Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal, celebrated International Open Data Day in Kathmandu University Central Campus, Dhulikhel on 4th March, 2017. The event was organized by Kathmandu University Open Source Community(KUOSC) an autonomous wing of Kathmandu University Computer Club in order to mark, promote and encourage use of Open Data in Nepal. Open Data Day is celebrated every year throughout the world to bring together the people and organizations based on shared enthusiasm for open data.

During the talk program Volunteers from KUOSC shared their ideas and experience on Open Source Technology and use of Open Data. Pratit Raj Giri explained the motive of the program. He further talked about what is open data and the state of open data in Nepal. Rishi Raj Gautam  shared about how could we contribute for Open Data in Nepal. Sandeep Neupane shared his idea and experience from the survey he had done in Kavre district related to Open Data. He shared his experiences and findings on the program. Mahesh kafle new open source enthusiast of KUOSC, talked about how to get involved in open data. He shared his experience from the Recent Open Data Hackathon that was organized in the Kathmandu. Sanjog Sigdel also added few points on contributing to Open Source Community and Open Data. He also talked about his contribution on Open Street Mapping, Ubuntu Localization and Wikipedia at the end of the program.

Everyone who attended the program came to a conclusion to make a commitment to contribute for Open Data.They also did some brainstorming and came up with an idea of Hackathon within the University to promote Open Source Technologies. They came to a conclusion that this Hackathon could identify possibilities of doing a long term Open Source Project which could be continued by their juniors.

In different part of country, Open Source Enthusiasts and Open Hacktivists are celebrating OPEN DATA DAY. You can find the hash tag #OpenDataDay trending on  Social Networking Sites.

Here are some glimps of today's wonderful event: