FoundersClick: Creating A Wave of Entrepreneurs In Nepal

Creating A Wave of Entrepreneurs In Nepal

FoundersClick has now brought its roots in Nepal as a platform for those people who are Entrepreneurs or are striving to become one. Opportunities are limitless, You want to be self employed, searching for online jobs that match your talents or whether you are students looking for side jobs and projects, Founders Click is the perfect platform for you. 

FoundersClick is a growing ecosystem with an active community of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers & Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits. FC hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage business and all their allied member stakeholders to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your business.

Why Founders Click?

Founders Click (FC) provides platform for individuals and teams with global aspiration to take a step forward. Many entrepreneurs, students with dream or people involved in NGO/Social sector faces resource constraints. With the limited resources available in Nepal, FC act as a bridge to the global resources. Whether it is fund that you seek or consultation from the experts, possibilities with FC are unlimited. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and do not miss opportunities for your future!

FoundersClick an important opportunity for Nepalese !

We, Nepalese are forever striving for jobs that rewards them for their talent, even better if it is online, and could be completed without any hassle. FoundersClick connects them with Jobs providers from all over the world. We can conveniently connect with Entrepreneurs & make teams with people from all over the world. Founders Click follows a unique matching algorithm that matches you with the best team members who is best suited to your idea and who helps you achieve your goals. What better to promote your idea, connect with the best professionals and turn it into effect.

One thing, Nepal certainly lacks is Resources. Resources required to have your own start up, pursue your dreams. FC enables you to get access to the resources of the western countries such as United States, Canada etc. Knowledge, guidance, papers, and investments , whatever resources you need. Founders click is the platform for you. For example, you can connect with experts from United States and how stock management works United States by not moving an inch in Nepal.

If you are looking for exposure to international investor bodies, high chance is that you will fall down the pecking order compared to other startups from Developed Countries. It is a mountain of a task to grasp the attention of of international investors and companies. With FoundersClick, that will be a piece of cake, as it is focused in helping startups of South Asia reach out to the Investors and Incubators of the world.

It’s REALLY amazing that FC partners are focused on South Asia. And, are looking to promote countries like Nepal get exposure around the world.

With FC, your chance are higher chances, as the platform is created by South Asian Team based in Silicon Valley with a prime purpose to connect talents of South Asia with the resources in the world.

What are you waiting for?? Be the part of it. Sign Up Now !!

GitHub: How to Embed code Snippets in your blogs?

GitHub: How to Embed code Snippets in your blogs?


It's been a while that I'm exploring new things on Github for maintaining my codes. Well all of us know GitHub is a public repository hosting cloud platform where we can host as many projects as we can for free.
Today I'll be sharing an easy yet helpful way of displaying your codes in your blog. We will be using GITHUB GIST for this purpose. All you need to do is:
  • Create a github account.
  • After you login to github, goto GIST
  • By default you will be directed to creating a GIST
    GIST can be anything like a code, debug report, logs, raw data, etc...
  • After creating a gist save it.
  • You will get a link to embed the code snippet.
  • Copy the Code Snippet and paste in your blog wherever you want it to be displayed.
  • That's it, you will get your code snippet embedded in your blog. Also you will see a statement 
hosted with by GitHub

Mr. Pradeep Khanal (IPP CAN-USA) Awarded with ICT Excellence Award

ICT Excellence Award was awarded to Mr. Pradeep Khanal. 

On the occasion of Honoring Program for Great Personality, Mr. Pradeep Khanal (Immediate Past President of CAN-USA) has been cordially honoured by Information Security Response Team Nepal (Infosec-Nepal).

The ceremony was structured with Interaction. The event was held Saturday, 10th June, 2017  at Softech Foundation premises. ICT Frame, one of the online tech portal of Nepal, has covered the event and also covered the press release. For more information Click here.

How to Visit Your WordPress Login Page

WordPress beginners might find it difficult to find and visit their WordPress login page. WordPress login page is the admin section of WordPress site which lets authentic users to login into their site’s dashboard, so they can manage their WordPress site from the back-end. Once you’re logged in to your WordPress dashboard you can publish posts & pages, change appearance, add or delete themes & plugins, add or remove users, and manipulate various site elements.
Once you’re familiar with WordPress, everything becomes quite easy. You can have a better site running under 5-10 minutes. But to edit your WordPress site app per your needs, you’ll first need to login to admin dashboard vi WordPress login page.


You can simply access the login page of your WordPress site by entering /login/ or /admin/ slug after your WordPress site’s URL.
These URL automatically redirect to the main login page of your WordPress site. If they do not properly redirect, you can make use of following URLs.
The above example URLs are for the WordPress site running on the root domain. If you’re running your WordPress site on a subdomain, then you can access your site’s login page by adding /login/ or /admin/ slug to the subdomain URL. But if that does not redirect properly to the login page, use following URL structure.
Once you’re familiar with these URL, you can easily access WordPress login page of your site or blog.

Goodenough Inventor of Lithium-Ion Battery Reveals Fast Charging, Noncombustible Batteries

King of Battery for almost four decades John Goodenough, Unleashes a new technology, first ever all-solid-state-battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries. With this breakthrough in the world of advanced batteries the skeptical world is finding a hard time to believe if this could drain the market of current lithium-ion batteries. Researchers demonstrated the new battery they invented have at least three times as much energy density as today’s lithium-ion batteries.

A team of engineers led by 94-year-old John Goodenough, professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has developed the first all-solid-state battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries for handheld mobile devices, electric cars and stationary energy storage.
John Goodenought says, Cost, safety, energy density, rates of charge and discharge and cycle life are critical for battery-driven cars to be more widely adopted. We believe our discovery solves many of the problems that are inherent in today’s batteries.

People would find it as a bluff if any random person had claimed the invention of all-solid-state-battery. Goodenough being the pioneer and father of Lithium-ion battery, after this invention, people are saying that this could revolutionize the era with the hype of Electric cars and could challenge the automobile industry with the help of this invention.

Source: UT News

GOOGLE DOODLE : HOLI FESTIVAL 2017 | गुगल डुडल : होली पर्ब फागुपूर्णिमा २०१७

Today, on the Auspicious occasion of HOLI FESTIVAL you can find a fresh set of colors of HOLI on GOOGLE's LETTERS. In celebration of any major festivals of any country Google prepares a doodle on its letters. So here is one for holi festival.

Holi is national festival of Nepal and also celebrated widely over India. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated together by people of all religions and cast over Nepal and India. It brings people together with celebration of Colors, water and feasts.

You can click the link to view the doodle page: GOOGLE DOODLE : HOLI FESTIVAL 2017

With the doodle there is also a short article written describing the festival, next section is for the 'Doodle's Reach'. This shows where doodle is visible as default view. And lastly there is a section 'This Day in History'.  This section highlights the events that has occurred on same day in history and available doodle made by Googl.e

GOOGLE DOODLE has made doodles for Education Day, Republican Day, Democracy Day and many major festivals and memorable days of Nepal. Not only for Nepal but there are doodles for every countries.



Have you ever thought Microsoft a company who sells it's products like Windows OS, Visual Studio, Azure and all much more in hundreds and thousands of dollars would produce something for free? At Microsoft as a matter of fact even the Sticky Note is not free.😝

I never imagined Microsoft would launch a product and not license it as their Proprietary Asset. Neither I had never imagined it would invest its time and money on Free and Open Source Technologies. But it surprised the whole world in last few years. If you have observed the milestone of Microsoft, you would be surprised as I'm these days. Not only Microsoft was interested on Open Source Technologies in past couple of years but also it Launched a handful of Tools and made them Open Source.

Sounds like I'm exaggerating, but below are some of the Tools and technologies launched by Microsoft as Open Source. This will also leave you with a question mark "why is such a huge company  so much interested on FOSS and what would be the future surprises for Open Source Enthusiasts and the Microsoft Lovers.

.NET Core

Microsoft released .NET Core as an open source product on November 12, 2014. This was a huge day for .NET migrating from its Proprietary circle to the open source. The runtime as well as the framework libraries were also made open source together with .NET Core.
.NET Core is a modular development stack that is the foundation of all future .NET platforms. It’s already used by ASP.NET 5 and .NET Native.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. It includes support for debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and code refactoring. It is also customizable, so users can change the editor's theme, keyboard shortcuts, and preferences.
Microsoft released Visual Studio Code on November 18, 2015. And to highlight some of the surprising facts, Recently Microsoft is the one with Highest Commit on GitHub. This fact will be surprising to the Open Source Lovers and also to the Microsoft developer community

PowerShell(including Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core) is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework.

18 August, 2016 Microsoft announced some of the components of PowerShell as Open Source.

Black Duck Integration with Visual Studio

Black Duck are popular for development of automated open-source code management tools. It's on the news that Microsoft is integrating Black Duck's Hub program with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (TS), formerly Visual Studio Online, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

I Just highlighted some of the Open Source Tools that was developed by Microsoft. With these findings that I worked on I'm interested in the milestones of Microsoft. I want to explore what is it going to release next in near future. Also how will it contribute to the Open Source Community and at the same time handle its Proprietary product and huge customer base. So I think I should also write some more blogs on each of these open source tools and all curiosities I have. Being an Open Source Enthusiast, it would be awesome to compare and contrast the features available in these tools. Also I can get an idea on the motive behind Microsoft's investment to the Open Source Tools. 

Stay Tuned for some more blogs.
Reference : 

Earn Money Online With These Legitimate Ways

Internet is not always about chatting, watching and listening! It’s a lot more than that. One can easily make a living out of it. And that’s true. You can just head to Google and search for this thing. You’ll come across a lot of true stories about people who’re actually generating revenues online.

You don’t need to be a kind of internet geek to earn money online. This is year 2015 and there are some easy and legitimate ways which can help you to earn money online straight away. You don’t need to think out of the box, you can easily earn with the things you’re already doing.
So here are top 8 easy, safe and legitimate ways to earn money online.

Yeah, I’m placing this in the top position.  Blogging is the best way to generate revenue online. Just start a new blog today, publish some really good and useful articles, and apply for advertising partners like Google Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks, etc. Once your blog gets accepted in their program, your blog is going to generate quite a good amount.

If you hate writing but have a really good way of presenting things, then you might straight away create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos. Videos can be anything related to: fun & entertainment, educational, how-to guides, tutorials, etc. Post videos about those things which you like and think that it might be helpful for others.
What next? After publishing about 5-10 informative and quality videos, monetize your videos. The more views your video gets, the more you’re likely to earn.

HubPages is also more or less like blogging. If you think getting a domain name and a webhost for your blog will be a difficult task, then I recommend you to join HubPages and start creating your first Hub right away.
Visit HubPages

You can earn money just by reviewing websites and apps. You get $10 for completed website test and $15 for mobile test.
How it works? You’ll have to download a screen recorder which records everything that’s happening on your screen. The mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes; everything will be recorded. And after you’re done with testing the website or mobile app, you’ll receive your amount in your PayPal account.
Visit usertesting

Getting commissions form Amazon is another best way to earn online. When a visitor clicks a link in your site and lands on Amazon’s site to buy the product, you’ll then receive commission from that particular sell.
For example, Just imaging if a visitor buys a cell phone or laptops; price ranging from $300-$700; you’re going to receive a good amount.

If you think you’re good at something like: Graphics & Design, Online Marketing, Writing, Videos, Music, Programming & Tech, then you might consider joining Fiverr where you can earn $5 or more per task.
Visit Fiverr

More effective if you’re a graphic designer or a professional photographer. You can easily make best use of ShutterStock to sell your digital images.
Visit: ShutterStock

If you’re a musician or artist, and have good understanding of creating music or videos then you may sell them in iTunes store. There are millions of users who visit iTunes store everyday, there’s a chance they’ll like your stuffs. You can actually make a healthy leaving out of it.
Quantum Computing: Next Generation's Biggest Invention

Quantum Computing: Next Generation's Biggest Invention

The theoretical studies of computation systems which makes the direct use of quantum – mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement to perform operations on data is called quantum computing. Quantum computers are different from binary digital electronic computers. Binary digital electronic computer uses binary digit 0 and 1 where as quantum computation uses quantum bits which can also be superposition of both 0 and 1. The field of quantum computing was initiated by the work of Paul Benioff and Yuri Manin in 1980. By the change of time many others took a initiative to develop it. 

What is a qubit?

 A qubit just like a classical bit has two possible states | 0 > and (denoted in dirac notation ). But unlike classical bit a qubit can be in more than two possible states. That is, it can be in a superposition of states and . Mathematically, a superposition state looks like,

In the above expression is the probability amplitude for state and β is the probability amplitude for state . and both can be complex numbers. Since and are probabilities amplitudes, they must be normalized. Mathematically,

Qubits can be represented in terms of polarization of a photon where vertical and horizontal polarization are the two states. It can also be represented in terms of spin of an electron. There are number of quantum computing models distinguished by the basic elements in which the computation is decomposed.

Quantum Computing Models

Adiabatic quantum computer based on quantum annealing
Here, the computation gets decomposed into a slow continuous transformation of an initial Hamiltonian (is a operator corresponding to the total energy of the system in quantum mechanics) into a final Hamiltonian whose ground state contain the solution.

One way quantum computer
The computation decomposed into sequence of one quantum bit measurements applied to a highly entangled initial state or cluster state.

Topological quantum computers
The computation decomposed into the brading of anyons in a 2D lattice.

Quantum gate array: The computation decomposed into sequence of few quantum bit quantum gates.
A quantum bit can hold even more information, e.g. up to two bits using superdense coding. Hence, quantum computers will be able to analyze the vast amount of data collected by telescope and seek out earth like planet. The concept of quantum computational models will help to determine how diseases developed. Google itself is using a quantum computer to design software that can distinguish cars from landmarks. 

A quantum may be the smallest measurable finite unit but quantum computing may unlock doors to infinity. It is expected to be the next biggest invention in computing despite the fact that most experts concede that the first quantum computer may be some years off.

Wikipedia: Quantum computing
Research Blog: What is a Quantum Bit?

TurboDL: Boon app for IOS

YouTube Downloading policy so many IOS user download video of youtube by saving it in offline mode present in Youtube only. This is so hectic because offline saved videos get expired and you, right when need to listen song it pops out saying Time expired. So, To solve this TurboDL is present in app store. TurboDL, having size of 28.1 MB is a best app one can have in their phone in FREE of cost. Having fastet way of Downloading makes your feel good on using this app. TurboDL supports YouTube and others many platform.Depict in Name only this app downloads videos and audios in turbo i.e fastest way than any others apps out there.

It has beautiful built in document viewer and Zip extractor.Being integrated with friendly and simple user interface makes it easy to use.It also give its user to transfer files with Wifi browser to their Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch having IOS 7.0 or later and easy view anywhere.This app supports English,Arabic,Thai,Spanish,Chinese,Catalan and more the 25 languages, gives you the best way to interact with app interface.

Following format of Documents are accepted by It:
Pdf, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Ppt, Pptx, Jpg, Png, Zip.

Apart from just downloading videos this stands high then any others apps out there as it has features like:
DropBox and OneDrive Support
Wifi File transfer 
View and download email attached
Send files vie email
Extreme built-In player 
Import From CameraROLL and many more.

Having such Total solution it is not just downloader it is Total File Manager which stands best in its class.So IOS user forget the offline saving mode of Youtube and hit the TurboDL app.

Maladeep Upadhya

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine : Enhancing World of Medicine

Our fathers, forefathers always wanted us to become weather a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or professors. But how can we children of today's generation live within this boundary??? Obviously we want more than this isn’t it? How can we just get satisfied being a scientist or a doctor being precised only in a particular field, rather we want innovate more for today's world. For that huge innovations wont the idea of collaboration be the best? Yes, collaboration has been a sensational example for today's world. In this blog I am going to share one of the tremendous collaboration example.

AIM(Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) is an example of such collaboration between computer scientist and health care professionals. Medical Artificial Intelligence is primarily concerned with the construction of AI programs that perform diagnosis and make therapy recommendations. From the very earliest moment in modern history scientist and doctors alike were captivated by the potential  of such a technology might have in medicine. With intelligent computers able to store and process vast stores of knowledge, the hope was that they would become perfect “doctor in box”, assisting or surpassing clinicians with various challenges in medical science.

AIM system is expected to occupy as many branch as it can in medical treatment. Starting with generating alerts and reminders i.e. an expert system attached to a monitor that can warn of changes in patients condition in less acute circumstances it might scan laboratory test results or drug orders and send reminders or warnings through an e-mail system.

Diagnostic assistance is the next and most important expectation from AIM. When a patient case is complex, rare or the person making the diagnosis is simply inexperienced an expert system i.e AI can help come up with likely diagnosis based on patient data. In the first decade of AIM most research systems are developed to assist clinicians in the process of diagnosis, typically with the intention that it would be used during a clinical encounter with a patient. But it is clear that some of the psychological basis for developing this type of support is now considered to be less compelling given that situation assessment seems to be a bigger issue than diagnostic formulation.

Dxplain is one of the example of one of these clinical decision support system, developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It is used to assist in the process of diagnosis, taking set of clinical findings including signs, symptoms, laboratory data and then produces a ranked list of diagnosis. It provides justification for each differential diagnosis and suggests further investigation. This system contain a data base of crude probabilities for over 4500 clinical manifestations that are associated with over 2000 different diseases.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) is enhancing in which interactions with the outside world are not only natural but mandatory. Although the basic research topics in AIM maybe those of artificial intelligence the applied issue touch more more generally on the board field of medical informatics. or

Google offers its service under two different domains and

Just today, I came to know that Google offers its service under two different domains and And I thought of doing little digging on what actually is this?  As is most common among us and most users, for people from some countries was the only option to use Google's email service.

When we sign up for Gmail account we get the email address in the format [email protected] which we see most often around the web. Users in Germany and United Kingdom have got [email protected] by default unless they registered an account before June 2005 and October 2005 as they were allowed to keep the address in this case.
Later on,
Users from the United Kingdom have seen change as Google announced to phase out address. New registrations from the UK also got a email address while old users have the choice to convert their address to Only users from Germany were left with email address.
Google managed to obtain the rights to use Gmail in Germany in 2012. June 2012 onward, all new users from Germany also get's email address.

Is Google Mail and Gmail same thing?

Yes, it's same thing but you can only have one Google email address, but e-mail's sent to any of the address ( or will be delivered to you. You can also set up a custom from which address you want to send mail.

Are Gmail and Googlemail interchangable?

Yes, the two Google mail domains are interchangeable. Mails sent to [email protected] will reach [email protected] users and vice verse.

How to make to or vice versa?

Firstly you nee to have a Google account it may be [email protected] or [email protected] When you login to your Google account then follow the following steps.
  • On the left most corner of the screen click on setting menu (gear icon)
  • Under setting choose Account and Import section and in that section there is an option Send mail as [email protected] or

  • Finally, Set which email address you want to set as your default email address.

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[SEO] Increase Link Building for Search Engine Optimization

In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

Links are the most important thing that contribute an important part in ranking and is also the major factor among search engine ranking factors. Through links, search engines analyze the popularity of websites based on its originality,trust, spam, authority.Link building refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO).

Since Google’s algorithm is largely based on links, having a number of high-quality links to your site is obviously incredibly important in driving search traffic, if you don’t have links to your site, you won’t show up in search results listings.

There are a number of ways to get links to your site, but as Google and other search engines become more and more sophisticated, many of them have become extremely risky. If you are new to SEO and are looking to leverage the channel, these riskier and more aggressive means of trying to get links likely are not good, as you won’t know how to properly navigate the pitfalls and evaluate the risks. Trying to create links specifically to manipulate Google rankings doesn’t create any other value for your business in the event that the search engine algorithms shift and your rankings disappear.

A more sustainable approach to developing links is to focus on more general, sustainable marketing approaches such as creating and promoting useful content that also includes specific terms you’d want to rank for.

Major factors used by search engine to assign value to the link:

  1. Global Popularity: To gain trust with the search engines, you need to do link building on popular domains. Making your website globally popular is not an easy task. 
  2. Anchor Text: One of the most important things search engines take into account in ranking a page is the actual text a linking page uses to talk about your content.
  3. Trust Rank: Internet contains lots of spam. Linking from high authority domains can result in a significant boost to the scoring a lot of Trust factor.

Some of the methods to build the backlinks.

How Forum submission help in promoting your website?
Forum submission can not only boost the SEO ranking but attracts more followers through forum commenting. The high-quality forum submission attracts the users, and usually, there is a backlink building from it. So most of the people click and get converted if it’s a good content. And website gets more traffic as well.
Question & Answer Participation
It is mainly a query of the user seeking answers from others. Like quora, yahoo answers, etc. If a user search for any tech question on google, google doesn't have its answer of its own. What it does is it crawls millions of websites online to find the correct answer. And if your website has the right answer and you are even sharing the links on question and answer forums, Google SEO will fetch your site.

Link Building by answering questions
By providing a detailed answer to questions you create a rich content on a service with high authority in the search engines. A well-answered question makes visitors think if the answer is so informative then how much more information is there will be if I click the link. Thus, it not only improves its rankings but at the same time generate traffic to your website as well.

Participating on Blogs by answering through comments
Leaving a comment on a blog can result in a relevant do-follow link to the individual's website. Most of the time, however, leaving a comment on a blog turns into a no-follow link, which are not counted by search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! Search. On the other hand, blog comments are clicked on by the readers of the blog if the comment is well-thought-out and pertains to the discussion of the post on the blog. It is basically an article which needs a discussion of people through the comment section. When you post a comment on a blog having high traffic, if your comment was relevant and interesting, visitors may follow the link in your comment to visit your website.

Link Building Techniques without content

Monetary approach

Boost your page or an article paying some money. Sometimes it is worth to pay some amount for a link to get high traffic from that source.

Location based links

Focus primarily on your location what people are talking around. What is the fresh topic that can be discussed? Participating in forums that are location specific and driving traffic from there by building quality links.

Social Relationship

Asking your friend to provide link by a side-wide link or widgets. You can even ask them to share your links in social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Inserting social share buttons to share the content across the web can be the most useful thing for being socially popular.

[3] Wikipedia


Explore Gadget is a trending YouTube channel which provides informational videos, unique gadgets ,tech accessories, android applications & games, iOS applications & games, tutorials, how-to and many more. On top of that this is the only tech channel in Nepal with such a huge number of subscribers and 80M+ views and growing.
As February is month of Love, Explore Gadgets presents cool gadgets for all the gadget lovers. On this video by Explore Gadget, they present us with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Yosh Car Mount, Sansi RGB Light, Eonfine Spider Web Case, and Aukley Table Lamp. Few features of these gadgets are included below:
Wireless HO3 Bluetooth speaker with unique design and superior sound quality. The beautifully crafted tri-angular shaped Wireless Bluetooth speaker is made of brushed aluminium metal. It is powered by two premium 250mm drivers and passive sub woofers either side delivering deep bass. The premium features built into the design allows for effortless 3D HD sound delivered through the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The controls are in the touch panel display which does resembles apples touch bar. In addition to Bluetooth it also supports NFC.
Perfectly polished surface with a carefully carved logo. This makes for a simple yet elegant design so you can easily install or remove it when needed. 
The body is fashioned from high-quality Type-50D Silicon, which is often used in various high-tech industries. The soft rubber feel of the silicon protects your air vent so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. 
Contains a quadruple-plated nickel magnet that is powerfully magnetized. This extends the car mount’s life period and also holds your phone in place, so you don’t have to worry about it dropping off and breaking. 
Universal-design so it’s compatible with almost any device and air vent can even be used as a phone stand. Systems include : Android, Apple, Windows Phone. 

For your colorful life & healthy life
  • Allow to customized light settings from over 16 million colors for any ambiance or mood, rich your life. 
  • Support daily lighting- select natural daylight color for reading, warm white for relax, improve your life. 
Rich functions
  • Music control: Light color changing along with the mobile phone local music. 
  • Group control: A group of bulbs can be controlled by App at the same time. 
High tech
  • Energy saving: 60w equivalently because of 10w bulb achieving 800lm. 
  • Safe: Insulated inter ceramic shell, safe to install and remove. 
  • Service time is 25000hrs 
Easy to setup
  • Download the "Stellar Wi-Fi" app and install it into Android/IOS device. 
  • Connect your mobile phone to the bulb’s Wi-Fi signal. 
  • Open the App 

Upgraded Version
  • Use top-level metal and TPU as manufacture material, uttermost reduce the effect to the signal to provide protection from scratches. Case comes with high touch sensitivity built-in screen protector. The transparent front and back cover for camera lenses enable high-quality, high-definition photos and videos.
Water Shock Dirty Dust Snow Proof 
  • IP68 standard Waterproof, submersible to over 6.6 ft deep for 30 minutes; designed and tested to 2 meters high, protect your phone from drops and shocks. Full-sealed cover stop any dirty and dust into your iPhone 7.
Precise Cutout 
  • The precision cutting fits iPhone 7 perfectly, all buttons and controls, like touch ID, cameras & speakers, power button, mute key, charge port and volume buttons, work great like there is no case. Please use original iphone 7 charge cable and earphones or corresponding size cables.
Best for Sports lover
  • A must for Sports and outdoors. Fasten your iPhone 7 with the camping snap hook on your bag or wristband, then feel free to enjoy your swimming, skiing, diving, climbing mountains, other outdoor activities and daily use. Record the most charming moment in your life.

  • Touch activated table lamp, reading lamp, bedside lamp with 256 color changing LED lights 
  • Tap the base to toggle 3 brightness settings - Soft, cool, and bright white light 
  • Auto cycle 256 RGB color combinations or select a fixed color to suit your mood 
  • 360° touch panel base provides full control to easily switch light modes and power on/off 

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NOTE: Products specifications may not be similar to the product because this is written per the specifications provided on the online market.




With the theme “RENOVATING SOCIETY” students of Electronics, Computer and Electrical Engineering from IOE, Pulchowk Campus are organizing "LOCUS 2017 14th NATIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL FESTIVAL" on 27th ,28th and 29th of Magh
Students, Faculties, Entrepreneurs and many Technology Enthusiasts are excited about Technology Fair are frequently being organized in the Country. After 6th KU ITMEET organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club  and CAN INFO TECH organized by Computer Association of Nepal, people are excited for the most awaited Tech Fair "LOCUS 2017". And the quest is finally here.
Locus is an organization composed of students of Electronics, Computer and Electrical Engineering from IOE, Pulchwok Campus. With a group of brilliant minds from Tribhuvan University, LOCUS has been able to mark its prestigious event every year among the IT Community of Nepal. A dozen of major events are hosted in LOCUS 2017. Some of the major attractions are 
  • Locus 2017 will be organizing projects competition for theme and non-theme categories. All students interested to showcase their projects are requested to give quick response.
  • HACK A WEEKLEARN · DEVELOP · WINHack-a-week is one of the pre-events being organized by LOCUS as a means to bring together developers, programmers and tech-enthusiasts and stimulate them to get involved in a competitive and innovative challenge. Hack-a-week aspires to become a hub to amass large number of enthusiasts coming from different disciplines working together to come up with impactful solutions in raging issues. It is a week long event in which a number of innovative participants engage in teams of collaboration to fashion out some product in forms of software development, business modeling and ambitious marketing campaign, which revolves around one of the three themes.
    Energy Hackathon is a complete platform for solving energy related challenges with a prime motto enabling Energy Access, Reducing Energy Waste and Improving Energy Efficiency and aims to solve the energy problems of Nepal through collaborative efforts of students and amateur working in Energy sectors. The three things you need to participate in the event are: Idea, Knowledge and curiosity. The participants will be provided with food, drinks(soft only), internet and mentors during the event.
    Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous or manual flight. Drones have been emerging technology in the world and its use has been in widespread areas. Nepal also has been a part of this drone revolution and to further help Nepal grasp this technology LOCUS 2017 is going to organize drone competition named "Dronacharya" as the main event in the LOCUS exhibition.
    Robo Warz is a war between two robots. The robots are vehicular with differential or omnidirectional drive. The game is about pushing the opponent robot outside the circular or hexagonal Arena. The Last Robot standing in the arena will be the Winner of the game.
And there are even more events like Art Competition, Photography Competition, Quiz Competition which you can browse on their official website. A link is provided in the Reference section at the end of the article.

CAN INFO TECH, LOCUS, and KU ITMEET are three such ICT Events which provides a platform of promoting IT student's project ideas and innovations. These are the only events conducted in our Country under ICT Category.  Increasing the number of such Technology Fair and Opportunities, Students could project their ideas among a huge mass of like minded professionals. This could be their gateway to their career and also an achievement for a country in setting milestones of development with new ideas and innovations.

Team Techjhola shares their warm wishes to the Organizing Committee of LOCUS 2017.  We wish all the very best for successful accomplishment of this Technological Fair.

Note: This event promotion is done by Techjhola with the approval from the Marketing Team of LOCUS 2017.
Reference LOCUS 2017

Google Apps: How to Exchange Your Domain Mail with Google Mail App?

Whichever be the ISP that provided you a domain name, you will only get limited size of space for your email. I registered my site from ohodomain and it provides me about 50MB of space for mail exchange and I use webmail to view my emails. Unlike many email browsing application/ email service provider like outlook, thunderbird, yahoo and gmail, webmail is one of them. 
Today in this blog I'll list out the step by step guide to setup widely used Google's Product Gmail Application for using it to browse your email provided by your domain provider.

After the email is setup you can simply enter your email "[email protected]".
You can than reach to your email login screen by typing "" .Where you will enter your email [email protected] and your password.
In order to reach your admin panel which is also provided by Google, your URL will be something like this

G Suite Account Setup

Below are the step-by-step  guide to perform the mail exchange:
  • First you need to sign up at G Suite for Google Apps.
    G Suite is powered by Google Cloud which provides your business with Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar.
  • During the Registration you need to provide your Personal as well as Organization Details like (Name, Current Email, Business or Organization Name,Number of Employees, Country. Region)
  • Next you will be directed to configure your domain. There are two options where you can either register your existing domain or buy a new one from google.
    Select your existing domain 
  • Next You will be asked for a username and password to register a new account at G Suite.
This completes the first part of our set up. Now you need to verify your ownership of the domain you just registered. This can be done by following the email you received after the registration got completed.

Domain Exchange

Now that you have your G Suite Account you need to verify the domain and do the mail exchange i.e. you need to point your domain email server with Google's provided mail server exchange links. We will proceed to the step-by-step guide to do the mail exchange.
    • To Perform the mail exchange you need to login to the admin panel (call it as CPanel or administration panel, just login to the page where you do your domain's modification). NOTE:I can do the modification from my domain admin panel as well as through Cloudflare. Because I monitor my domains HTTPS , SSL Certificated through Cloudflare. So I can add any email exchange point from here only.
    • In you Admin Panel, Go to the Email configuration Section. Click on Configure your Domain Name to use our Name Servers.There you need to add MX Record. NOTE: A MX record identifies registered or assigned with your domain.
    • Now add following MX Entry for your server domain which is provided by google cloud. Also donot forget to add their priority:
      To know more about verifying G Suite Domain follow this link : G Suite Quick Fixes Help

      This completes your second part of cnfiguration. Now that you have the verified G Suite account and you completed your Mail Server Point Exchange Completed, you can login to the admin panel og your G Suite through this link:
      There you can add users in your business. After the complete setup of G Suite you can not only login to email but GSuite provides a package of Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar. You can have access to these applications.

      By default Google Cloud Provides 30 GB of cloud storage which is now your secure and convenient store for domain communication.
      For a corporate Organization the cost  should not be expensive as well. It chager $5per user/ per month.
      Also you can try the free version to review if migrating to Gmail Apps is worth it or not.The free trail version is available for 15 days


      TORRENT: Leech, Seed, Peer, Everything To Know About

      In simple words, You are a Leecher/Peer until your download completes. You become a Seeder once you have 100% download.

      Mostly, all of us are well known what torrent is and where we use it? But, What exactly is torrent? How does BitTorrent work?Why torrent? Is torrent legal? How are large files hosted on the Internet easily?

      An American Computer programmer Bram Cohen came up with the concept of sharing a file over the Internet with different hosts. BitTorrent was first released by Bram Cohen back in 2001, but it took two years before the new file-sharing protocol gained a notable audience. In the years that followed millions of torrent files were downloaded and shared billions of times. Bram Cohen designed a peer to peer communication protocol for distributing data over the internet termed as BitTorrent protocol. Peer-to-peer file sharing is different from traditional file downloading. In peer-to-peer sharing, you use a software program (rather than your Web browser) to locate computers that have the file you want.Because these are ordinary computers like yours, as opposed to servers, they are called peers.The BitTorrent protocol divides a large files into small chunks allowing users to download sections of it and to exchange the sections between themselves until the file download completes. This protocol uses less bandwidth from the file's creator. This is a great advantage for its distribution in the long term.

      How does BitTorrent work?

      Unlike some other peer-to-peer downloading methods, BitTorrent is a protocol that offloads some of the file tracking work to a central server (called a tracker). Another difference is that it uses a principal called tit-for-tat. This means that in order to receive files, you have to give them. With BitTorrent, the more files you share with others, the faster your downloads are. Finally, to make better use of available Internet bandwidth (the pipeline for data transmission), BitTorrent downloads different pieces of the file you want simultaneously from multiple computers.
      Its a fairly simple concept, When you download a torrent, you aren't downloading the file from one specific person, but rather from many different sources who share the file, for example; lets say I am downloading a movie from a torrent thats around 300 megabytes, at 200 kb/s speed from 10 different sources, that would mean that the average transfer rate per person is 20 kb/s, so from each person you are downloading the same file (but different pieces of it) at an average 20kb/s.

      The thing is that some people have slow Internet, so you made download faster from others, lets say you have 10 different sources but 5 of them are on dial up, and you only receive a max of 5 kb/s, that means the other 175 kb/s would come from the other 5 Internet users who may be using broadband or higher.

      Its the same concept for seeding, once you download the file, and you allow to seed it, a lot of people are connect to your computer since you are hosting the file, not just one person, lets say you are seeding a file for 30 people, but your upload speed is at 150kb/s each of them are receiving an average of 5 kb/s upload speed for each person.

      Your friends Internet connection impacts the speed of the download, and also He may be getting unlucky and downloading from sources that have slow Internet speeds, (it happens)

      Is torrent legal?

      As long as the item is copyrighted and you don’t own it and if someone else is the owner then downloading it for free is not legal. But via torrent it is legal. The protocol itself is perfectly legal. Torrent may be primarily used for privacy at the present mainly because of its decentralized nature. However there are many legal uses of BitTorrent, like many Linux distros prefer torrent to push out updates as it reduces the stress on their servers. 

      What is seeding?

      Seeding is where you leave your BitTorrent client open after you've finished your download to help distribute it (you distribute the file while downloading, but it's even more helpful if you continue to distribute the full file even after you have finished downloading). Chances are that most of the data you got was from seeds, so help give back to the community! It doesn't require much - the client will continue seeding until the torrent is removed (right click the torrent, then hit Remove). Proper practice is to seed until the ratio of upload:download is at least 1.00.

      What are seeds, peers and leeches in Torrents' language?

      SEEDERS are those who has downloaded the file already or initially only one person who uploads the torrent seeds to others. You may notice that after your download is complete the torrent turns from DOWNLOADING to SEEDING. Seeder is someone from whom you can download a piece of file. Hence they affect the overall availability of file on P2P (Point to Point) network.

      PEERS are those who are downloading and uploading at the same time. They do not posses the whole file. They only posses parts of whole. Peer is someone who is involved in file sharing activity. It is a generic term.

      LEECHERS are those who don’t have all parts file and are not able to share you the required part of the file. If there are zero seeders it is doubtful that you will ever finish downloading that torrent. Very rarely you can download the whole only by leechers. Leecher is someone who has downloaded a file but is not sharing it back to P2P (Point to Point) network. Hence, overall availablity of file decreases.

      In simple words, You are a Leecher/Peer until your download completes. You become a Seeder once you have 100% download.

      What is their inside Bit-torrent file?

      The address to one or more trackers and information about the files. The tracker is a server that knows which users have the real file.
      The basic principle is:
      • Your BitTorrent program, that opens the BitTorrent file, connects to the tracker(s) and gets a list of people who have the file. 
      • Your BitTorrent program connects to the people and request pieces of the file. 
      • You are now also on the list, so any user opening the BitTorrent File after you will get your address as well and can download the pieces from you that you already have downloaded. 

      How the first seeding starts in torrent? 

      • You create a torrent using any torrent client 
      • add trackers (to manage a list of all the swarms and peers) 
      • distribute the .torrent file 
      • users (torrent clients) read the .torrent file and then obtain a list of peers and seeders from the trackers by querying the unique hash of that torrent 
      • Before the connections are made to those peers, various information like: total pieces, piece size, names, hierarchy of files etc are saved from the .torrent file 
      • connection setup and downloading starts 

      What is the first seeded torrent file?

      The Oldest Torrent

      The torrent file that has been around for the longest time according to our knowledge is The Matrix ASCII. We already crowned this one the oldest torrent back in 2005, and as of today(Nov 7, 2010) it is still active with a few downloaders and only one seeder.
      The torrent file in question was created in December 2003 when sites like isoHunt, The Pirate Bay and were only a few months old and when Facebook and YouTube didn’t yet exist. Thus far, this torrent has survived a mind boggling 2500 days.

      What is the largest torrent file?

      When we refer to the largest torrent we mean the single .torrent file that downloads the most data, not the size of the .torrent file itself. There are several huge torrent files active at the moment, but the record goes to a torrent with a 746.70 GB collection of all 2010 World Cup soccer matches (~ 6GB per half).