इन्टरनेट बिनाको इमेल प्रविधिको उद्घाटन

प्रहरी प्रधान कार्यालयमा आइतबार आयोजित एक समारोहबीच ५९ औं प्रहरी संचार दिवस सम्पन्न भएको छ । सो अवसरमा प्रमुख अतिथि माननीय गृहमन्त्री जनार्दन शर्माले इन्टरनेट बिनाको इमेल प्रविधि (H.F. Radio Data) को समेत उद्घाटन गर्नुभयो ।

रेडियो प्रविधि र कम्प्युटर प्रविधीको कुराकानी नै H.F. Radio Data प्रविधि हो । यो Military Standard को प्रविधिलाई Software Defined प्रविधि पनि भनिन्छ, जसबाट ईन्टरनेट बिना नै इमेल पठाउन सकिन्छ । यो प्रविधिलाई Internet Server सँग जडान गरिने हो भने Internet Browse गर्न सकिन्छ । त्यसै गरी Email Server मा जडान गरिने हो भने व्यक्तिगत Email Address मा पनि यो प्रविधिबाट ईमेल पठाउन सकिन्छ । यो प्रविधिको प्रयोगले जहाँ ईन्टरनेट सुबिधा छैन त्यँहाबाट इमेल र फोटो पठाउन सकिन्छ र यो सूचना चुहावट नहुने सुरक्षित प्रविधि समेत भएकाले यो प्रविधि प्रहरीमा उपयोगी हुने देखिन्छ ।

थप जानकारीका लागि नेपाल प्रहरी को आधिकारिक फेसबुक एकाउन्टबाट छापिएको यो पोस्ट हेर्नुहोला। 
सूचना प्रबिधि सम्बन्धित संदेश भएकोहुनाले आधिकारिक समाचार लाई हुबहु उतारिएको छ। तस्बिर र लेख दुबैनै  नेपाल प्रहरी को आधिकारिक फेसबुक एकाउन्टबाट  लियिएको हो। नेपालमा IT चेतना फैलाउने हाम्रो उदेश्य हो। Copyright उल्लंघन सम्बन्धि कुनै आपत्ति भएमा सम्पर्क ठेगाना :[email protected]

PARI: A Robotic Innovation in Nepal by Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology a truly Nepal centric company with vision "Make In Nepal" aims at producing world class robotics and industrial automation products that are suited for Nepali Industries. And it proves to do so with the launch of Pari at Opening Ceremony of Nepal SBI's Touch Branch at Durbarmarga, Kathmandu.

Today in this blog article we are featuring Paaila Technology and Pari. Hope you will find it helpful.


Paaila Technology is a fast paced company with core focus on Robotics and Industrial Automation. It comprises of self motivated, talented and hardworking people who are always learning and always pushing their limits to deliver quality products and services. In a short span of time, it has delivered products and services to some of the biggest names in the country - SBI Nepal Limited, nLocate, Gyani Traders and many more. 

Paaila Team is comprised of engineers who have a strong and long background in robotics. They have participated in International Robotics competitions, ABU Robocon, several times in a row and have won unprecedented awards and acknowledgement from the international robotics community. That being said, it should only sound natural that the team is passionate about robotics and should try to build world class robots of its own.

Paaila Technology is already popular with some of its products like Variable Frequency Drive & Automatic Dhara.


In simple words, Pari is a Robot which looks like human and is engineered by Paaila Technology for facilitating human via Text, Audio and Video. Pari is innovative, surround aware, human like robot which is totally built in Nepal.
Here are some interesting facts about Pari:
  • Designed, Melded, Fabricated, Polished and Painted in Nepal
  • Programmed and made all the softwares in Nepal
  • Developed in 45 days with involvement of 30 people.
  • Verbally Interactive
  • Humanoid Body Structure
  • Human Presence Detection
  • Assists people to operate machines

Story Behind Making Pari

It was Nepal SBI bank whose interest in robotics kindled hope for a good market in robotics in the country. With its support Paaila Team built PARI in a short time span of 45 days. Well, it's just the tip of the iceberg, or even less. Paaila Technology promises to blow everybody's mind in near future with amazing Robots

Future Plans

Paaila Technology is planning to build a robot capable of completely autonomous navigation, natural human conversation embedded with business specific expert system .

Career Opportunities at Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology is looking for engineers, managers and brilliant sales people with spark to make changes and add values to the organization. Paaila encourages individuals to send their resume even though the hiring is not announced in their official site.

To know more about Paaila Technology Click the Link below:

Paaila Technology Team 

We are so much excited to see Paaila Technology bloom in Nepali Industry with their Robotic and Automated inventions. Product or innovation like Pari has never happened in Nepal. We want to see even more surprising innovations in upcoming future. We wish all the best for their future projects. And also believe Paaila Technology will be an inspiration to youth of Nepal in doing something out of box.

"Every information about Paaila Technology and Pari mentioned above is copied as is from their official site. "

National Conference on ICT Integrated Pedagogy for Effective and Meaningful Learning Held in Nepal

National Conference on ICT Integrated Pedagogy for Effective and Meaningful Learning was held today at Lumbini Banquet, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Event was organized by UNESCO Resource Distribution and Training Centre (RTDC) and Kathmandu University School of Education (HUSoED) In Collaboration With Ministry of Education(MoE) Open and Distance Education Centre (ODEC) Tribhuvan University.

The Conference started with welcome remarks from rof. Dr. Mahesh Nath Parajuli, Dean KUSOED. Dr. Hari Lamsal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education(MoE) gave his Keynote Speech on ICT in Education: Policy, Implementation and Challenges. Like wise Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel, Associate Dean, KUSOED gave Keynote Speech on ICT Integrated Pedagogy: Principles and Practices. Mr. Sagun Dhungana, Technology Integration Coach, Google Certified Educator gave a presentation on Educational Apps in Pedagogical workflow.

The one day Conference continued with parallel sessions like Oral Presentations and workshops on various ICT related topics. Many researchers presented their case studies and proposals on ideas of improving ICT standards.

Eight valuable publications on ICT Policies and Standards were presented today on the National Conference o nICT Integrated Pedagogy for Effective and Meaningful Learning.

Additional Resources on the research papers:

Please email us and let us know if you are hosting any IT related event. We would love to cover your event in our blog.

Open Data Day 2017

Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analysis using open data. It is an effort to show support and encourage the adoption of open data policies by worlds local, regional and national government.

Open data is yearly event based on shared enthusiasm for open data since 2010. This year also with the same enthusiasm we are celebrating Open Data Day on March 4, 2017. Last year 262 cities celebrated open data day. During this event, participants are able to grab an opportunity to share their experiences with open data, open map, future projects, etc.

Why is it celebrated in Kathmandu, Nepal?
Kathmandu is one among many cities around the world taking part in international movement on open data to create awareness of what and how it can be greater use to government and to general public. With the communities like Open Nepal, Kathmandu Living Labs, Open Knowledge Foundation, FOSS Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia Nepal; open data has now established an important concept and these communities played a role in promoting transparency, accountability and citizen engagement in Nepal.

What will happen during Open Data Day in 2017 in Kathmandu?

Open Data Day is all about motivating data enthusiasts around the world. Following the same spirit Open Data Day 2017- Kathmandu will provide opportunities for people to explore and collaborate on open data for solving issues regarding public procurement and health in Nepal. They are organizing a various programs such as:
Thematic presentation and Panel Discussion
Lightning talk session
Hackathon showcase ( P. S. this event has began from 25th February, 2017)

Who can participate?

Open Data Day 2017 is for everyone. Anyone with an interest in open data , open map, transparency, accountability and civics can participate. Participation is free of cost BUT they must come with passion to learn, share and collaborate.

How to Get .NP Domain Name for Free

How to Get .NP Domain Name for Free

If you’re unaware about this then let me make you clear that you can easily get .np domain name either for personal use or for your business purposes. The domain registrations done under under .NP ccTLD (A country code top-level domain is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code. All ASCII ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs.) is free of cost and is done by Mercantile Communications.
You can apply for a domain like COM.NP, ORG.NP, EDU.NP, NET.NP, GOV.NP, NAME.NP, etc. These are only some of the domains, if you want the full list please visit register.com.np. And today in this post I’ll discuss how easily you can register a .NP domain name for yourself.
Disclaimer: .NP domains are available only for Nepalese citizens and businesses based in Nepal.
Without wasting time around, let’s move directly to the tutorial. I’ll try my best to explain whatever steps you’ll have to go through for .NP domain registration. For your comfort, I recommend watching the above video.


  • Open up your browser and go to register.com.np.
  • Now enter any domain name and check if it is available. Once you come across an available domain, and you’re satisfied, drag the box to the basket on the right.
  • Next thing you’ll have to do is register for the site. Choose a username, and enter your email ID and verify it. And finally click on the red ‘register’ button (it will become red when you’re done).
  • Check your email and activate your account. After activation, enter your username and password to login to the site.
  • In the new page, you’ll see that you’re domain has been added to just requested tab. Now click on ‘edit’ and you’ll be taken to next page where you’ll have to enter your details.
  • Enter your details: your name, address, phone & mobile number. After you’ve added these details, click on ‘NameServers’ from the sidebar on the left.
  • This is an important section.  Here you’ll be asked to upload your scanned photo of either your citizenship or passport or driving license. Once you select the scanned file, click on upload button. And your scanned photo will be uploaded on the site.
  • And below you’ll have to enter name serves for your domain. Okay, you might ask what are name server. For clear understanding, I recommend you to research about it.
That’s it! Now after one or two days your domain name will be registered.

Nepal Telecom 4G for iOS, iPhone. Apple finally allowed to use 4G.

4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom

The 4G service works well in Iphone 5, 5c and 5s so far. But, there was problem in iPhone 6 and above, because the update foe iPhone iOS was not provided now the wait is over.

Telecom operators all around the world must sign an agreement with Apple to enable their customers to use devices such as iPhone and iPad on their networks. NT apparently has not entered into such a deal. The agreement basically allows a telecom company to synchronise its network with Apple devices that run on iOS, paving the way for iPhone and iPad users to use 4G service on its network. NT has said it has already requested the American smartphone maker to enable the ‘location code’. Finally apple allowed NT for it's service.

Follow the following procedure to activate 4G in iOS in Nepal.

  1. Click here(this redirects you to apple's site) to go forward using 4G service in ios 6 and above.
  2. Follow the instructions and download the file taking backup of your phone.

      3. Go to General>Settings>Software Update and download beta version 

Now, you will be able to use 4G Network in your iOS 6 and above devices as well.

Finally, 4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom prepaid and post-paid users .To activate: Dial *444#NOTE:On activating 4G, one will get free data subscription of 4GB for 4 days. *1GB/day.

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