Open Street Mapping with MAPS.ME

"Like wallet, your smart phone is also nowadays part of your journey." 
I travel a lot within my country during holidays.  It was my last trek to Namche Bazar where my Friend Ramesh Tiwari suggested me to try MAPS.ME. After that day, I've only one map application installed on my phone i.e. MAPS.ME. This map is so precise that when we were on our trek it would navigate us and show every house and routes.
https://www.openstreetmap.orgMy friend had downloaded the map of Nepal offline, so we were able to browse the map ofline. This application is so awesome also because it is an open source project. Unlike Google and Bing it doesn't claim it's proprietary ownership to the maps which we contribute. Following reasons made me to contribute to OSM:
  • It's OpenSource. So the main advantage will be that all those researchers and developers who need information about my place can get all the information and data for free from this map or the Open Street Mapwebsite
  • Nepal is a country with huge scope in tourism. Many tourists come to visit our country, so it's our duty to at least provide information about places like, treking routes, hospitals, busstands, homestays and restaurants, parks forests mountains etc.  This open initiative can also imprint a good impression of a country whole over the world.
  • Being offline, also you can get directions, bookmark your places and also the 3D view feature is interesting.  

I wanted to show this contribution panel of MAPS.ME. After last trek to Namche in March, I have added 188 new places to the open street maps. Not only that I sometimes keep the GPS traces of my route which I upload to the website so that other can see it.  At the end of the year 2016 MAPS.ME was successful to map more than a million of object which was all contributed by volunteers like us. Picture below shows the number of schools, bus stop and more categories that we were able to map.Open Street Mapping is interesting, so I would like to invite every travelers to install the app and take benefit of it as well as contribute whenever they explore new places or new tracks during their journey.

To know more about MAPS.ME watch this video below: