How To Integrate Disqus in Blogger?

Disqus (pronounced discuss) is a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that uses a networked platform. The company's platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.

Why Disqus?

  • User can post comment, vote comment, flag comment and share comments to social networks. Also they can subscribe to comments.
  • You will get notification to your email for each new comment.
  • A commenter can attach media files (image, video) in their comments.
  • You can see your site’s comment activity in a graph.
  • You can set custom avatar for comments for those who don’t actually display their avatar.
  • Commenter can post their comment as guest or they can post using their open ID.
  • Disqus adds real time threaded comments and shows a related discussion below comments which reduces your bounce rate.
  • You can make money from Disqus by showing recommendations just like nRelate related posts.
There are two different way to integrate disquss in any of the content management system(CMS). You can either do all the configuration from the disqus website or do it from your blog gadgets and templates.You just need to choose a platform and follow the instruction.

As our site is hosted in blogger. I did exlpore ways to integrate blogger and disqus. I wanted to integrate it so much because this medium of comment posting is similar to that of some of the great news sharing sites reddit and 4chan. Like these sites, disqus also maintains the threads within thread,  vote ups, as well as the recommendation of comments and sharing them. You can not only expect if your blogger read the blogs but with the help of disqus now you can also get their valuable feedback.

Configuration from blogger(Manual work):
  • In your blogger Dashboard , Click "Layout", and Click "Add a Gadget below the blog text area of your layout where your blog is posted.
  • Clicking the "Add a Gadget", you will see the collection of Gadgets made available by blogger as well as third parties. Search for "HTML/Javascript"
  • Enter the title of the gadget as "Disqus".
  • Save the gadget and also save the arrangements.
Now we will add a disqus code inside that gadget from our Template section. Before doing that make sure that you have created a disqus account. If not signup now it is too easy, Signup and get a username.
  • Now again go to the dashboard and Click "Template". Then click "Edit HTML".
  • After that click within the code area and find the text "Disqus". (Searching is done by CTRL+F key combination)
  • After you find the code block expand the code division.
  • Find the code snippets withing that division and remove them.
  • Instead of those codes you just deleted, copy the code mentioned below:
  • That's It. Now Save your template.
  • Don't forget to hard refresh your blog( Which is generally done by pressign CTRL+ F5)
You Should now see a  disqus comments area just below your website. Cheers1

4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom

Finally, 4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom prepaid and post-paid users .To activate: Dial *444#NOTE:On activating 4G, one will get free data subscription of 4GB for 4 days. *1GB/day.

For More Info Contact your nearest Nepal Telecom Office Or Call : 1498

NT had launched 4G service in the beginning of 2017. Around 50,000 NT postpaid service subscribers have switched to 4G service.NT, on October 21 2016, received permission to operate 4G service in Kathmandu and Pokhara from January 1,2017. Since then, NT has been conducting tests of the 4G service in both the places. During these tests, NT had, however, found that 4G service was inaccessible in Apple devices powered by iOS, a mobile operating system created and developed by the US smartphone maker.This means users of iPhone and iPad may not be able to use 4G service for the time being.Telecom operators all around the world must sign an agreement with Apple to enable their customers to use devices such as iPhone and iPad on their networks. NT apparently has not entered into such a deal.The agreement basically allows a telecom company to synchronize its network with Apple devices that run on iOS, paving the way for iPhone and iPad users to use 4G service on its network.NT has said it has already requested the American smartphone maker to enable the ‘location code’. While NT is all set to launch 4G service, Ncell, a privately-owned cell phone service provider, has not obtained permission to do so. The NTA is yet to extend the permission to Ncell, although both the telecom companies had formally sought permission in July to launch 4G service from the existing frequency of 1800 Mhz.

As part of the preparations for launching 4G service, the telecom giant had upgraded 308 of its Base Transceiver Station (BTS) towers in the Kathmandu Valley and 25 stations in Pokhara. The upgraded network allows consumers to use data at speeds of up to 32.4 Mbps. NT aims to eventually raise it to 100 Mbps. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has authorized NT to offer 4G service with a bandwidth of 5 Mhz from the 1800 Mhz frequency band. NT has asked the regulator for another 5 Mhz bandwidth to increase the speed to 100 Mbps.

Once the pilot phase is completed, NT aims to launch the service in 15 municipalities in the first phase. The expansion will be based on the scale of demand and supply. The telecom service provider is of the view that people in remote places might not be in need of 4G service or may not want to pay more to get faster connectivity. As per the latest report prepared by the NTA, the state-owned telecommunication service provider has 13,536,114 GSM subscribers. The report states that the company has 7,504,457 internet service users using GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA technologies. There are 13.74 million internet service subscribers using these technologies across the country, according to the NTA’s data.

Blogger Tips:How To Add Dynamic Pages in Blogger?

Today in this blog we will be showing you following Customization on Blogger which helps in presenting and organizing your individual blogs in separate pages with the help of Labels.These tips are some of the basics HTML implementations which most of the bloggers implement during their blogger setup. I hope this basic tips will help you somehow.
  • Adding Labels in your Menubar
  • Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info 

One disadvantage of hosting your blog in blogger is that, you cannot submit your post in separate pages. You can add as many page as you want too. These pages are labeled as and are static. If you want to customize them, it will take a great effort and technical expertise. But instead of adding pages which are static, you can use Labels.
Labels are words that identifies as article falls under which category. So with the use of Labels you can have bunch of articles under a category. Then you can add your categories in the Menubar. Adding categories in the menubar acts like new pages in your blog.Below are the steps which will illustrate how to add search labels in menubar:

Adding Labels in your Menubar

  1. Load your Website in a web browser
  2. Inspect the Element of your menubar
    (Right Click + Inspect Element)
  3. You can see that menubar is wrapped inside the division with id menu-wrapper in the HTML. 
  4. Now go to your Blogger Dashboard
  5.  Click Template  and click Edit HTML
  6. Click inside the code and find the element menu-wrapper
    (CTRL + f)
  7. Below the menu-wrapper you can find the lists of items like Menu or Home listed. Below these sections add your lebel like shown below:
  8. This way you can add search label to your blog in the menubar.
Now that you have added the menubar, blogger still has one drawback that is it displays a message saying "Showing All posts with Lebellabelname. Show All Posts". A screenshot of the blog is shown beblow which displays same message for its labels:

Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info

We can remove this message as well by removing modification of your template. Find for the class "status-msg-wrap" in your template like you located menu-wrapper earlier. Now remove the class status-msg-wrap from the code.

That's all you need to take care about. You need not change the css propertied defined for that class because the css is inactive after it does not find any id or class.