We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

My understanding about Anonymous was a term quoted for group of  dirty hackers punks who do Black Hat Hacking, steal digital property of an individual, group and organizations and using it for vulnerable causes and make people suffer
. I thought it was always nasty job that they doing and the people. 

Then I watched this video "Anonymous Message to Donald Trupm" and found the message very bold, truthful, supportive on behalf of citizens. It was A  direct message to the President Elect of The United States. The message was like this in their description:

So what are you going to really do for the American people DONALD TRUMP? Because right now, you should see yourself as the apprentice and learn from the mistakes of those before you. Will you protect the American people, protect their food, protect their security, their health, education, their human rights, their privacy, or are you just going to be like many others who could have made a great name for themselves. Remember, your actions will show the people who you truly are deep down, and Anonymous will be only to eager to keep on the watch and expose anything we feel the people should be aware of.

But after watching this video, somehow I thought " Oh no! I was wrong, this group is warning the POTUS to take responsibility of citizen and help them with food, shelter and job". 
Then I started checking all the videos uploaded by Anonymous Official.There were many videos which strictly warned the politicians, businessmen and hypocrites not to seize our freedom of speaking, freedom of press and all human rights. Anonymous not only have supported or say have spoken on behalf of some internet anonymous cyber monks but for the whole world.
Wow this was fascinating. They called Anonymous was not a organized group but Anonymous is a culture. And their tagline is so bold that anybody on a first glimpse will support, like an dare also afraid of: 
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Definitely now I already like this Culture of Speakers of Freedom. I spent a very long time reading internet articles on who they are, how they are Anonymous etc on Wikipedia,  Reddit, answers on Quora etc and find out that Anonymous is a very very interesting path, culture, voice or an attitude (whatever you wanna use) that every citizens should adapt. So wanted to know what it was and if I also could be a part of it. This is what I find out:

Anonymous [1]

It's is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities with a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on the ideas rather than the directives.Anonymous are everywhere over the world. They are students, clerks, business man or unemployed, neighbors, your hair dressers, and your network administrators. Anonymous are smart people with smart clothes. Anons have no gender, no religion, nth to discriminate, or anything to preach. Anonymous like to wear  Guy Fawkes mask [2] during demonstrations. This saves their true identity and are safe for being tracked by  the government. With a smart suit and a mask when hundreds of activists and hacktivists join the protests this looks awesome.  Anonymous was originates(not established) in 2003 on a text and image sharing board 4chan. They act anonymously in a coordinated manner with small self-agreed goal mostly focusing on entertainment.

Joining Anonymous [3]

It is not an organization or a committee you can be a member of, but a culture which you can follow or adapt being openhearted. This is what the Official video of  Anonymous  tells us about. Check the footnotes to know about being Anonymous.

The achievement and hurdles faced by Anonymous are many and the works done by these groups are way beyond a common man's understanding. But they have always been speaking for the cause of Freedom, on which every global citizen should support. Being a hacktivist is very tough move to make. We may not have enough knowledge about hacking but we can atleast follow ways to be secure so that nobody can steal our rights, data and privacy from us.

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget,
Expect us!
[2] Guy Fawkes Mask
[3] How To Join Anonymous

How to Join Anonymous?

You cannot join Anonymous [1]

Anonymous is not an organization, club or a movement, there are no manifest of charters or membership fees.  For a short period of time Anons have common goal, purpose or dislike. So they simply communicate through their alias names in any secure medium possible(whether it be IRC, encrypted mails, etc.). If they find threat or vulnerability they disappear like ghost and find another medium for communicating. They never stick together as a family, but whenever any laws tries to move their claws in their freedom, Anons are united and take the hell out of the sinner.
Neither you can join nor you can quit. Nobody can say you are in or you are out. 

If you wanna know how to contact other anonymous yet again that is also not possible. Because Anonymous does not have a centralized database for Communication.

How to be save your Digital Identity? 

But you need to follow some smart and safe measures to be Anonymous. You need to protect your identity in the internet, otherwise you are always being watched by the known as well as unknowns.
Following are few ways to  use during a anonymous browsing:
  • Choose an Alias
    Choose an alias which is unique and which is not related to you at all. Make sure that it is noway traceable backwards  to your identity. Don't keep this alias related with your important events or your best persons name or any dates important to you in your life time. Make it different.
  • Join an email account with your alias.
    With this alias name you thought of, create an email from any email provider. You can find free email providers which won't give your encrypted message sending facilities. Or there are also some of the free email providers which provide you secure email services.
  • Join Social Networking site with a Guy Fawkes Mask
    This is one way that separates you in the social networking sites as anonymous. As all of us communicate in social networking site as anonymous with our alias, you are welcome too.
  • Use Secure Browsers
    Incognito mode which you use in any browser  and think safe is also not private as your ISPs can trace your HTTP request and henceforth your IP. So we highly recommend you to use Browsers that provide Anonymity Online. Tor Browser  is one of such promising  browser which is open source project and can be configured as per your knowledge . 
  • User Secure Search Engines
    Search engines like Google, Bing stores information about your hardware and your IP in cookies which is a vulnerable approach of searching. Also these browsers set a search tag cloud for you based upon which they run their ad providing business. Also they know many information about us, what we search what place we choose for holidays, what foods we like, etc. Therefore we highly recommend you to use duckduckgo. This browser doesn't sae any information about you and your searches. 
Few things to be sure about:
Do not forget to clear your history, cookies while you set up these for the first time and every other time you begin to browse anonymously or end from a anonymous conversation. There are also more tools like Telegram, IRCs, Gitter, protonmail etc. which can promise your identity and privacy sage.