Facebook Spaces is live now

When Mark Zuckerberg  CEO of Facebook, first demo'd Facebook VR at  Oculus’ third annual virtual reality developer conference  on October 12- 2016. Where he  discussed the next phase of VR, including an exciting live demo of Facebook’s latest social VR experience . Facebook said they expected it to go live within a year. It's taken them just 6 months and here is :

Virtual Reality (VR) is buzzing word of todays'  Tech Era and to make VR more lively,Facebook launched Facebook Spaces BETA version. It's live now at https://www.facebook.com/spaces and can be used straight away via Oculus Rift. 

The  beta version of it will allows you to :

  1.  Personalize your avatar with your Facebook photo
  2.  Enter your Facebook photos or videos virtually with friends 
  3.  Teleport yourself anywhere with your friends
  4.  Take selfies in 3D with your friends and share them
  5.  Draw in 3D with your friends, chat and collaborate
  6.  Receive messenger calls even if your friends aren't in VR
  7.  Delve  yourself into 360
  8.  Capture the moment by creating the fun memories in VR and take selfie even in  costly areas : Mars.

and Explore more then you have ever imagined.

Additional Details: 

Language : English 
Space  Required : 1.35GB
Developer : Facebook VR
Publisher : Facebook
Supported controllers : Oculus and Touch 
Supported Players Modes : Sitting and Standing 
Supported Tracking Modes : Front-facing 

 As It's in Beta so  it may not be in store yet. But  you can add it here: