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We had no idea about what to upload in our Youtube Channel TechJhola. Our team members were writing different tech stuffs and also promoting the blog rigorously. One day, Saroj Dhakal our senior volunteer from  FOSS NEPAL COMMUNITY called us and shared his idea of initiating a TECH PODCAST in Nepal in Nepali Language. This idea was awesome. We often listen to the podcasts and this idea caught our interest. I shared this idea with Pratit and Sudeep. We met Saroj dai one weekend at Kamal Pokhari, Bhaktapur. Then we got all the necessary ideas about tools and skills required for developing a podcast. Sudeep has a work experience as Radio Jockie in Prime F.M, because of his experience we were confident that we could make it. 


In a matter of a week, we prepared the outline, brainstormed the suitable contents that we will be including in our podcast. We were all set for recording. And on a Thursday night we three gathered at Pratit's House and did the recording. Sudeep guided us through out the recording. He shared his experiences on how to mend our voice according to the content and synchronize it, such that the audience would love to hear it. We did the recording, Pratit and Sudeep completed the recording within a couple of days.


  • Contributing to OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY
    As always being a Open Source Activist, we will explore the areas where our podcast can be a part of contribution. We have the script of our podcast written in Nepali Language and also the Raw audio file as well as the final podcast. If anyone is working on Natural Language Processing(specifically in Nepali Language) and wants to use these resource of techjhola, we will be happy to be a part of your project and happily provide them. We are also planning to release them in GITHUB with Creative Commons License.
  • Sharing Knowledge about IT with Differently Able people
    Somebody said to us that your content can help to those who can't see but listen. With the means of this podcast people who cannot see or don't know how to read our blog can hear some update on technology.
  • Last but not the least Promoting our blog is our hidden objective and objective of our blog is promoting IT knowledge/awareness in community. So we proudly promote every single piece of work we do :)


We will be sharing every podcast episodes from SoundCloud, and Youtube. The announcement will be done through our blog. Here are the links for podcasts:
  1. Techjhola on Youtube: 
  2. Techhola in SoundCloud:


List of podcasts released:
  1. TECHCAST S01E01 With Feature Story Of Mahabir Pun | Episode 1 
  2. TECHCAST S01E02 With Feature Story Help Nepal Network Episode 2

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