Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager: Add Network Drive / Shared Folder in Windows Server 2012 R2

Share a folder outside the VM in computer's drive and add a network location inside i.e. from Virtual Machine enabling the Guest Addition. This enables access to your shared folder.

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Today, I did Windows Server 2012 setup on my Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager which was an easy task. But right after I completed the setup, I find out that  I was unable to access my computer files and folders from the virtual machine I set up.

So this blog is about my findings on accessing your machine's drive (file and folders) while you are  using an operating system installed inside your virtual machine. This is actually a simple task and it took me less than five minute to configure but at least half an hour to find the solution.

I'm using Oracle VM Virtual Box Version 5.1.8 r111374(QT5.5.1). While I tried to add a network drive for using local partition as a shared drive on my newly installed Windows Server 2012 in my VM following error was encountered:
Oracle VM requires the VirtualBox Guest Addition be enabled in order to add shared folder. The error message also also tells how to use virtual machine inside the virtual machine. Our task now is to install guest addition. To do so:
  • Go to Devices menu
  • Select Insert Guest Additions CD image
Install the Guest Addition for Virtual Box. after installation of Guest Addition, we are now able to add the guest drives to access from virtual machine. Now this is how we add shared drives:
  • Right Click your Virtual Machine
  • Click Settings
  • Click Shared Folders

  • Add a Machine folder
  • Not that in order to access any folder from you virtual machine you first need to change the folder properties and share it. Only the shared folders are accessible.

After you've shared a folder outside the VM in your computer's drive and added a network location from the inside  i.e. from your Virtual Machine enabling the Guest Addition. you can now easily access the shared folder.

This was a simple yet useful tips that I've shared in this blog. On my Next blog I will share how to download files from your web browser (Internet Explorer which is the default browser available) in a Windows Server.