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Bloggers Point

We have a dream to bring all bloggers from Nepal under a common hood for sharing their areas of interests as well as expertise. Within 2019 I'll be doing a MEETUP with name "BLOGGERS POINT". Bloggers Point will help as a platform for bloggers from different genre to interact with each other. Also uniting for a common cause i.e. being together to explore new ideas to promote online activism through our blog will help us promote our blog in Nepal. We just want to be that small mass of Online stalkers who care about what is happening around the globe and in our neighbourhood. Sometimes the digital media, specially in the field of commercial journalism newspaper share irrational news haphazardly without proper referencing on its authenticity. But we bloggers are writers by passion. So this small mass of Online Stalkers should unite frequently and start a movement for something good.
There are many bloggers who are writing blogs constantly. Sometimes we land to a blog which is like 10 years old and feel so proud that people are aware about their digital presence and are sharing literature, arts, pictures, videos and all forms of things. That's Awesome.

We are trying to list all those Bloggers from Nepal in this page as well as in this GOOGLE SPREADSEET. Our hidden objective behind listing the bloggers is to send them an invitation for MEETUP 'BLOGGERS POINT'. We'll add the blogs searching on our own during free time, but we request you to please help us providing details about your blog by sending an email or through comment  or a message in the right section of the blog.

For those blogs listed below, few information like your email, team members and other information are still missing so please go through the spreadsheet and email us the rest of your information.


Category: Podcast

Category: Tech Blog

  1. Mukesh Chapagain Blog (
  3. Techgaun (
  4. Techjhola (
  5. Techlekh (
  6. Yuvraj Rimal Blog (
  7. Trillionbyte (
  8. SECWEB (
  9. Amit Chaudhary (
  10. momotechnepal (

Category: Tech Vlog

Travel Blog

  1. Anisha Pokharel's Blog (

Category: Literature

  1. Lost Azel (
  2. Mahesh Sagar (
  3. Sabdakosh (
  4. Insight Through Words (

Category : Mixed

  1. Aakarpost (
  2. Bhim Prasad Ghimire's Blog (
  3. Bipin Karmacharya Blog (
  4. With Kefi (

Category: Fashion Blog

  1. N/A

Category: Photography Blog

  1. N/A

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