How to Visit Your WordPress Login Page

WordPress beginners might find it difficult to find and visit their WordPress login page. WordPress login page is the admin section of WordPress site which lets authentic users to login into their site’s dashboard, so they can manage their WordPress site from the back-end. Once you’re logged in to your WordPress dashboard you can publish posts & pages, change appearance, add or delete themes & plugins, add or remove users, and manipulate various site elements.
Once you’re familiar with WordPress, everything becomes quite easy. You can have a better site running under 5-10 minutes. But to edit your WordPress site app per your needs, you’ll first need to login to admin dashboard vi WordPress login page.


You can simply access the login page of your WordPress site by entering /login/ or /admin/ slug after your WordPress site’s URL.
These URL automatically redirect to the main login page of your WordPress site. If they do not properly redirect, you can make use of following URLs.
The above example URLs are for the WordPress site running on the root domain. If you’re running your WordPress site on a subdomain, then you can access your site’s login page by adding /login/ or /admin/ slug to the subdomain URL. But if that does not redirect properly to the login page, use following URL structure.
Once you’re familiar with these URL, you can easily access WordPress login page of your site or blog.

Windows 10 : How to Disable Login Screen Background Image

Windows 10 included Hero wallpaper that comes as a default wallpaper in final build of Windows 10. It also popped in the same image for the login background.
It might have pleased a few people but most of the people out there don’t seem to have liked it.


  • Go to Start > type regedit
  • On the folder tree (left side of regedit window), open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > System
  • By clicking System, you can see (Default) file on the right pane of the window.
  • Right-click on the empty area > New > DWORD (32 bit) Value
  • Name the file DisableLogonBackgroundImage (Remember: Name the file exactly mentioned here)
  • Double-click the file:
    • To remove the Windows Hero background, set the Value data to 1.
    • To restore the Windows Hero background, set the Value data to 0.
This method sets the accent color to the background image in login screen. In the internet, you may find 3rd party software that commits to set user defined image but after the KB3081424 Windows Update, it seems to cause screen flickering issue between Lock Screen and Login Screen.


Today's blog is about a simple issue you sometimes encounter after you rename your machine's hostname. 
[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hostnameUnable to resolve hostname xenialPlease enter your password:
This issue occurred to me just recently when I renamed my machine name from whoareyou to xenail.
Everytime I encountered this "Unable to resolve hostname xenial" issue

Earlier while I checked my hostname with command sudo cat /etc/hostname the result was xenial.
[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hostnamexenial

But the hostname was not listed inside /etc/hosts. I checked with command sudo cat /etc/hosts

[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/hosts localhost whoareyou
The exact reason for why the host xenail wasn't listed in hosts is yet unknown. But in order to resolve the issue I did this simple tweak.
I renamed the hostname xenial from /etc/hostname to whoareyou.  and restarted the machine. Then after the issue was no more encountered. As simple as it is.

Earn Money Online With These Legitimate Ways

Internet is not always about chatting, watching and listening! It’s a lot more than that. One can easily make a living out of it. And that’s true. You can just head to Google and search for this thing. You’ll come across a lot of true stories about people who’re actually generating revenues online.

You don’t need to be a kind of internet geek to earn money online. This is year 2015 and there are some easy and legitimate ways which can help you to earn money online straight away. You don’t need to think out of the box, you can easily earn with the things you’re already doing.
So here are top 8 easy, safe and legitimate ways to earn money online.

Yeah, I’m placing this in the top position.  Blogging is the best way to generate revenue online. Just start a new blog today, publish some really good and useful articles, and apply for advertising partners like Google Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks, etc. Once your blog gets accepted in their program, your blog is going to generate quite a good amount.

If you hate writing but have a really good way of presenting things, then you might straight away create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos. Videos can be anything related to: fun & entertainment, educational, how-to guides, tutorials, etc. Post videos about those things which you like and think that it might be helpful for others.
What next? After publishing about 5-10 informative and quality videos, monetize your videos. The more views your video gets, the more you’re likely to earn.

HubPages is also more or less like blogging. If you think getting a domain name and a webhost for your blog will be a difficult task, then I recommend you to join HubPages and start creating your first Hub right away.
Visit HubPages

You can earn money just by reviewing websites and apps. You get $10 for completed website test and $15 for mobile test.
How it works? You’ll have to download a screen recorder which records everything that’s happening on your screen. The mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes; everything will be recorded. And after you’re done with testing the website or mobile app, you’ll receive your amount in your PayPal account.
Visit usertesting

Getting commissions form Amazon is another best way to earn online. When a visitor clicks a link in your site and lands on Amazon’s site to buy the product, you’ll then receive commission from that particular sell.
For example, Just imaging if a visitor buys a cell phone or laptops; price ranging from $300-$700; you’re going to receive a good amount.

If you think you’re good at something like: Graphics & Design, Online Marketing, Writing, Videos, Music, Programming & Tech, then you might consider joining Fiverr where you can earn $5 or more per task.
Visit Fiverr

More effective if you’re a graphic designer or a professional photographer. You can easily make best use of ShutterStock to sell your digital images.
Visit: ShutterStock

If you’re a musician or artist, and have good understanding of creating music or videos then you may sell them in iTunes store. There are millions of users who visit iTunes store everyday, there’s a chance they’ll like your stuffs. You can actually make a healthy leaving out of it.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager: Add Network Drive / Shared Folder in Windows Server 2012 R2

Share a folder outside the VM in computer's drive and add a network location inside i.e. from Virtual Machine enabling the Guest Addition. This enables access to your shared folder.

In computing, this situation of inadequate softwares/tools/operating systems occurs quite often if you are a tech junkie who loves experimenting numerous tools or operating systems on your single machine. Harddisk partitioning for dual boot operating system is one popular solution to accommodate two

Today, I did Windows Server 2012 setup on my Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager which was an easy task. But right after I completed the setup, I find out that  I was unable to access my computer files and folders from the virtual machine I set up.

So this blog is about my findings on accessing your machine's drive (file and folders) while you are  using an operating system installed inside your virtual machine. This is actually a simple task and it took me less than five minute to configure but at least half an hour to find the solution.

I'm using Oracle VM Virtual Box Version 5.1.8 r111374(QT5.5.1). While I tried to add a network drive for using local partition as a shared drive on my newly installed Windows Server 2012 in my VM following error was encountered:
Oracle VM requires the VirtualBox Guest Addition be enabled in order to add shared folder. The error message also also tells how to use virtual machine inside the virtual machine. Our task now is to install guest addition. To do so:
  • Go to Devices menu
  • Select Insert Guest Additions CD image
Install the Guest Addition for Virtual Box. after installation of Guest Addition, we are now able to add the guest drives to access from virtual machine. Now this is how we add shared drives:
  • Right Click your Virtual Machine
  • Click Settings
  • Click Shared Folders

  • Add a Machine folder
  • Not that in order to access any folder from you virtual machine you first need to change the folder properties and share it. Only the shared folders are accessible.

After you've shared a folder outside the VM in your computer's drive and added a network location from the inside  i.e. from your Virtual Machine enabling the Guest Addition. you can now easily access the shared folder.

This was a simple yet useful tips that I've shared in this blog. On my Next blog I will share how to download files from your web browser (Internet Explorer which is the default browser available) in a Windows Server. 

Some Smart Google Tricks: You May Not Know

Let’s suppose your email address is [email protected], every email sent to any of the following email addresses will be forwarded to your primary email [email protected]:

Mail sent as 

Mail received by [email protected]

2. Let’s suppose your email address is the same, [email protected], every email sent to [email protected] will be forwarded to your primary email [email protected].

3. Let’s suppose your email address is [email protected], every email sent to any of the following email addresses will be forwarded to your primary email, [email protected]:

Mail sent as

Mail received by [email protected]

4. Once again, let’s suppose your email is the same, [email protected], every email sent to [email protected] (for instance) would be forwarded to the primary email, [email protected].

This would make easier to categorize your email. In this scenario, you can shortlist the emails with tag “techjhola”.

Mail sent as [email protected]

Mail received by [email protected]

Mail searched with keyword googletips
We will explore some more smart features of your gmail next time. Stay tuned!!
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Google offers its service under two different domains and

Just today, I came to know that Google offers its service under two different domains and And I thought of doing little digging on what actually is this?  As is most common among us and most users, for people from some countries was the only option to use Google's email service.

When we sign up for Gmail account we get the email address in the format [email protected] which we see most often around the web. Users in Germany and United Kingdom have got [email protected] by default unless they registered an account before June 2005 and October 2005 as they were allowed to keep the address in this case.
Later on,
Users from the United Kingdom have seen change as Google announced to phase out address. New registrations from the UK also got a email address while old users have the choice to convert their address to Only users from Germany were left with email address.
Google managed to obtain the rights to use Gmail in Germany in 2012. June 2012 onward, all new users from Germany also get's email address.

Is Google Mail and Gmail same thing?

Yes, it's same thing but you can only have one Google email address, but e-mail's sent to any of the address ( or will be delivered to you. You can also set up a custom from which address you want to send mail.

Are Gmail and Googlemail interchangable?

Yes, the two Google mail domains are interchangeable. Mails sent to [email protected] will reach [email protected] users and vice verse.

How to make to or vice versa?

Firstly you nee to have a Google account it may be [email protected] or [email protected] When you login to your Google account then follow the following steps.
  • On the left most corner of the screen click on setting menu (gear icon)
  • Under setting choose Account and Import section and in that section there is an option Send mail as [email protected] or

  • Click on add another email and when the new window appears enter the new domain you wish to [email protected] or [email protected] and click Next Step button. 
  • Finally, Set which email address you want to set as your default email address.

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How to Free up Google Photos Storage From Google Drive

Over a period of time your phone definitely takes tons of photos and if you’re using Google Photos to backup your photos then I’m sure the storage might have been used to some GBs. Google Drive allows you to store max 15 GB of data (Drive, Gmail & Google Photos). For high-quality photos, Google gives you unlimited storage. But if the images are stored in original size, the upload quota is limited.

So if your photos have been accumulated in your drive account in original size and the storage is about to bid you byebye, well here’s a way-out to free up Google Photos storage from Google Drive.

You can download all of your Google Photos to your local machine using Google Takeout.

Visit Google Takeout page and select the app Google Photos and click the “next” button to grab all the photos from your Google Account.

After you’ve downloaded all your photos (make sure you have all of them), delete the online copy of photos from Google Photos app.

Now within Google Photos app, visit settings > backup and select the quality of photos to “high quality”. Selecting high quality gives you unlimited storage quota for backing up your photos in Google Photos.

Blogger Tips:How To Add Dynamic Pages in Blogger?

Today in this blog we will be showing you following Customization on Blogger which helps in presenting and organizing your individual blogs in separate pages with the help of Labels.These tips are some of the basics HTML implementations which most of the bloggers implement during their blogger setup. I hope this basic tips will help you somehow.
  • Adding Labels in your Menubar
  • Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info 

One disadvantage of hosting your blog in blogger is that, you cannot submit your post in separate pages. You can add as many page as you want too. These pages are labeled as and are static. If you want to customize them, it will take a great effort and technical expertise. But instead of adding pages which are static, you can use Labels.
Labels are words that identifies as article falls under which category. So with the use of Labels you can have bunch of articles under a category. Then you can add your categories in the Menubar. Adding categories in the menubar acts like new pages in your blog.Below are the steps which will illustrate how to add search labels in menubar:

Adding Labels in your Menubar

  1. Load your Website in a web browser
  2. Inspect the Element of your menubar
    (Right Click + Inspect Element)
  3. You can see that menubar is wrapped inside the division with id menu-wrapper in the HTML. 
  4. Now go to your Blogger Dashboard
  5.  Click Template  and click Edit HTML
  6. Click inside the code and find the element menu-wrapper
    (CTRL + f)
  7. Below the menu-wrapper you can find the lists of items like Menu or Home listed. Below these sections add your lebel like shown below:
  8. This way you can add search label to your blog in the menubar.
Now that you have added the menubar, blogger still has one drawback that is it displays a message saying "Showing All posts with Lebellabelname. Show All Posts". A screenshot of the blog is shown beblow which displays same message for its labels:

Removing the Status Message from your code which displays the Label Info

We can remove this message as well by removing modification of your template. Find for the class "status-msg-wrap" in your template like you located menu-wrapper earlier. Now remove the class status-msg-wrap from the code.

That's all you need to take care about. You need not change the css propertied defined for that class because the css is inactive after it does not find any id or class.

How to Disable App Notifications in Android

Ever been irritated by an application that keeps on pushing you notifications now and then? If its a ‘yes’, then there is an easy way-out to stop receiving the unwanted notifications from any specific app.

In-fact its good to disable notifications if you really don’t really care about them from that particular app, because notifications are also one of the well-known battery parasites.

I love Subway Surfer; its one of the best mobile game I’ve ever come across. But I hate it then when it sends me notifications like in every 24 hours. Well, that why I turn off the notification from Subway Surfer app.

Here’s what I do to stop any specific app to send me notifications. 
  • Go to settings
  • Open apps 
  • Select that specific app from which you no longer want to receive notification. 
  • Uncheck the show notification option 
In this way, you can go after each application from which you don’t want to receive any sort of notification.
Method 2: There is also another quick way to block notifications from specific apps.
Just hold down the notification, until the notification background changes to dark color and two icons show up to the right. First on is bell icon and the second is info icon. Tap on the i info icon to visit the app notifications settings page for that specific app.
Now turn on the option Block. 
That’s it! You’ll never get any notification from that app ever again.

How to Embed Any Twitter Keyword in Blogger

Until today, I used to wonder how could I implement the Twitter Keywords specially Hashtags in my blog. In absence of better Programming Skills, I was assuming that it required expertise in integrating the twitter API in my blog. Also I had a lame assumption that I use blogger for hosting my blog, so definitely there were no such plugins like that in Wordpress from where I could integrate the Twitter Keywords. But then after today I saw this option Emed below the twitter trend in  IT MEET 2017. Then I came to realize it was just a few clicks and I would easily get the widget installed in my blog.
So here are the steps to follow in order to Embed any  keyword in your blog/site.

  • Lgoin to Twitter
  • Click on your Profile and Goto Settings
  • Click the widget settings
  • Click create new and Select "Search". This widget lets you add a keyword.
  • In the search Query type your keyword:

  • Click "Save Changes". Then you can see the Preview of your tweets with the mentioned keywords.
  • Below the preview you can see a section with the some codes which you should embed in your website. COPY the code and paste it in the HTML of your site.
So you've got the code, but you might be wandering about where and how to display it in your website. So here is what you should do:
  • Go to your blogger dashboard and click the "Layout"
  • In your blogger template Select a Position where you want this widget to be displayed.
  • Click "Add A Widget" on that particular section.
  • Select "HTML/JavaScript" from the list of gadgets provided by blogger.
  • Paste you code in this widget.
  • Save the widget.
  • Save the Layout Arrangements and you are done.

Now Loop YouTube Videos Without any Extra Software

Many of us were always expecting for this feature and it is finally here. The Video Loop Feature in Youtube. Previously we have been searching for any possible browser plugins and tools for looping a video.
But now Youtube provides this feature and you no more need to install any extra software for it. Just play any video you want to and then do RIGHT CLICK on the video and it is there . You can see the fourth option as Loop. Simply click the checkbox and the video plays again and again. Now this feature will let us use YouTube as our media player.

How to Install Java8 in Ubuntu With PPA

Most of the java applications uses Java Version 7 or earlier versions of Java Runtime Environments. While Java has now released its stable Version 1.8.0_66-b17, which is now widely adopted. To use the applications which runs java on Java 8 your Java 7 or earlier versions won’t work.
For Linux Users its difficult to install Java 8. It direct from Repository. Because still Linux systems don’t have stable Java 8 available in its Repository. Cannonical don’t yet has Java8 uploaded in it’s repository so that we can download it easily.

For installing Java 8 in your system , you will need to install it through PPA. A Personal Package Archive (PPA) is a special software repository for uploading sourcesource packages to be built and published as an APT repository by Launchpad.

To install it in Ubuntu, follow the guidelines mentioned below:
  • First check the Java Version of your system. Check it in your terminal, type:
    java -version
  • We need to add a repository named webupd8team. To download the java8 through PPA ,in terminal type:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8tea/java -y 
  • After the download is completed update the software center, in terminal type:
    sudo apt-get update 
  • Now Java 8 is installed in your Linux system. Now we need an installer to install your downloaded file, in terminal type:
    sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer 
  • Then in order to automatically setup the Java 8 environment variables again , in your terminal type : sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-set-default
Being a personal package archive Java8 may not always be available in the repository of webupd8team. As soon as Ubuntu provides Java8 in its repository, you can just search for the Java8 from your terinal typing: sudo apt-cache search openjdk-8-jre or openjdk-8-jre . Till now we will only find openjdk 6 and 7 with our search.
How to Mute a User on Twitter

How to Mute a User on Twitter

So you have been following someone on Twitter for a while now. But you don’t want to see their tweets anymore. Blocking them is too aggressive, you don’t really want to unfollow them.
A good way to stop seeing them on your timeline without them finding about it is to mute them. Here’s how you can do that.


  • Click on … icon at the bottom of a tweet by the user you want to mute
  • Click  Mute
Alternatively, you can go to the profile page of the user you want to mute, click the gear icon and select Mute.
When you’ve muted a user you will see a confirmation banner. If you want to unmute them you can click on Undo and do so instantly.


  • Tap a tweet by the user you want to mute
  • Tap the overflow button (three vertical dots) at the top-right corner
  • Select Mute
Or you can go to the profile of the user you want to mute, tap the overflow button and select Mute


  • Tap a tweet by the user you want to mute
  • Tap ••• icon
  • Tap Mute and confirm
To mute them from their profile, tap on the gear icon > Mute and confirm.
Once you’ve muted a user, their Tweets and Retweets will not show on your timeline anymore. Muting will not cause you to unfollow them. They will not know that you have muted them. The muted user can still send you Direct Messages and mentions by them will show on your Notifications tab. You will not receive push or SMS notifications from muted account.
8 Quick Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Android Phone

8 Quick Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Android Phone

A phone is termed “smart” when it can perform lots of stuffs like browsing internet, playing music, streaming videos, etc. That’s why a smartphone is not just a phone. Doing all these sorts of stuffs it is obvious to see its decremented  battery life.
If your phone vendor has promised you 6-7 hours of run-time, you might not even get near to that number because the battery might be draining inside due to some settings or your preferences which might not be necessary for you every time.


So here are some quick tips which can come handy to help you at-least make your smartphone live for some more hours.
  • Turn off GPS (Settings > Location), switch the menu to off.
  • Turn off Bluetooth (Settings> Bluetooth), switch the menu to off.
  • Turn on Power Saving mode (Settings > Battery). Tap the battery mode option and select Power saving.
  • Turn off WiFi. When you’re not browsing the internet then its wise to turn off the WiFi.
  • Turning off Mobile data.
  • Visit Settings > Battery, and check which app is eating your battery charge the most. If you don’t really need that app, force stop it.
  • Turn off Keyboard Vibrations (Settings > Language & input > Android Keyboard Settings > Preferences), switch off Vibrate on keypress. You might as well turn off Sound on keypress.


This is one of the main reason behind less battery life. Apps run behind the scene and decrease battery charge.
  • Open up Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Accounts
  • From the options, uncheck the box Auto-sync data
You can also manually select those apps which you do not want to sync.
How to Remotely Disable Active Gmail Sessions

How to Remotely Disable Active Gmail Sessions

Security Advice: Never trust the guy 
next to your side, he may be peeking your passwords. Prior to that never use your friends gadgets to check your vital information. Go INCOGNITO even in your own device becaus somebody is always watching you!!!

Tips today we are writing about is not a new one, but when it comes to the security aspects of cyber world, nothing is old or less important. Whenever we use somebody’s laptop, tablets or smart phones our advice to you is go incognito, always use private browsing.
  • Login to your gmail account
  • Scroll down to the bottom, in the bottom right corner, you will see details, Click it.
  • Now a new screen appears , there you can see the details of the active sessions.
  • Your current session is marked with an * sign.
  • Then to disable other active sessions(if any) there appears a bottom to signout remotely.
That's it! Just few clicks and you are free from vulnerability.