Why always to start from the scratch and bang your head on the wall getting stocked on a very tiny simple problem. So I wish some true Linux genius would maintain two specific kind of blog i.e. codelinux and corelinux.


Where Bloggers would describe every minute details about Linux Based OS, every simple idea and information regarding the development of Linux and its stability in various distributions.A blogger could prepare some kind of course / syllabus which would consider specially beginners and experts as well and clearly identify that beginners can accomplish following things and will need to study following materials in order to reach next level.

Learning the theories are only not sufficient to be smart because  learning linux is nothing until you are  not able to perform it( say code / modify / customize it).
And most of the time every action on linux is performed through codes or commands. So  I wish a blog or blogger to describe code and concepts behind how it  works. Experts can easily identify where beginners may have problems in understanding the flow , so they can comment on it and every beginners could easily learn from it.