Why Should Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts Watch Westworld?

Why Should Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts Watch Westworld?

It's all over the internet among the list of Trending. It's trending on QuoraRedditMedium and also on 4chan. It has got 9.2/10  IMDB rating. Any social networking site, or Q&A Channel, it's every where. So what is so special about it that it's rated 9.2 in its first season?

WestworldA series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings.-(IMDB). Well the movie is very fascinating and you will appreciate the way Crichton presents his artificial park.

The series indeed itself is a miraculous presentation to the viewers because the series is long with different stories within. Every characters are simple and are giving their best performance. As a viewer I got this awesome experience of feeling the dream of artificial 
intelligence come true. 

One evening while I was switching TV I saw this part of the series on HBO " The keyboard was playing on its own, the music of keyboard was unique, I've never heard such music before. And within a minute of two a girl(Delores) who was somewhere around this cowboy street(The Westworld) , suddenly finds herself inside a room of transparent glass walls everywhere. This guy named Bernard says "Analysis" and at a certain she becomes statue and starts telling truth" I was feeling like " What the hell was that. What did I just watched? So freaking awesome. What is it? A Magician's show or some kind of super natural power ?" I waited till the first break or the name of the series was written on top right of the screen. I Noted down its name on my phone and turned on my laptop. I Searched the movie on torrentz and find out it was the second episode of Season One. With a big sigh I downloaded both of them and started watching it.
It was totally worth it. It also freaked me out because I discuss so many times with so many people about Artificial General Intelligence.  Before moving further I will point out: 

Why Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts should watch Westworld?
  • Artificial Machines passes Turing Test during the first year of its development
    Well to know this particular point from it's creator "FORD" you need to watch 7 episodes. But logically saying, the proposal of Turing Machine " Being unable to distinguish between a man and a machine" I had no idea that all the characters Delores, the whole people inside the bar, those cowboys, horse etc. were all artificial machines, which are controlled by some bunch of people. Every machines also called as agents are self aware, response immediately towards any change or inquiry, speak fluently with feelings, humorous, cry, fall in love care for their loved ones etc. I saw nothing different before I knew they were controlled by humans.
  • Everything you Dreamed about AI & AGI it is here.
    The technological advancement through the implication of Artificial Intelligence which we dream about are all here working on its optimum level. Machine Learning, Optical Character recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Vision, Robotics, Augmented Reality, etc. You name a technology if it was used here and you see it's being used in some episode.
    A Human looking robot talks to another human looking robot on a day to day basis and both of them talk, interact so efficiently and fluently that an actual human in that environment also cannot distinguish them as machine or human.
  • Westworld can inspire AI Geeks for new sets of tests and hypothesis
    What we do today to practice Tests in Artificial Intelligence projects is fetch data to the machine and retrain them for numerous hours, then finally we get high efficiency. But here the robots are interacted with real environment. Neither the machines are aware that they are machines not the humans know their exists machines among them. They are doing their day to day stuffs and what the observer/ or their developers are doing is analyzing their emotions, researching why are they acting differently. Many weird things are achieved in this series which are still in the concept papers of AI Researchers.
  • It's entertaining to watch how agents are drifted towards the anomaly and repeatedly get nowhere nearer towards the maze
    Turing test for this series if unveiling the maze. A maze s developed by Arnold and Ford, if the agents will be able to locate the maze and the secret behind it then Agents will be set free. The mystery box "Maze" is yet to be unveiled but this one test is never passed by any of the agent. So the journey to be nearer to the maze seems challenging and every character use their intelligence to reach nearer to the maze.

    Delores, Bernard, Arnold, Hector, The Maze, Ford, First Generation Agents, Maeve, etc. 
    These are some among few characters whose stories are mysterious and worth it to watch the whole season.