Google Apps: How to Exchange Your Domain Mail with Google Mail App?

Whichever be the ISP that provided you a domain name, you will only get limited size of space for your email. I registered my site from ohodomain and it provides me about 50MB of space for mail exchange and I use webmail to view my emails. Unlike many email browsing application/ email service provider like outlook, thunderbird, yahoo and gmail, webmail is one of them. 
Today in this blog I'll list out the step by step guide to setup widely used Google's Product Gmail Application for using it to browse your email provided by your domain provider.

After the email is setup you can simply enter your email "[email protected]".
You can than reach to your email login screen by typing "" .Where you will enter your email [email protected] and your password.
In order to reach your admin panel which is also provided by Google, your URL will be something like this

G Suite Account Setup

Below are the step-by-step  guide to perform the mail exchange:
  • First you need to sign up at G Suite for Google Apps.
    G Suite is powered by Google Cloud which provides your business with Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar.
  • During the Registration you need to provide your Personal as well as Organization Details like (Name, Current Email, Business or Organization Name,Number of Employees, Country. Region)
  • Next you will be directed to configure your domain. There are two options where you can either register your existing domain or buy a new one from google.
    Select your existing domain 
  • Next You will be asked for a username and password to register a new account at G Suite.
This completes the first part of our set up. Now you need to verify your ownership of the domain you just registered. This can be done by following the email you received after the registration got completed.

Domain Exchange

Now that you have your G Suite Account you need to verify the domain and do the mail exchange i.e. you need to point your domain email server with Google's provided mail server exchange links. We will proceed to the step-by-step guide to do the mail exchange.
    • To Perform the mail exchange you need to login to the admin panel (call it as CPanel or administration panel, just login to the page where you do your domain's modification). NOTE:I can do the modification from my domain admin panel as well as through Cloudflare. Because I monitor my domains HTTPS , SSL Certificated through Cloudflare. So I can add any email exchange point from here only.
    • In you Admin Panel, Go to the Email configuration Section. Click on Configure your Domain Name to use our Name Servers.There you need to add MX Record. NOTE: A MX record identifies registered or assigned with your domain.
    • Now add following MX Entry for your server domain which is provided by google cloud. Also donot forget to add their priority:
      To know more about verifying G Suite Domain follow this link : G Suite Quick Fixes Help

      This completes your second part of cnfiguration. Now that you have the verified G Suite account and you completed your Mail Server Point Exchange Completed, you can login to the admin panel og your G Suite through this link:
      There you can add users in your business. After the complete setup of G Suite you can not only login to email but GSuite provides a package of Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar. You can have access to these applications.

      By default Google Cloud Provides 30 GB of cloud storage which is now your secure and convenient store for domain communication.
      For a corporate Organization the cost  should not be expensive as well. It chager $5per user/ per month.
      Also you can try the free version to review if migrating to Gmail Apps is worth it or not.The free trail version is available for 15 days