How to Browse Internet in Laptop using Smart Phone?

How to Browse Internet in Laptop using Smart Phone?

I came up with this idea about using mobile phone's data to explore internet on my laptop. So I explored settings of my laptop and mobile phone and came up with two suitable solutions. Many people are already taking advantage of this feature provided in most of the Android phone(also on Iphone and Windows Phone). But in case you haven't given it a try, let me show you these three ways:


Tathering means using a smartphone in order to connect your laptop or any other device to browse internet. Tathering your smartphone lets all the connected devices to browse internet according to the bandwidth provided by your Mobile Network Providers. There are two ways you can tather they are 
  • USB Tathering

    In order to do USB Tathering it is necessary to connect your device to Smartphone with a USB cable. On your Mobile Phone's Setting 
    GOTO: Connections > More Networks > Tathering and Portable Hotspots > Select USB Tathering
    Note: Prior to these settings enable your mobile data to enable internet access.
    Enable wifin in your Laptop and suddenly after you enable USB Tathering, your device is connected to a network which is actually you mobile network. Now you can browse you internet.
  • Bluetooth Tathering
    Bluetooth tathering is also similar to the USB Tathering, Instead of selecting USB Tathering select Bluetooth tathering and you will have to enable your laptop's bluetooth to use the tathering

Portable Hotspot
Portable HotspotIn order to enable portable hotspoot in the same menu  Tathering and Portable Hotspots, Enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option. Normally when you configure your hotspot a wifi appears with its SSID ADYY..... Portable hotspot is better than rest of the alternatives because you can provide a security measure to the hotspot with WPA2PSK Security Protocol. You can connect upto 10 devices with a single hotspot.