Quora Q&A: Does Anyone Actually Use Desktop Linux?

Quora Q&A: Does Anyone Actually Use Desktop Linux?

After a long time I logged in to Quora and while I was going through the Q&As which were displayed on my Screen I saw this question Does Anyone Actually Use Desktop Linux? Being an Open Source Enthusiast and also a Technical Volunteer for Help Nepal Network's E-Library Project, I believed this question needs a solid answer. Well while I saw the question it already had 100+ answers, But I still took chance to answer my experience about Desktop Linux.
And here is my answer:
Why Not?

Edubuntu installed on KU Lab for Training E-LIBRARY Volunteers
Here at Kathmandu University, Nepal our computer lab's hundreds of Desktop user FEDORA and Ubuntu. I can happily say that everyone here at University is familiar about OpenSource Technologies
We volunteers from Kathmandu University Open Source Community have established E-Library using Edubuntu(A UBUNTU Distribution for Educational Purpose).
The library is set up using LTSP Package. In a school there are one one server and 10clients. The E-Library is used by students from Class one to 8. Which is on average 200students from one school use those computers daily. And till the date, there are almost 30+E-Libraries in Nepal. Project is a joint collaboration of HELP NEPAL NETWORK and DoCSE, KU with the Moto ONE E-LIBRARY PER DISTRICT

Also read the Update here

Learn new Things Every Single Day With These 5 Useful WebSites

I was amused while System Administrator of organization where I work told me what kind of website is this Quora. Seriously? The very next day, IT guys blocked Medium via their Firewall. Facebook and Youtube is everything for most of the Online users.
Few years back Checking Facebook as soon as you wake up was mine routine too. But then one day Nj was browsing Medium at KU Library. He also told me few things about what it was. I tried it myself and was certainly lost within its contents. Likewise there are some awesome informative websites which will keep us updated about every trending news and technologies. Let me list them and write a short preview about what it is and how will it be helpful for for learners.
  1. Quora

    Quora founded in 2009, is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. It's been like 8 years people started posting questions and answers and today it has millions of questions and answers. The answers are categorized and you can follow QnAs of your choice. You can learn about every niche subjects from food, life, love, tech, intelligence, country, geography, spirituality, almost everything.
  2. Medium

    Medium owned by 'A Medium Corporation' is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. Medium is also similar to that of Quora. But what separates it from quora and any other site is it's feature of creating publication. You can create your own journal like publications where you can post a series of articles.
    My understanding about Medium: You will get any overview about any topic at Quora and the indepth lesson about that topic on Quora. People provide minute details and descriptive answers here at Medium.
  3. Reddit

    Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website developed on 2005. Reddit is a website inspired from 4Chan where we can rate the web content and have thread of discussions within discussion. Here at reddit you can create your own sub reddit and post articles which are web links.
    Being a huge Reddit follower, I came to know about is: If there is going to be a huge tech launch, you know it first at Reddit, if any video is trending in Youtube, you will get more views about the type of video here are reddit. If a new series is launched and its awesome, redditers will spread this words in reddit and it gets a boom of subscribers over night.
  4. HackerNews

    Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham's investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator. Hacker news, the name itself is famous for what we could expect from this website. But like the name it's not only about the Cyber Security hacks and all. You will not only get the hacks but also preventive measures to overcome them. For me if any software or website got hack, I would believe only if the news source is news.ycombinator.com. The website is so simple just the news pops up. But trust me poplpe continuously  keep an eye on what's next that got hacked today. :)
  5. Mashable

    Mashable Inc., often referred to as simply Mashable, is a digital media website founded by Pete Cashmore. Pete started mashable as a blog back in 2005 just to mark his online presence, while he didn't have any idea it could shower money in his near future. But later he started growing the contents of various categories. And today we can get awesome tech features, gadgets, lifestyle tips, movie gossips, trending news and leaks, like almost everything meshed up. So the name itself is mashable.
These are top 5 websites which prefer calling them as my newsportal, education central, tech tutors, advisor,etc. These sites are worth subscribing and marking a bookmarks in your browser as well download app on your smart phones.



Sanjog SigdelSomewhere between Skepticism and Optimism

I don’t have enough experience in Artificial Intelligence to provide you sufficient and promising answer buy as per my understanding:
  • An Artificially Intelligent Machine has achieved some level of accuracy in Image Processing, machine learning is already 97% accurate in comparison to Human, sound recognizition is also on its hipe, Deep Learning has increased the performance of many tech giants, Internet of Things today is all about being of service with some intelligence.

    Artificially Intelligent Machine can watch a music video process each image frame and at the same time can recognize the voice and the stanzas. But it fails to perceive the sensation of the music and also lacks the knowledge about what message is the song trying to give.

    Computer Science still needs much work in combining the existing achievement and make them a composite intelligence first before moving further.
  • Defining AI: May be there is still not a concrete vision about AI and what sort of Intelligence are we expecting from a machine. Everyone seems to be applying intelligence in their machine. But I would love to call most of such machine are just solving problems by fetching the solutions(patters) stored in their memory by their programmer).
  • We also fail to feed the knowledge about cognitive science in a machine.
  • Human Brain is a mystery box to lean into and dig deep for understanding how it performs the computation in fraction of second. And having understood in detail about human brain scientists replicate neural networks. It works very efficiently than anything better, but still solving the mystery of human brain could lead the breakthrough in AI
  • The architectural design of the microprocessor limits the computation speed when it comes to the billions of information processing to answer a basic query.
    (Read this point here somewhere in Quora)
Will advances in Artificial Intelligence lead to technological unemployment?

Will advances in Artificial Intelligence lead to technological unemployment?

Some weekends are well spent exploring new ideas and news about something you love. This weekend I again read some of my bookmarked answers on +Quora all of them were about Artificial Intelligence, Artificial general intelligence , Cognitive thinking, human psychology etc. Link provided below is my answer on quora about "If Artificially Intelligent technologies will lead to technological Unemployment". Also there are some more interesting answers by rest of the enthusiasts. Do provide your feedback.
Read Sanjog Sigdel's answer to "Will advances in Artificial Intelligence lead to technological unemployment?" on Quora

  1. Sharing the link about my own answer might seem unlikely. But I wanna mention that this sharing is done just in Curiosity to add new node to my Network of like minded people who like to share their comments about Artificial Intelligence. 
  2. If sharing the links violates any legal terms of Quora, I will immediately delete this article.