's every where. So what is so special about it that it's rated 9.2 in its first season?

WestworldA series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings.-(IMDB). Well the movie is very fascinating and you will appreciate the way Crichton presents his artificial park.

The series indeed itself is a miraculous presentation to the viewers because the series is long with different stories within. Every characters are simple and are giving their best performance. As a viewer I got this awesome experience of feeling the dream of artificial 
intelligence come true. 

One evening while I was switching TV I saw this part of the series on HBO " The keyboard was playing on its own, the music of keyboard was unique, I've never heard such music before. And within a minute of two a girl(Delores) who was somewhere around this cowboy street(The Westworld) , suddenly finds herself inside a room of transparent glass walls everywhere. This guy named Bernard says "Analysis" and at a certain she becomes statue and starts telling truth" I was feeling like " What the hell was that. What did I just watched? So freaking awesome. What is it? A Magician's show or some kind of super natural power ?" I waited till the first break or the name of the series was written on top right of the screen. I Noted down its name on my phone and turned on my laptop. I Searched the movie on torrentz and find out it was the second episode of Season One. With a big sigh I downloaded both of them and started watching it.
It was totally worth it. It also freaked me out because I discuss so many times with so many people about Artificial General Intelligence.  Before moving further I will point out: 

Why Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts should watch Westworld?
  • Artificial Machines passes Turing Test during the first year of its development
    Well to know this particular point from it's creator "FORD" you need to watch 7 episodes. But logically saying, the proposal of Turing Machine " Being unable to distinguish between a man and a machine" I had no idea that all the characters Delores, the whole people inside the bar, those cowboys, horse etc. were all artificial machines, which are controlled by some bunch of people. Every machines also called as agents are self aware, response immediately towards any change or inquiry, speak fluently with feelings, humorous, cry, fall in love care for their loved ones etc. I saw nothing different before I knew they were controlled by humans.
  • Everything you Dreamed about AI & AGI it is here.
    The technological advancement through the implication of Artificial Intelligence which we dream about are all here working on its optimum level. Machine Learning, Optical Character recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Vision, Robotics, Augmented Reality, etc. You name a technology if it was used here and you see it's being used in some episode.
    A Human looking robot talks to another human looking robot on a day to day basis and both of them talk, interact so efficiently and fluently that an actual human in that environment also cannot distinguish them as machine or human.
  • Westworld can inspire AI Geeks for new sets of tests and hypothesis
    What we do today to practice Tests in Artificial Intelligence projects is fetch data to the machine and retrain them for numerous hours, then finally we get high efficiency. But here the robots are interacted with real environment. Neither the machines are aware that they are machines not the humans know their exists machines among them. They are doing their day to day stuffs and what the observer/ or their developers are doing is analyzing their emotions, researching why are they acting differently. Many weird things are achieved in this series which are still in the concept papers of AI Researchers.
  • It's entertaining to watch how agents are drifted towards the anomaly and repeatedly get nowhere nearer towards the maze
    Turing test for this series if unveiling the maze. A maze s developed by Arnold and Ford, if the agents will be able to locate the maze and the secret behind it then Agents will be set free. The mystery box "Maze" is yet to be unveiled but this one test is never passed by any of the agent. So the journey to be nearer to the maze seems challenging and every character use their intelligence to reach nearer to the maze.

    Delores, Bernard, Arnold, Hector, The Maze, Ford, First Generation Agents, Maeve, etc. 
    These are some among few characters whose stories are mysterious and worth it to watch the whole season. 

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

My understanding about Anonymous was a term quoted for group of  dirty hackers punks who do Black Hat Hacking, steal digital property of an individual, group and organizations and using it for vulnerable causes and make people suffer
. I thought it was always nasty job that they doing and the people. 

Then I watched this video "Anonymous Message to Donald Trupm" and found the message very bold, truthful, supportive on behalf of citizens. It was A  direct message to the President Elect of The United States. The message was like this in their description:

So what are you going to really do for the American people DONALD TRUMP? Because right now, you should see yourself as the apprentice and learn from the mistakes of those before you. Will you protect the American people, protect their food, protect their security, their health, education, their human rights, their privacy, or are you just going to be like many others who could have made a great name for themselves. Remember, your actions will show the people who you truly are deep down, and Anonymous will be only to eager to keep on the watch and expose anything we feel the people should be aware of.

But after watching this video, somehow I thought " Oh no! I was wrong, this group is warning the POTUS to take responsibility of citizen and help them with food, shelter and job". 
Then I started checking all the videos uploaded by Anonymous Official.There were many videos which strictly warned the politicians, businessmen and hypocrites not to seize our freedom of speaking, freedom of press and all human rights. Anonymous not only have supported or say have spoken on behalf of some internet anonymous cyber monks but for the whole world.
Wow this was fascinating. They called Anonymous was not a organized group but Anonymous is a culture. And their tagline is so bold that anybody on a first glimpse will support, like an dare also afraid of: 
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Definitely now I already like this Culture of Speakers of Freedom. I spent a very long time reading internet articles on who they are, how they are Anonymous etc on Wikipedia,  Reddit, answers on Quora etc and find out that Anonymous is a very very interesting path, culture, voice or an attitude (whatever you wanna use) that every citizens should adapt. So wanted to know what it was and if I also could be a part of it. This is what I find out:

Anonymous [1]

It's is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities with a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on the ideas rather than the directives.Anonymous are everywhere over the world. They are students, clerks, business man or unemployed, neighbors, your hair dressers, and your network administrators. Anonymous are smart people with smart clothes. Anons have no gender, no religion, nth to discriminate, or anything to preach. Anonymous like to wear  Guy Fawkes mask [2] during demonstrations. This saves their true identity and are safe for being tracked by  the government. With a smart suit and a mask when hundreds of activists and hacktivists join the protests this looks awesome.  Anonymous was originates(not established) in 2003 on a text and image sharing board 4chan. They act anonymously in a coordinated manner with small self-agreed goal mostly focusing on entertainment.

Joining Anonymous [3]

It is not an organization or a committee you can be a member of, but a culture which you can follow or adapt being openhearted. This is what the Official video of  Anonymous  tells us about. Check the footnotes to know about being Anonymous.

The achievement and hurdles faced by Anonymous are many and the works done by these groups are way beyond a common man's understanding. But they have always been speaking for the cause of Freedom, on which every global citizen should support. Being a hacktivist is very tough move to make. We may not have enough knowledge about hacking but we can atleast follow ways to be secure so that nobody can steal our rights, data and privacy from us.

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget,
Expect us!
[2] Guy Fawkes Mask
[3] How To Join Anonymous