3 Basic Things to do After Installing WordPress

Now that you’ve successfully installed WordPress site and its up and running, now you can login to your WordPress site’s dashboard. Read this post to know how to visit WordPress login page of your site. After you’re logged in, there are many options to play with. This is the main backend section of your site. Everything you see on the front-end, the menus, header, sidebar footer, widgets, design, etc everything can be manipulated from here.

Once you’re familiar with the WordPress dashboard, you can easily customize your WordPress site as per your requirements. You can either turn it into a blog, company or personal site, or even a social network.
But beginners might get to get started, so here are 3 basic things which a WP user can do after fresh installation of their WordPress site.


For starters, changing their WordPress site theme can be a confusing task. So, here a quick guide for WordPress beginners which shows how easy they can change WordPress theme on their website.
Installing Wordpress Theme on Your Website
  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Visit Appearance Menu > Themes
  • Now click Add New Button
  • In WordPress repository themes are subdivided under three categories: Featured, Popular, Latest. You may search for the theme of your choice. Hover over any theme’s thumbnail to Preview the theme and once you come across a theme you like, click Install button.
  • If WordPress asks for your FTP credentials, Add your HostName, FTP username and Password and Click the Proceed button.
WordPress will now install the theme and you can click Activate to use the theme for your website.
Installing Themes Downloaded From outside WordPress Theme Repository
Some may want to install themes downloaded from outside the WordPress theme repository. To do so,
  • Make sure you’re logged into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Visit Appearance Menu > Themes
  • Click Add New to go to Add Themes page
  • Now click on Upload Theme Button
  • In the next page, you can upload the theme which you downloaded
  • If asked, Add your HostName, FTP username and Password and click the Proceed button
Now the theme will be listed in Themes section, now click Activate to use the particular theme for your website


WordPress provides you to add users with different kinds of roles: Super AdminAdministratorEditorAuthorContributor and Subscriber. Each roles have different actions which permits each users to perform various tasks.
Adding a User to Your WordPress Site
  • Login to  your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Users Add New
  • Enter Username (used for logging in), EmailName and other details. If you want to manually set a password for that user, click on generate password. WordPress will automatically generate a strong password, or you can enter the password manually in the password field.
  • Carefully select the role, which you’d want to assign to that user
  • Click on Add New Use
Now the new user can have access to your WordPress site with the role which you’ve assigned.
Note: If you do not generate password while adding the user, the user gets a link in their email, which lets them set their own password.


WordPress provides its users an easy and user-friendly interface to quickly manage menus in their site. Menus are one of the must have elements for easy navigation. WordPress users can add various items like categories, tags, pages & custom links to their menu.
Adding Menus to Your WordPress Site
  • Login to WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • Click on Create Menu
  • Add Name to your Menu and click on Create Menu
  • Select items (categories, tags, pages, custom links) you want to add in your Menu and Click Add to Menu
  • Select the theme location option where you want to place the Menu
  • Drag items to arrange their position (order them in the way you want them to appear)
  • Click Save Menu
WordPress automatically places the menu which you’ve just created to the location where you wanted it to appear.