How to Remove Plug-ins from your browser

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google chrome each allow for the use of plug-ins and add-ons which are scripts that augment the functionality of the browser. In this we are going to see how to disable or remove such plug-in or add-ons from these three main browsers.

  • In the menu bar select Tools > Add- ons.
  • Then click on plug- ins icon on your left side.
  • Find the plug-in from the list of installed plug-ins that you want to remove
  • Select it and click on the Disable button (or click on always activate and select Never Activate) on the right side.

NOTE: In Google Chrome, Add-ons are called Extensions.
  • At the top of the browser, click on the “menu” icon and navigate to Tools > Extensions
  • In the Extensions tab, find the list of installed extensions that you want to remove.
  • Click the Disable link or uninstall link under the name of the extension.

Internet Explorer

  • In the menu bar, select Tools > Manage add or click on the “gear” icon and select Mange add-ons.
  • In the manage Add-ons window, we can find the add on from list of currently loaded add-ons on the right.
  • Select it and click on the Disable bottom.


FACEBOOK Photo Album Download

I don't use Facebook anymore. Its not about the privacy issue but I won't be using it any more. But there are my 50 photo albums that are very precious to me. In order to download it one image after another it takes months. After a few research I found this Firefox Add-on facepaste which fulfills my objective.
If you want to download all the photos of your facebook photo album at a single click then,   you have this Firefox addon "facepaste" developed by  Delan Azabani. This add on is free to download. Once you install this addon you can easily download all your album in a single click. You can also download multiple album at once.
After the installation:
#1 Right Click + Download Facebook Album(s)
Then you can see the screen similar as below

facepaste User Interface

Enjoy facepaste.
But things like Add-on and extention don't necessarily exist in the browser in case facepaste doesnot exist any more please Search " Facebook Album Download " in firefox add-on search bar.

Also there exists an Application of Chrome Browser titled " Facebook Photo & Album Manager" This is more user friendly than facepaste. Choose whichever you like.
Thank You!!!