A Day's power in half an hour: One plus 3T

Like it's said 'Life is a race.If you don' run fast you'll get trampled'. And here we are talking about the most important part of a human life 'A cell phone'. We all have studied that cell is the basic unit of our life,so is our cell phones😼.
Like we are dependent on our cell phones, our cell phones are dependent on their batteries. What if we run fast in our life but our phone doesn't? What if we have to make an important call and your phone shows a low battery? What if you want to capture the best moment of your life and damn battery is low again? I mean who wants that? We expect our phone to work at least for a day without charging. We all are living in a busy life and we have no separate time to let our phone charge for hours. Big Problem, right??

And here keeping these all things in mind One plus have created a sibling phone named as OnePlus 3T. As the name suggests, this device is essentially a souped up or 'Turbo' version of Oneplus that builds on everything we loved about the first while giving it a slightly more competitive edge against the competition.
Oneplus 3T comes with Dash charge. Dash charge is faster, safer, cooler and simply better than any other charging technology available today. Unlike other technologies, charging remain consistent even while gaming, live-streaming or demanding activities. The 3400mAh battery features a 13% increase in capacity over the Oneplus 3 which gives the solution to all the battery problem we face in our busy life. It take just half an hour to charge which will last all day long.

Not only the charger and battery life OnePlus 3T has Qualcomn Snapdragon 821(2.5GHz) which runs the most demanding apps and games with enhanced performance. 6 GB of RAM can juggle countless task without slowing down and internal storage of up to 128GB means running out of space is a thing of the past. And the camera of this phone offers 16 MP front and rear camera which gives you the crisp and sharp shots because of the cutting-edge noise reduction and improved stabilization technologies. Lightening fast shutter speed, snappy auto focus and intelligent software combine to create unmatched smartphone camera experience.

As far as the design is concerned, the OnePlus 3T looks exactly like its older sibling, and features the same full metal uni body construction, with a slightly curved back and rounded sides and corners. Despite being made entirely of metal, the phone is surprisingly light, and because the back tapers along the edges, it feels thinner as well, making for a device that is very comfortable to hold.

With a 5.5 inch with AMOLED display with 1080p resolution we get rich and vibrant colors with lot of contrast, and the optical dark mode that is built-in to Oxygen OS taking fantastic advantage of deep inky blacks. If you are not fan of vibrancy though, it is also easy to switch to sRGB color mode display setting that provides a more natural and less saturated look.

" PLAY MORE, DO MORE,STORE MORE" this awesome featured gadget costs $439 in today's date. So, if your looking for a phone with dash charge, camera that allows you to click in every angle with 1080p resolution then do invest it on OnePlus 3T.


We Chat: All in one super app

China, the fast-growing economy and most populated country of the world. If you wanna know about how the internet will be in the future, China has become a guide to the world. For every others internet is internet, but for China internet is intranet. They have strong firewall to filter the foreign sites. So there is no Facebook, no YouTube, no google. Instead they have fulfilled the internet vacuum with Chinese big monster apps which have introduced the huge companies. So, for Google there’s Baidu, for YouTube there’s Youku, for twitter there’s Sina Weibo and the list goes on and on. Before, outside world hadn’t cared much about Chinese Internet but now all of the sudden they have developed some of the amazing features that the western apps are trying to copy them. The greatest example of this is WE CHAT that does every single function of number of western apps. 
We Chat is actually a super app, performs number of works. It’s like Facebook, Skype and Uber, its more like amazon, Instagram, Venom and tinder. You can find every service you wish to to have in We Chat. You can book movie tickets from We Chat. You can book the flight tickets and moreover you can get the flight status notification from We Chat. You can book the taxi through We Chat and pay the bill through same app. It has the heat map that shows how crowed a place is, or popular tourists site, or your favourite shopping mall and a list of services goes on and on.
Furthermore, this super app provides text messaging, voice messaging, one to many broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing photographs and videos, location sharing and many more. Another amazing feature is that, it can share the contacts with people nearby via Bluetooth and provides various contacting features to contact the desired person, who is connected to the app. The list of services goes on basically forever. 

The app is available on Android, iPhone, BhackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian phone. It is not that the list of features make the app so powerful, the reason is that it is all in one app. So how can you prove that We Chat is all in one app?

Hypothetically let us take an example, you are sitting at your home and you find your dog dirty. You open We Chat and click some buttons, and a man with Shampoo and big vacuum arrives since you have clicked the washing service from the app. In an hour, your dog gets cleaned. You take the photograph of your dog and post that in We Chat. Your friend being bored in the office opens We Chat, sees your photograph and order the same service. Her dog too gets cleaned and she pays the bill through We Chat like you had paid earlier to the man. You both chat through We Chat. She thanks you and you tell her about the new restaurant to go for lunch. You order the food in the restaurant through the app and pay for the food from your home instantly. Your friend takes a taxi, pays for the taxi through We Chat. You both haven’t left the app, neither the man with big vacuum who cleaned your dog have left the app. The man with big vacuum on the way to his home invest the money, he has got today into a project. You both arrive the restaurant, your friend upload the photo of the dish on We Chat and she transfers the money to you that you paid for the dish. Still Neither of you, nor the man with big vacuum, nor the restaurant have left the app.

At the restaurant, there is no money, there are no menus, there are no waiters and there is only We Chat. In China 700 Million people use this app for the variety of services.
Users who have provided bank account information may use the app to pay bills, order things and services, transfer money to other users of We Chat, and pay the bill in stores that have We Chat payment option.

*This article is written with reference to the video How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times


[VLOG] EXPLORE GADGETS: Peri Duo The iPhone case

Explore Gadget is a trending YouTube channel which provides informational videos, unique gadgets ,tech accessories, android applications & games, iOS applications & games, tutorials, how-to and many more. On top of that this is the only tech channel in Nepal with such a huge number of subscribers and 80M+ views and growing. After watching wonderful video by Explore Gadget I came up with this review of this iPhone case

Peri Duo: The iPhone case

What do we use to make our phones look trendy and protect them?? Buy new covers? Sparkling glitters, Cartoon characters, Graffiti etc. I mean we get tons of accessories to make our phone look fabulous, trendy and beautiful. But what benefit do we get from these covers?? Definitely it will emphasize the looks and also protect our phones when it crashes. BUT what if we get more features? In one cover!!!!

Yeah you heard it guys…one cover and lots of facilities. We are here talking about ‘PERI duo’, world’s first iPhone case with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers and a 2900 mAh battery life for iPhone 6/6s. We all must agree that iPhone users always get benefited by new trendy techs.
This smartphone case turns your phone into a retro looking boom box. The back of the case is dominated by a pair of round covered speakers and also there are four control buttons with led indicator. This cover is named duo after its two primary features: the speaker system and the extra battery. The 2900 mAh battery gives you more than enough charge to play your tunes and at least check your phone for few hours, with music at a reasonable volume you can expect up to 10 hours of playback through the direct line and 15 hours using Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility because of which you can operate it without physically accessing your iPhone to the case. It also comes with DSP /equalizer function that u can pay around it, there is another button quick play back for your favorite music and also an integrated microphone.

Talking about the sound behind the speaker are 140 mm near the driver and a radiator for that extra base punch. The amplification power is 4Watt .Beside all these perks the combine speaker and battery add a bulk to the phone. But with these feature we can adjust a little right? As per the price it costs about $150. It’s not cheap but with all the features we are getting in one cover I guess it is worth buying.
So, if you don’t have space for Bluetooth speaker and a battery problem with your iPhone here is an excellent offer.

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NOTE: Products specifications may not be similar to the product because this is written per the specifications provided on the online market.

TurboDL: Boon app for IOS

YouTube Downloading policy so many IOS user download video of youtube by saving it in offline mode present in Youtube only. This is so hectic because offline saved videos get expired and you, right when need to listen song it pops out saying Time expired. So, To solve this TurboDL is present in app store. TurboDL, having size of 28.1 MB is a best app one can have in their phone in FREE of cost. Having fastet way of Downloading makes your feel good on using this app. TurboDL supports YouTube and others many platform.Depict in Name only this app downloads videos and audios in turbo i.e fastest way than any others apps out there.

It has beautiful built in document viewer and Zip extractor.Being integrated with friendly and simple user interface makes it easy to use.It also give its user to transfer files with Wifi browser to their Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch having IOS 7.0 or later and easy view anywhere.This app supports English,Arabic,Thai,Spanish,Chinese,Catalan and more the 25 languages, gives you the best way to interact with app interface.

Following format of Documents are accepted by It:
Pdf, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Ppt, Pptx, Jpg, Png, Zip.

Apart from just downloading videos this stands high then any others apps out there as it has features like:
DropBox and OneDrive Support
Wifi File transfer 
View and download email attached
Send files vie email
Extreme built-In player 
Import From CameraROLL and many more.

Having such Total solution it is not just downloader it is Total File Manager which stands best in its class.So IOS user forget the offline saving mode of Youtube and hit the TurboDL app.

Maladeep Upadhya


Source: en.yibada.com

Nokia has crossed over 1 million registrations in China on JD.com where the smartphone is exclusively available. The number of registration is currently listed at 1,11,5351. The first ever android of Nokia and HMD company has massively hit the market in China and may be the trend goes on with the other countries too.

The Nokia 6 smartphone sports a 5.5 HD display with 2.5 Gorilla Glass protection, runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which is expandable to 128GB via microSD. In terms of pricing it costs Yuan 1,699(approx Rs. 16,800)in China.

And for the camera lovers on the front, the Nokia 6 packs a 16MP PDAF rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, coupled with 8MP front camera.The Nokia 6 also has a 3000 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button and supports Wi-Fi, USB-OTG, GPS and Bluetooth v4.1. The phone also has dual amplifier speakers with Dolby Atmos technology. The Nokia 6 smartphone runs Android Nougat 7.0 OS which is the latest android version.

As expected, the Nokia 6 went out of stock within a minute. No announcement for its next sale is made yet. For the Nokia and android lovers Nokia 6 can be your choice.

Source:YIBADA: Latest World News


Sometime it feels like detachment with  Youtube, Google, Facebok, Instagram, Twitter is not less than living in the stone age. These are directly attached with our daily activities, our ups and downs. People share a picture if they are happy, tweet or post if anything good or bad has happened. Search for a solution on google whenever they get stuck in their work & listen to the music, watch youtube videos, share their vines, memes etc. Now we have more than a hundred social networking platforms.

Every social networking platform are strong in their own ways. But nowadays video blogging is being a worldwide trend. People are sharing videos for various purpose. There are youtube channels for every category that you can imagine. Likewise in Nepal, there are some youtubers who are continuously sharing contents about technology. They are sharing Gadgets, How to, tips and tutorials, fresh unboxing, apps and gadgets features, releases and many more. Being a youtube and tech stalker I thought of sharing some of the trending tech youtubers. So here are the top five youtube channels from Nepal based upon the total number of subscribers.
  1. Explore Gadgets
    Started its journey in July 2012, Explore Gadgets creates video contents about Unique Gadgets ,Tech Accessories, Android Apps & Games, Leaks, Rumors, Comparison, iOS Apps & Games,Tutorials, How-To and Many More.This channel has 580+ videos with the highest 366K+ subscribers  and 76M+ Views. 

  2. Joined March, 2013, Gadgetbyte Nepal is a official channel of gadgetbytenepal.com.
    This channel has 130+ videos, 4.3K+ subscribers and 616K+ views.

  3. Joined in December 2011, Gadgets in Nepal  creats content about Reviews, Unboxing, Hands-on, Apps, games, tips & tricks, Q&A and more videos related with smartphones and other gadgets in Nepali and English language. This channel has 30+ Videos with 1.8K+ subscribers and total of 188K+ video views. 

  4. Joined in Dec 2014, KTMTechTV creats content about best android apps and games, ips apps, games, Unboxing videos, tech review , how to videos & many more. This channel has 129 + Videos  with 3.4K+ subscribers and 87K+ views.

  5. Delta Digit
    Joined in February 2014, Delta Digit is 
    dedicated to science, engineering, technology, ideas, gaming and review. We support new innovations, research, instruction and ideas to help everyone. We cover every spectrum of technology, science, gadgets, information and ideas. This channel has 55+ Videos with 1K+ subscribers and 483K+ video views.
Besides these channels there are some rising channels from Nepal like GIS NEPALTechnoxMOMO Tech Nepal. We are happy for having all above listed tech channels from Nepal. We wish all of you all the very best for their upcoming projects. We hope to see more categories and quality contents from channel. I also request the blog readers to like and subscribe their channels and promote content about technology.
I would also like to request readers to provide feedbacks about the articles I've been writing. It will help me to improve my mistakes and also aware me if my articles are unknowingly wrong or violates any law.