3 Quick Tips to Help You Use Facebook More Effectively

I don’t think it is necessary to introduce Facebook. With almost a billion plus users around the globe, Facebook is the top social networking site, at present. The social network allows its users to share photos & videos, update status about what they’ve been up to, manage businesses via pages, chat with friends, play games, and more.
Facebook has always updated itself according to the need of the time and its users. Tons of new features have been brought into play and dozens of times the user-interface has changed, since it first went online in 2004.
But there are specific updates and features which some users might not want to make use of.
Firstly, there are some Facebook users who might not play games and use apps on Facebook. They just want to get status updates, interact in status & photos. If these people start receiving tons of Facebook games requests, they’re definitely going to get irritated.


Games like Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, Criminal Case, Mafia Wars, and many more keep on sending notifications which are actually very irritating for especially non gamers like me myself. I hate them more than anyone else.
Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Go to Settings > Account Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Go to Platform
  • On next page you’ll be asked if you want to receive notifications for games invite or not. Simply click NO
Now on you’ll never receive any sorts of requests or invites from games on Facebook.
Secondly, not every Facebook users might be making use of WiFi while surfing their news feed. Recently, Facebook rolled out an update which makes videos play automatically, without having you to click on the play button. Well, those users using Mobile data (without subscription) are definitely going to have problem in this case.


From Mobile/Tablet FACEBOOK app,
  • Open the application, click the option on the top right below the chat bar
  • App setting Videos play automatically
  • Click the option off
  • Likewise you can use On or WiFi only options whenever required
From desktop,
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Visit Setting
  • Go to, Videos Auto play videos, and turn it Off
That is it! You can now soundly go through your Facebook news feed without worrying about your mobile data usage.
Lastly, If you are on a slower wireless network, or using Mobile data to surf Facebook on your Mobile phone, you can choose a proper setting to control how much data Facebook uses on your phone.
Photos are the data hungry element of Facebook; higher the quality of photos – the more it takes time to load the page. So when you’re on a slower WiFi network or on mobile data, you might want to decide how you want your posts to appear while surfing Facebook.


  • Login to your Facebook account on your phone
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Settings & Privacy
  • Open General Page
  • Tap on Edit next to Data Usage
  • Choose one option between : Less, Normal & More
What does Less, Normal & More Data Usage Mean on Facebook
  • Less data usage means Facebook will no more display any photos on your newsfeed.
  • Normal data usage means Facebook will show all the photos, but in low quality.
  • More data usage means Facebook will show all the photos in high quality. If you’re on a much faster Wireless network or you’ve mobile data package subscription then you might want to select this option.

FACEBOOK Photo Album Download

I don't use Facebook anymore. Its not about the privacy issue but I won't be using it any more. But there are my 50 photo albums that are very precious to me. In order to download it one image after another it takes months. After a few research I found this Firefox Add-on facepaste which fulfills my objective.
If you want to download all the photos of your facebook photo album at a single click then,   you have this Firefox addon "facepaste" developed by  Delan Azabani. This add on is free to download. Once you install this addon you can easily download all your album in a single click. You can also download multiple album at once.
After the installation:
#1 Right Click + Download Facebook Album(s)
Then you can see the screen similar as below

facepaste User Interface

Enjoy facepaste.
But things like Add-on and extention don't necessarily exist in the browser in case facepaste doesnot exist any more please Search " Facebook Album Download " in firefox add-on search bar.

Also there exists an Application of Chrome Browser titled " Facebook Photo & Album Manager" This is more user friendly than facepaste. Choose whichever you like.
Thank You!!!