How to alias bash scripts and execute from terminal?

You wrote a bash script and now you have to run it, but you don't know how.  Well this is an easy task. We can do this with just few terminal commands.
  • First you need to make the file as an executable. Use chmod to do so. chmod changes the file mode bits of each fiven file according to the mode , which can be either symbolic or numbr.
    In your terminal type:  chmod +x
  • Now add an alias in the .bashrc file
    gedit .bashrc
     at the last line of file type this:
    alias filename =''
  • Save and close the file 
  • Type source ~/.bashrc  to apply the changes you made to this file
  • Now open terminal and just type the alias you provided to your application. Now you need not create the directory path and execute again and again to run a specific file. Just use the alias.