CAN INFOTECH 2017 | क्यान इन्फोटेक-२०१७

सुबिसु केबल नेट प्रालीले शीर्ष प्रायोजन र सामसुङ एसोसिएटले सह प्रायोजन गरेको क्यान इन्फोटेक–२०१७ माघ १३ देखिन माघ १८ ,२०७३ तदअनुशर जनावरी २६ ,२०१७ देखि जनावरी ३१ ,२०१७ मा भएको थियो । क्यान इन्फोटेक भनेकै सूचना प्रविधि सम्बन्धी सम्पूर्ण सामग्री र सेवाको नविनतम जानकारी दिने थलो हो।कम्प्युटर एसोसिएनस अफ नेपाल (क्यान) महासंघले हरेक वर्ष आयोजना गर्ने गरेको मेलाको यो २३ औ संस्करण थियो।

सूचना प्रविधि क्षेत्रका नविनतम वस्तु र सेवाको जानकारी दिने उद्देश्यले सुरु भएको मेलामा स्वदेशी र विदेशी गरि २ सयभन्दा बढी कम्पनीले सहभागीता जनाएका थिए । ६ दिनसम्म चलको मेलामा विभिन्न कम्पनीहरुले आफ्ना नयाँ उत्पादन, सेवा र उपभोक्ता योजना सार्वजनिक गरेका थिए । विश्वस्तरिय ब्रान्डका नेपाली अधिकृत विक्रेतादेखि स्वदेशमै सफ्टवेयर, मोबाइल एप्लिकेसन, वेब एप्लिकेसन, सूचना प्रविधि प्रणालीलगायतका सेवा विकास गर्नेहरुले मेलामा स्टल राखेका थिए । मेलामा कुल २ सय २२ स्टल थिए।हरेक वर्ष हुने यो मेलाको २२ औं संस्करण ३ लाख ६३ हजार ४ सय ५६ जनाले अवलोकन गरेका थिए । यसपाली भने ४ लाखभन्दा बढीले अवलोकन गर्ने लक्ष्य राखिएको थियो

Google Apps: How to Exchange Your Domain Mail with Google Mail App?

Whichever be the ISP that provided you a domain name, you will only get limited size of space for your email. I registered my site from ohodomain and it provides me about 50MB of space for mail exchange and I use webmail to view my emails. Unlike many email browsing application/ email service provider like outlook, thunderbird, yahoo and gmail, webmail is one of them. 
Today in this blog I'll list out the step by step guide to setup widely used Google's Product Gmail Application for using it to browse your email provided by your domain provider.

After the email is setup you can simply enter your email "[email protected]".
You can than reach to your email login screen by typing "" .Where you will enter your email [email protected] and your password.
In order to reach your admin panel which is also provided by Google, your URL will be something like this

G Suite Account Setup

Below are the step-by-step  guide to perform the mail exchange:
  • First you need to sign up at G Suite for Google Apps.
    G Suite is powered by Google Cloud which provides your business with Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar.
  • During the Registration you need to provide your Personal as well as Organization Details like (Name, Current Email, Business or Organization Name,Number of Employees, Country. Region)
  • Next you will be directed to configure your domain. There are two options where you can either register your existing domain or buy a new one from google.
    Select your existing domain 
  • Next You will be asked for a username and password to register a new account at G Suite.
This completes the first part of our set up. Now you need to verify your ownership of the domain you just registered. This can be done by following the email you received after the registration got completed.

Domain Exchange

Now that you have your G Suite Account you need to verify the domain and do the mail exchange i.e. you need to point your domain email server with Google's provided mail server exchange links. We will proceed to the step-by-step guide to do the mail exchange.
    • To Perform the mail exchange you need to login to the admin panel (call it as CPanel or administration panel, just login to the page where you do your domain's modification). NOTE:I can do the modification from my domain admin panel as well as through Cloudflare. Because I monitor my domains HTTPS , SSL Certificated through Cloudflare. So I can add any email exchange point from here only.
    • In you Admin Panel, Go to the Email configuration Section. Click on Configure your Domain Name to use our Name Servers.There you need to add MX Record. NOTE: A MX record identifies registered or assigned with your domain.
    • Now add following MX Entry for your server domain which is provided by google cloud. Also donot forget to add their priority:
      To know more about verifying G Suite Domain follow this link : G Suite Quick Fixes Help

      This completes your second part of cnfiguration. Now that you have the verified G Suite account and you completed your Mail Server Point Exchange Completed, you can login to the admin panel og your G Suite through this link:
      There you can add users in your business. After the complete setup of G Suite you can not only login to email but GSuite provides a package of Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar. You can have access to these applications.

      By default Google Cloud Provides 30 GB of cloud storage which is now your secure and convenient store for domain communication.
      For a corporate Organization the cost  should not be expensive as well. It chager $5per user/ per month.
      Also you can try the free version to review if migrating to Gmail Apps is worth it or not.The free trail version is available for 15 days


      TORRENT: Leech, Seed, Peer, Everything To Know About

      In simple words, You are a Leecher/Peer until your download completes. You become a Seeder once you have 100% download.

      Mostly, all of us are well known what torrent is and where we use it? But, What exactly is torrent? How does BitTorrent work?Why torrent? Is torrent legal? How are large files hosted on the Internet easily?

      An American Computer programmer Bram Cohen came up with the concept of sharing a file over the Internet with different hosts. BitTorrent was first released by Bram Cohen back in 2001, but it took two years before the new file-sharing protocol gained a notable audience. In the years that followed millions of torrent files were downloaded and shared billions of times. Bram Cohen designed a peer to peer communication protocol for distributing data over the internet termed as BitTorrent protocol. Peer-to-peer file sharing is different from traditional file downloading. In peer-to-peer sharing, you use a software program (rather than your Web browser) to locate computers that have the file you want.Because these are ordinary computers like yours, as opposed to servers, they are called peers.The BitTorrent protocol divides a large files into small chunks allowing users to download sections of it and to exchange the sections between themselves until the file download completes. This protocol uses less bandwidth from the file's creator. This is a great advantage for its distribution in the long term.

      How does BitTorrent work?

      Unlike some other peer-to-peer downloading methods, BitTorrent is a protocol that offloads some of the file tracking work to a central server (called a tracker). Another difference is that it uses a principal called tit-for-tat. This means that in order to receive files, you have to give them. With BitTorrent, the more files you share with others, the faster your downloads are. Finally, to make better use of available Internet bandwidth (the pipeline for data transmission), BitTorrent downloads different pieces of the file you want simultaneously from multiple computers.
      Its a fairly simple concept, When you download a torrent, you aren't downloading the file from one specific person, but rather from many different sources who share the file, for example; lets say I am downloading a movie from a torrent thats around 300 megabytes, at 200 kb/s speed from 10 different sources, that would mean that the average transfer rate per person is 20 kb/s, so from each person you are downloading the same file (but different pieces of it) at an average 20kb/s.

      The thing is that some people have slow Internet, so you made download faster from others, lets say you have 10 different sources but 5 of them are on dial up, and you only receive a max of 5 kb/s, that means the other 175 kb/s would come from the other 5 Internet users who may be using broadband or higher.

      Its the same concept for seeding, once you download the file, and you allow to seed it, a lot of people are connect to your computer since you are hosting the file, not just one person, lets say you are seeding a file for 30 people, but your upload speed is at 150kb/s each of them are receiving an average of 5 kb/s upload speed for each person.

      Your friends Internet connection impacts the speed of the download, and also He may be getting unlucky and downloading from sources that have slow Internet speeds, (it happens)

      Is torrent legal?

      As long as the item is copyrighted and you don’t own it and if someone else is the owner then downloading it for free is not legal. But via torrent it is legal. The protocol itself is perfectly legal. Torrent may be primarily used for privacy at the present mainly because of its decentralized nature. However there are many legal uses of BitTorrent, like many Linux distros prefer torrent to push out updates as it reduces the stress on their servers. 

      What is seeding?

      Seeding is where you leave your BitTorrent client open after you've finished your download to help distribute it (you distribute the file while downloading, but it's even more helpful if you continue to distribute the full file even after you have finished downloading). Chances are that most of the data you got was from seeds, so help give back to the community! It doesn't require much - the client will continue seeding until the torrent is removed (right click the torrent, then hit Remove). Proper practice is to seed until the ratio of upload:download is at least 1.00.

      What are seeds, peers and leeches in Torrents' language?

      SEEDERS are those who has downloaded the file already or initially only one person who uploads the torrent seeds to others. You may notice that after your download is complete the torrent turns from DOWNLOADING to SEEDING. Seeder is someone from whom you can download a piece of file. Hence they affect the overall availability of file on P2P (Point to Point) network.

      PEERS are those who are downloading and uploading at the same time. They do not posses the whole file. They only posses parts of whole. Peer is someone who is involved in file sharing activity. It is a generic term.

      LEECHERS are those who don’t have all parts file and are not able to share you the required part of the file. If there are zero seeders it is doubtful that you will ever finish downloading that torrent. Very rarely you can download the whole only by leechers. Leecher is someone who has downloaded a file but is not sharing it back to P2P (Point to Point) network. Hence, overall availablity of file decreases.

      In simple words, You are a Leecher/Peer until your download completes. You become a Seeder once you have 100% download.

      What is their inside Bit-torrent file?

      The address to one or more trackers and information about the files. The tracker is a server that knows which users have the real file.
      The basic principle is:
      • Your BitTorrent program, that opens the BitTorrent file, connects to the tracker(s) and gets a list of people who have the file. 
      • Your BitTorrent program connects to the people and request pieces of the file. 
      • You are now also on the list, so any user opening the BitTorrent File after you will get your address as well and can download the pieces from you that you already have downloaded. 

      How the first seeding starts in torrent? 

      • You create a torrent using any torrent client 
      • add trackers (to manage a list of all the swarms and peers) 
      • distribute the .torrent file 
      • users (torrent clients) read the .torrent file and then obtain a list of peers and seeders from the trackers by querying the unique hash of that torrent 
      • Before the connections are made to those peers, various information like: total pieces, piece size, names, hierarchy of files etc are saved from the .torrent file 
      • connection setup and downloading starts 

      What is the first seeded torrent file?

      The Oldest Torrent

      The torrent file that has been around for the longest time according to our knowledge is The Matrix ASCII. We already crowned this one the oldest torrent back in 2005, and as of today(Nov 7, 2010) it is still active with a few downloaders and only one seeder.
      The torrent file in question was created in December 2003 when sites like isoHunt, The Pirate Bay and were only a few months old and when Facebook and YouTube didn’t yet exist. Thus far, this torrent has survived a mind boggling 2500 days.

      What is the largest torrent file?

      When we refer to the largest torrent we mean the single .torrent file that downloads the most data, not the size of the .torrent file itself. There are several huge torrent files active at the moment, but the record goes to a torrent with a 746.70 GB collection of all 2010 World Cup soccer matches (~ 6GB per half).


      Assistive Domotics: Logical Design of Automated Door in a Smart Home


      Assistive technology is the form of home automation which includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them. Microsoft Corporation’s C.E.O. Steve Ballmer once said ”The number one benefit of technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do.It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive.” The US Census Bureau has projected that by 2010 13% of the population will be 65 or older (Cheek 2005). The bureau has also projected that by 2030 there will be 9 million Americans older than 85. Providing the physical facilities of health and security personnel will be a tough task because the cost will be massive.So automated machines will be the best cost effective alternative.

      History of Assistive Domotics

      Today every embedded device are automated to some extent in order to ease the users. Nikola Tesla’s design of first remote-controlled boat(1785 A.D) is the first known automated device in history.Mentioning about home automation in the early 1930s World’s Fair models fictional were exhibited in order to excite the spectators. Then the invention of Complex Number Calculator (CNC) in 1940, mouse in 1964, Mac OS in 1984, first wireless system in 1989 are other different development in automation.In 1984, home automation technology spreads to garage doors, security systems, infra-red control , fiber optics and many more. Likewise a separate section named as assistive domotics was started and it emphasized the development of automated appliances for the elderly and disabled people.

      Machines for Assistive Automation

      A Home Robot

      A home robot is a mobile device for moving about, performing tasks such as vacuuming, measuring, communicating, fetching objects etc. This device is useful for the elderly people who have problem with ageing and back pain. Many of their daily activities will be solved by this home robot.

      Assistive Bed

      Assistive bed is an externally monitored machine special designed for elderly and disabled people with spinal cord disabilities or paralysis.This device functions when the user rests in the bed, the string like structure will expand and contract calculating the mass weighed by it.

      Designs in Smart Home

      The development of home automation is in its early stage.Many researches in the filed of automation is going on.There are obstacles in building a completely automated system. None of the existing system in the world are completely automated by itself. The main reason behind it is machine needs external factors like human, electricity to begin its function.

      Design of Automated Door

      A security code must be entered in order to open the door and enter inside the house. Same scenario is represented below with the help of context diagram and transition diagram.

      State Definition
      Here automated door is deterministic in nature and the system consists
      of three states: 
      Q = MainDoor,PasswordCheck,MainHall,
      two input symbols authorized as ’1’ and unauthorized as ’0’ i.e. ∑= 0,1
      starting state q0 is MainDoor i.e. q0 = MainDoor
      and final state F is MainHall i.e.  FMainHall
      A transition table of illustrating the states involved while entering to main
      hall is represented below.

      Context Diagram
      Below is the context free diagram which clearly shows the work mechanism of an automated door:

      Transition Table
      Transition Table of automated door as per the context diagram is shown below:

      Transition Diagram
      Transition diagram of the automated door is shown below:

      This research was conducted as a partial fulfillment of course "Automata and Formal Languages". The topic was chosen seeing the potential of automation in houses and business complex. Now with this logical design we can simulate the result using functional/procedural programming languages like LISP and PROLOG for convenience. I've also designes another logical implementation of the movement of wheel chair within a smart house. This can be seen in the reference paper.


      Assistive Domotics: Logical Design of Automated Home and Movement of Wheelchair in a Smart Home, Sanjog Sigdel,Published on: Research Gate,  [accessed Jan 29, 2017].



      Nokia has crossed over 1 million registrations in China on where the smartphone is exclusively available. The number of registration is currently listed at 1,11,5351. The first ever android of Nokia and HMD company has massively hit the market in China and may be the trend goes on with the other countries too.

      The Nokia 6 smartphone sports a 5.5 HD display with 2.5 Gorilla Glass protection, runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which is expandable to 128GB via microSD. In terms of pricing it costs Yuan 1,699(approx Rs. 16,800)in China.

      And for the camera lovers on the front, the Nokia 6 packs a 16MP PDAF rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, coupled with 8MP front camera.The Nokia 6 also has a 3000 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button and supports Wi-Fi, USB-OTG, GPS and Bluetooth v4.1. The phone also has dual amplifier speakers with Dolby Atmos technology. The Nokia 6 smartphone runs Android Nougat 7.0 OS which is the latest android version.

      As expected, the Nokia 6 went out of stock within a minute. No announcement for its next sale is made yet. For the Nokia and android lovers Nokia 6 can be your choice.

      Source:YIBADA: Latest World News

      How to Free up Google Photos Storage From Google Drive

      Over a period of time your phone definitely takes tons of photos and if you’re using Google Photos to backup your photos then I’m sure the storage might have been used to some GBs. Google Drive allows you to store max 15 GB of data (Drive, Gmail & Google Photos). For high-quality photos, Google gives you unlimited storage. But if the images are stored in original size, the upload quota is limited.

      So if your photos have been accumulated in your drive account in original size and the storage is about to bid you byebye, well here’s a way-out to free up Google Photos storage from Google Drive.

      You can download all of your Google Photos to your local machine using Google Takeout.

      Visit Google Takeout page and select the app Google Photos and click the “next” button to grab all the photos from your Google Account.

      After you’ve downloaded all your photos (make sure you have all of them), delete the online copy of photos from Google Photos app.

      Now within Google Photos app, visit settings > backup and select the quality of photos to “high quality”. Selecting high quality gives you unlimited storage quota for backing up your photos in Google Photos.

      Blogger Tips:How To Add Dynamic Pages in Blogger?

      Today in this blog we will be showing you following Customization on Blogger which helps in presenting and organizing your individual blogs in separate pages with the help of Labels.These tips are some of the basics HTML implementations which most of the bloggers implement during their blogger setup. I hope this basic tips will help you somehow.
      • Adding Labels in your Menubar
      • Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info 

      One disadvantage of hosting your blog in blogger is that, you cannot submit your post in separate pages. You can add as many page as you want too. These pages are labeled as and are static. If you want to customize them, it will take a great effort and technical expertise. But instead of adding pages which are static, you can use Labels.
      Labels are words that identifies as article falls under which category. So with the use of Labels you can have bunch of articles under a category. Then you can add your categories in the Menubar. Adding categories in the menubar acts like new pages in your blog.Below are the steps which will illustrate how to add search labels in menubar:

      Adding Labels in your Menubar

      1. Load your Website in a web browser
      2. Inspect the Element of your menubar
        (Right Click + Inspect Element)
      3. You can see that menubar is wrapped inside the division with id menu-wrapper in the HTML. 
      4. Now go to your Blogger Dashboard
      5.  Click Template  and click Edit HTML
      6. Click inside the code and find the element menu-wrapper
        (CTRL + f)
      7. Below the menu-wrapper you can find the lists of items like Menu or Home listed. Below these sections add your lebel like shown below:
      8. This way you can add search label to your blog in the menubar.
      Now that you have added the menubar, blogger still has one drawback that is it displays a message saying "Showing All posts with Lebellabelname. Show All Posts". A screenshot of the blog is shown beblow which displays same message for its labels:

      Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info

      We can remove this message as well by removing modification of your template. Find for the class "status-msg-wrap" in your template like you located menu-wrapper earlier. Now remove the class status-msg-wrap from the code.

      That's all you need to take care about. You need not change the css propertied defined for that class because the css is inactive after it does not find any id or class.

      TWITTER: A Playground Concept Which Blew The World

      TWITTER: A Playground Concept Which Blew The World

      "Has an idea ever struck in your mind while you were on playground? If you did, how confident were you that your idea will be a definite blockbuster?"

      Twitter is a perfect example which blew the whole world. A micro blogging service, has emerged into a new medium of sharing updates instantaneously as a spotlight through recent happenings.Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Doresy, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and launched in July.When they first created the site they were just for a way to send text messages on their cell phones.

      Twitter users follow others or are followed. Unlike on most online social networking sites, such as Facebook or MySpace, the relationship of following and being followed requires no reciprocation. A user can follow any other user, and the user being followed need not follow back. Being a follower on Twitter means that the user receives all the messages (called tweets) from those the user follows. Common practice of responding to a tweet has evolved into well-defined markup culture: RT stands for re-tweet, ’@’ followed by a user identifier address the user, and ’#’ followed by a word represents a hashtag. This well-defined markup vocabulary combined with a strict limit of 140 characters per posting conveniences users with brevity in expression. The re-tweet mechanism empowers users to spread information of their choice beyond the reach of the original tweet’s followers.

      Twitter offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that is easy to crawl and collect data. A Twitter user keeps a brief profile about oneself. The public profile includes the full name, the location, a web page, a short biography, and the number of tweets of the user. The people who follow the user and those that the user follows are also listed. Twitter rate-limits 20, 000 requests per hour per white listed IP.

      Twitter tracks phrases, words, and hashtags that are most often mentioned and posts them under the title of "trending topics" regularly. A hashtag is a convention among Twitter users to create and follow a thread of discussion by prefixing a word with a ‘#’ character. Ending a tweet without hashtag is called hangtag and its twitter’s version of mic drop. The social bookmarking site also uses the same hashtag convention. Twitter shows a list of top ten trending topics of the moment on a right sidebar on every user’s homepage by default, unless set otherwise. The API returns the trending topic title, a query string, and the time of the API request. Twitter used the query string to grab all the tweets that mention the trending topic.

      Spam tweets have increased in Twitter as the popularity of Twitter is growing as reported in. As spam web page farms undermine the accuracy of page rank and spam keywords inserted in web pages hinder relevant web page extraction, spam tweets add noise and bias in. The Twitter Support Team suspends any user reported to be a spammer. Still unreported spam tweets can creep into our data. In order to remove spam tweets, twitter employ the well-known mechanism of the Firefox add-on, Clean tweets. Clean Tweets filters tweets from users who have been on Twitter for less than a day when presenting Twitter search results to Firefox. It also removes those tweets that contain three or more trending topics.

      When you create an account on twitter, everyone’s first tweet is automated. Though twitter didn’t create re-tweet's replies hashtags a mobile app or social add it was evolved by users and developers by the phase of time and it was later supported by twitter. Twitters mobile app has different features than its Web service. On mobile, users can save drafts, while visitors on Web can't save unpublished posts. This social networking site has 288 million monthly active users, but the number of registered accounts is much higher. There are more than 2 billion registered Twitter accounts, according to Twopcharts . The services sees more than 500 million tweets a day now. If you want to know your first ever tweet than you can simply go to Twitter has 3600 employees and most of them are engineers.


      How to Disable App Notifications in Android

      Ever been irritated by an application that keeps on pushing you notifications now and then? If its a ‘yes’, then there is an easy way-out to stop receiving the unwanted notifications from any specific app.

      In-fact its good to disable notifications if you really don’t really care about them from that particular app, because notifications are also one of the well-known battery parasites.

      I love Subway Surfer; its one of the best mobile game I’ve ever come across. But I hate it then when it sends me notifications like in every 24 hours. Well, that why I turn off the notification from Subway Surfer app.

      Here’s what I do to stop any specific app to send me notifications. 
      • Go to settings
      • Open apps 
      • Select that specific app from which you no longer want to receive notification. 
      • Uncheck the show notification option 
      In this way, you can go after each application from which you don’t want to receive any sort of notification.
      Method 2: There is also another quick way to block notifications from specific apps.
      Just hold down the notification, until the notification background changes to dark color and two icons show up to the right. First on is bell icon and the second is info icon. Tap on the i info icon to visit the app notifications settings page for that specific app.
      Now turn on the option Block. 
      That’s it! You’ll never get any notification from that app ever again.

      How to Embed Any Twitter Keyword in Blogger

      Until today, I used to wonder how could I implement the Twitter Keywords specially Hashtags in my blog. In absence of better Programming Skills, I was assuming that it required expertise in integrating the twitter API in my blog. Also I had a lame assumption that I use blogger for hosting my blog, so definitely there were no such plugins like that in Wordpress from where I could integrate the Twitter Keywords. But then after today I saw this option Emed below the twitter trend in  IT MEET 2017. Then I came to realize it was just a few clicks and I would easily get the widget installed in my blog.
      So here are the steps to follow in order to Embed any  keyword in your blog/site.

      • Lgoin to Twitter
      • Click on your Profile and Goto Settings
      • Click the widget settings
      • Click create new and Select "Search". This widget lets you add a keyword.
      • In the search Query type your keyword:

      • Click "Save Changes". Then you can see the Preview of your tweets with the mentioned keywords.
      • Below the preview you can see a section with the some codes which you should embed in your website. COPY the code and paste it in the HTML of your site.
      So you've got the code, but you might be wandering about where and how to display it in your website. So here is what you should do:
      • Go to your blogger dashboard and click the "Layout"
      • In your blogger template Select a Position where you want this widget to be displayed.
      • Click "Add A Widget" on that particular section.
      • Select "HTML/JavaScript" from the list of gadgets provided by blogger.
      • Paste you code in this widget.
      • Save the widget.
      • Save the Layout Arrangements and you are done.

      Now Loop YouTube Videos Without any Extra Software

      Many of us were always expecting for this feature and it is finally here. The Video Loop Feature in Youtube. Previously we have been searching for any possible browser plugins and tools for looping a video.
      But now Youtube provides this feature and you no more need to install any extra software for it. Just play any video you want to and then do RIGHT CLICK on the video and it is there . You can see the fourth option as Loop. Simply click the checkbox and the video plays again and again. Now this feature will let us use YouTube as our media player.

      How to Install Java8 in Ubuntu With PPA

      Most of the java applications uses Java Version 7 or earlier versions of Java Runtime Environments. While Java has now released its stable Version 1.8.0_66-b17, which is now widely adopted. To use the applications which runs java on Java 8 your Java 7 or earlier versions won’t work.
      For Linux Users its difficult to install Java 8. It direct from Repository. Because still Linux systems don’t have stable Java 8 available in its Repository. Cannonical don’t yet has Java8 uploaded in it’s repository so that we can download it easily.

      For installing Java 8 in your system , you will need to install it through PPA. A Personal Package Archive (PPA) is a special software repository for uploading sourcesource packages to be built and published as an APT repository by Launchpad.

      To install it in Ubuntu, follow the guidelines mentioned below:
      • First check the Java Version of your system. Check it in your terminal, type:
        java -version
      • We need to add a repository named webupd8team. To download the java8 through PPA ,in terminal type:
        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8tea/java -y 
      • After the download is completed update the software center, in terminal type:
        sudo apt-get update 
      • Now Java 8 is installed in your Linux system. Now we need an installer to install your downloaded file, in terminal type:
        sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer 
      • Then in order to automatically setup the Java 8 environment variables again , in your terminal type : sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-set-default
      Being a personal package archive Java8 may not always be available in the repository of webupd8team. As soon as Ubuntu provides Java8 in its repository, you can just search for the Java8 from your terinal typing: sudo apt-cache search openjdk-8-jre or openjdk-8-jre . Till now we will only find openjdk 6 and 7 with our search.
      How to Mute a User on Twitter

      How to Mute a User on Twitter

      So you have been following someone on Twitter for a while now. But you don’t want to see their tweets anymore. Blocking them is too aggressive, you don’t really want to unfollow them.
      A good way to stop seeing them on your timeline without them finding about it is to mute them. Here’s how you can do that.


      • Click on … icon at the bottom of a tweet by the user you want to mute
      • Click  Mute
      Alternatively, you can go to the profile page of the user you want to mute, click the gear icon and select Mute.
      When you’ve muted a user you will see a confirmation banner. If you want to unmute them you can click on Undo and do so instantly.


      • Tap a tweet by the user you want to mute
      • Tap the overflow button (three vertical dots) at the top-right corner
      • Select Mute
      Or you can go to the profile of the user you want to mute, tap the overflow button and select Mute


      • Tap a tweet by the user you want to mute
      • Tap ••• icon
      • Tap Mute and confirm
      To mute them from their profile, tap on the gear icon > Mute and confirm.
      Once you’ve muted a user, their Tweets and Retweets will not show on your timeline anymore. Muting will not cause you to unfollow them. They will not know that you have muted them. The muted user can still send you Direct Messages and mentions by them will show on your Notifications tab. You will not receive push or SMS notifications from muted account.


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      1. Also we wont reshare this status to any groups excepm a default prompt share after the article is published for the first time.
      8 Quick Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Android Phone

      8 Quick Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Android Phone

      A phone is termed “smart” when it can perform lots of stuffs like browsing internet, playing music, streaming videos, etc. That’s why a smartphone is not just a phone. Doing all these sorts of stuffs it is obvious to see its decremented  battery life.
      If your phone vendor has promised you 6-7 hours of run-time, you might not even get near to that number because the battery might be draining inside due to some settings or your preferences which might not be necessary for you every time.


      So here are some quick tips which can come handy to help you at-least make your smartphone live for some more hours.
      • Turn off GPS (Settings > Location), switch the menu to off.
      • Turn off Bluetooth (Settings> Bluetooth), switch the menu to off.
      • Turn on Power Saving mode (Settings > Battery). Tap the battery mode option and select Power saving.
      • Turn off WiFi. When you’re not browsing the internet then its wise to turn off the WiFi.
      • Turning off Mobile data.
      • Visit Settings > Battery, and check which app is eating your battery charge the most. If you don’t really need that app, force stop it.
      • Turn off Keyboard Vibrations (Settings > Language & input > Android Keyboard Settings > Preferences), switch off Vibrate on keypress. You might as well turn off Sound on keypress.


      This is one of the main reason behind less battery life. Apps run behind the scene and decrease battery charge.
      • Open up Settings
      • Scroll down and tap Accounts
      • From the options, uncheck the box Auto-sync data
      You can also manually select those apps which you do not want to sync.
      How to Remotely Disable Active Gmail Sessions

      How to Remotely Disable Active Gmail Sessions

      Security Advice: Never trust the guy 
      next to your side, he may be peeking your passwords. Prior to that never use your friends gadgets to check your vital information. Go INCOGNITO even in your own device becaus somebody is always watching you!!!

      Tips today we are writing about is not a new one, but when it comes to the security aspects of cyber world, nothing is old or less important. Whenever we use somebody’s laptop, tablets or smart phones our advice to you is go incognito, always use private browsing.
      • Login to your gmail account
      • Scroll down to the bottom, in the bottom right corner, you will see details, Click it.
      • Now a new screen appears , there you can see the details of the active sessions.
      • Your current session is marked with an * sign.
      • Then to disable other active sessions(if any) there appears a bottom to signout remotely.
      That's it! Just few clicks and you are free from vulnerability.

      Hack Back: The first ever real time hacking competition in Nepal!!!

      This is a promotional content for IT MEET 2017 being held at Kathmandu University.
      If you weren’t psyched already about IT MEET, here is something that will absolutely fry your brains off.

      IT MEET 2017 presents you with the opportunity to test your hacking skills against systems built by us. Come join us at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel on 21st January and prove yourself a worthy hacker that can disarm and penetrate through any system in front of you.

      The event will consist of several missions of variable difficulties with the participants given points for succeeding in each level according to the difficulty level.

      You may register yourself as a team or an individual participant here:

      The event, Hack Back which is the first of its kind to be ever held in Nepal, is supported by Rigo Technology. An IT Security Company which pride itself in being the leaders for expertise in Financial Services, Audit, Taxation, Management, Software Development and System Security.
      You can know more about Rigo Technology here:

      SOURCE: IT MEET 2017

      Branching the Domains of Unified Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial Intelligence is a dominant field of Computer Science where streamlined researchers and enthusiasts are exploring & sharing their contributions in its various domains. Artificial Intelligence binds a dozens of its branches from various subject fields like Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Engineering, Control Theory and cybernetics and Linguistics. All those domains of Artificial Intelligence are incorporated by the classical definitions of Artificial Intelligence. These definitions of Artificial Intelligence falls under four categories which are ‘Thinking Humanly, Thinking Rationally, Acting Humanly and Acting Rationally’. We will discuss about the origin of these four categories below. We will also divide the domains of AI and branch them according to these four categories of definition of Artificial Intelligence, which will be the main objective of this blog.

      Understanding Unified Artificial Intelligence

      We entitled our blog “Branching the Domains of Unified Artificial Intelligence”. Hence readers’ mind want to know ‘What is this Unified Artificial Intelligence?’ Well the explanation can be that we are not trying to propose any form of intelligence. We are simply trying to illustrate various branches that falls under this dominant field of Computer Science. And we are phrasing Artificial Intelligence in a unified term because of its fascinating influence from several field of studies. As mentioned above AI is inspired from different subject studies, so it is unified. The four categories of definitions for AI, they are influenced as well. These categories are formed based upon the key elements like thought processes and reasoning, behaviors, fidelity, human performance and rationality. These elements are keys for subjects like philosophy, mathematics, psychology, control theory etc.

      Before heading towards the definition and categorization of Artificial Intelligence and its Sub Domains, if you are new to this subject field and are still exploring about this interesting subject field of Computer Science, we have mentioned some useful links below the reference section where we share more about our research, findings and collections about Artificial Intelligence.

      Turing Test as a basis of Four Categories of Definition

      Alan Turing proposed a test “Turing Test” during 1950 which is till the date a satisfactory operational definition of intelligence. The test phrases “A computer passes the test if a human interrogator, after posing some written questions, cannot tell whether the written responses come from a person of from a computer.” This test therefore became an inspiration for the proposition of four categories of definition. Programming a computer to pass a rigorous test would require it to think humanly, act humanly, think rationally and act rationally. 

      Four Categories of Definition of Artificial Intelligence 

      Thinking Humanly
      Declaring that a machine thinks like a human, we should have some sets of tests or methods to determine that it is actually thinking humanly. Also we need to know how a human actually thinks while performs any action. This is done by three approaches and while performing these aspects some domains of artificial intelligence pops up to perform those operations and they are: through Introspection: trying to catch our own thoughts as they go by, through psychological experiments: observing a person in action, through brain imaging: observing the brain in action. These tasks cannot be performed by a machine so easily. In order to perform such actions different domains are established in the field of AI and they are:
      • Cognitive Science:- a fascinating field in itself, worthy of several textbooks and at least one encyclopedia (Wilson and Keil, 1999).

      Acting Humanly
      If a machine could pass the Turing Test then the observer would fail to determine whether the assigned test was performed by a machine or a human being. Machine should possess following domain knowledge in order to do so:
      • Natural language processing:- to be able to communicate with real world.
      • Knowledge representation:- to store the information seen, heard or written and prepare them for proper utilization.· Automated reasoning – to use the represented knowledge for answering questing on a real time basis.
      • Machine learning:- being able to incorporate the real environment and the changes for performing its best.
      • Computer vision:- to perceive objects
      • Robotics:- to manipulate objects and move about.

      Thinking Rationally
      Thinking rationally discusses about the approaches that a human apply for reasoning, providing logic during a problem solving. Rationality in a sense that provided a machine to solve a complex problem it should not only follow the steps according to the category of a question but should be able to find out the rational ways to choose solutions nearer with least loops and costs. This category of definition is widely adapted from the foundations like psychology and philosophy which entirely focuses on proper reasoning, analyzing the process of mind during thought creation and rational thinking.

      Acting Rationally
      This category of definition of Artificial Intelligence deals with controlling and performing the rational thinking created by a machine or by a rational agent. Therefore this category of definition is also entirely dependent upon foundations like psychology and philosophy.

      Hence, after dividing the definitions of Artificial Intelligence into four categories we came to know that the first two categories Thinking Humanly and Acting Humanly is solely derived from the foundations of Mathematics, Economics and Computer Engineering. While the last two definitions are derived from the foundations of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, control theory and linguistics.

      [1] “Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach, Third Edition, Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig, 2010, Pearson Education Inc., ISBN: 9780136042594
      NOTE: This single reference is more than enough for referencing because the book alone is prepared by referencing more than 2000 Research papers..

      Relevant Articles
      Second Sight Provides Treatment for Blindness

      Second Sight Provides Treatment for Blindness

      Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

      Retinal Pigmentosa is an inherited, degenerative eye disease that causes severe visual impairment due to the progressive degeneration of the rod photoreceptor cells in the retina[1] Wikipedia ko]. In common language it is an eye disease which effects any age group from child to adult. 

      Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System

      As a cure of this disease Second Sight presents Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System[2]. Argus II is also known as bionic eye which is intended to provide electrical simulation of the retina to induce visual perception in blind individuals.

      How does Argus work?

      Inside the human eye an antenna is set which receives the signals processed and transmitted wirelessly by Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System. This system consists of a miniature camera housed in the patient's glasses which captures a scene. Video is than sent to a small computer which is also worn by the patient known as VPU(Video Processing Unit). VPU processes and transforms the image into instruction which are sent back to the glasses via a cable.
      The treatment will start in 2017 in two hospitals Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital. The patients will then have to do the follow up for a year which will decide it the implant was a success.[3]