PARI: A Robotic Innovation in Nepal by Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology a truly Nepal centric company with vision "Make In Nepal" aims at producing world class robotics and industrial automation products that are suited for Nepali Industries. And it proves to do so with the launch of Pari at Opening Ceremony of Nepal SBI's Touch Branch at Durbarmarga, Kathmandu.

Today in this blog article we are featuring Paaila Technology and Pari. Hope you will find it helpful.


Paaila Technology is a fast paced company with core focus on Robotics and Industrial Automation. It comprises of self motivated, talented and hardworking people who are always learning and always pushing their limits to deliver quality products and services. In a short span of time, it has delivered products and services to some of the biggest names in the country - SBI Nepal Limited, nLocate, Gyani Traders and many more. 

Paaila Team is comprised of engineers who have a strong and long background in robotics. They have participated in International Robotics competitions, ABU Robocon, several times in a row and have won unprecedented awards and acknowledgement from the international robotics community. That being said, it should only sound natural that the team is passionate about robotics and should try to build world class robots of its own.

Paaila Technology is already popular with some of its products like Variable Frequency Drive & Automatic Dhara.


In simple words, Pari is a Robot which looks like human and is engineered by Paaila Technology for facilitating human via Text, Audio and Video. Pari is innovative, surround aware, human like robot which is totally built in Nepal.
Here are some interesting facts about Pari:
  • Designed, Melded, Fabricated, Polished and Painted in Nepal
  • Programmed and made all the softwares in Nepal
  • Developed in 45 days with involvement of 30 people.
  • Verbally Interactive
  • Humanoid Body Structure
  • Human Presence Detection
  • Assists people to operate machines

Story Behind Making Pari

It was Nepal SBI bank whose interest in robotics kindled hope for a good market in robotics in the country. With its support Paaila Team built PARI in a short time span of 45 days. Well, it's just the tip of the iceberg, or even less. Paaila Technology promises to blow everybody's mind in near future with amazing Robots

Future Plans

Paaila Technology is planning to build a robot capable of completely autonomous navigation, natural human conversation embedded with business specific expert system .

Career Opportunities at Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology is looking for engineers, managers and brilliant sales people with spark to make changes and add values to the organization. Paaila encourages individuals to send their resume even though the hiring is not announced in their official site.

To know more about Paaila Technology Click the Link below:

Paaila Technology Team 

We are so much excited to see Paaila Technology bloom in Nepali Industry with their Robotic and Automated inventions. Product or innovation like Pari has never happened in Nepal. We want to see even more surprising innovations in upcoming future. We wish all the best for their future projects. And also believe Paaila Technology will be an inspiration to youth of Nepal in doing something out of box.

"Every information about Paaila Technology and Pari mentioned above is copied as is from their official site. "