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Explore Gadget is a trending YouTube channel which provides informational videos, unique gadgets ,tech accessories, android applications & games, iOS applications & games, tutorials, how-to and many more. On top of that this is the only tech channel in Nepal with such a huge number of subscribers and 80M+ views and growing. After watching wonderful video by Explore Gadget I came up with this review of this iPhone case

Peri Duo: The iPhone case

What do we use to make our phones look trendy and protect them?? Buy new covers? Sparkling glitters, Cartoon characters, Graffiti etc. I mean we get tons of accessories to make our phone look fabulous, trendy and beautiful. But what benefit do we get from these covers?? Definitely it will emphasize the looks and also protect our phones when it crashes. BUT what if we get more features? In one cover!!!!

Yeah you heard it guys…one cover and lots of facilities. We are here talking about ‘PERI duo’, world’s first iPhone case with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers and a 2900 mAh battery life for iPhone 6/6s. We all must agree that iPhone users always get benefited by new trendy techs.
This smartphone case turns your phone into a retro looking boom box. The back of the case is dominated by a pair of round covered speakers and also there are four control buttons with led indicator. This cover is named duo after its two primary features: the speaker system and the extra battery. The 2900 mAh battery gives you more than enough charge to play your tunes and at least check your phone for few hours, with music at a reasonable volume you can expect up to 10 hours of playback through the direct line and 15 hours using Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility because of which you can operate it without physically accessing your iPhone to the case. It also comes with DSP /equalizer function that u can pay around it, there is another button quick play back for your favorite music and also an integrated microphone.

Talking about the sound behind the speaker are 140 mm near the driver and a radiator for that extra base punch. The amplification power is 4Watt .Beside all these perks the combine speaker and battery add a bulk to the phone. But with these feature we can adjust a little right? As per the price it costs about $150. It’s not cheap but with all the features we are getting in one cover I guess it is worth buying.
So, if you don’t have space for Bluetooth speaker and a battery problem with your iPhone here is an excellent offer.

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NOTE: Products specifications may not be similar to the product because this is written per the specifications provided on the online market.

TurboDL: Boon app for IOS

YouTube Downloading policy so many IOS user download video of youtube by saving it in offline mode present in Youtube only. This is so hectic because offline saved videos get expired and you, right when need to listen song it pops out saying Time expired. So, To solve this TurboDL is present in app store. TurboDL, having size of 28.1 MB is a best app one can have in their phone in FREE of cost. Having fastet way of Downloading makes your feel good on using this app. TurboDL supports YouTube and others many platform.Depict in Name only this app downloads videos and audios in turbo i.e fastest way than any others apps out there.

It has beautiful built in document viewer and Zip extractor.Being integrated with friendly and simple user interface makes it easy to use.It also give its user to transfer files with Wifi browser to their Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch having IOS 7.0 or later and easy view anywhere.This app supports English,Arabic,Thai,Spanish,Chinese,Catalan and more the 25 languages, gives you the best way to interact with app interface.

Following format of Documents are accepted by It:
Pdf, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Ppt, Pptx, Jpg, Png, Zip.

Apart from just downloading videos this stands high then any others apps out there as it has features like:
DropBox and OneDrive Support
Wifi File transfer 
View and download email attached
Send files vie email
Extreme built-In player 
Import From CameraROLL and many more.

Having such Total solution it is not just downloader it is Total File Manager which stands best in its class.So IOS user forget the offline saving mode of Youtube and hit the TurboDL app.

Maladeep Upadhya

Nepal Telecom 4G for iOS, iPhone. Apple finally allowed to use 4G.

4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom

The 4G service works well in Iphone 5, 5c and 5s so far. But, there was problem in iPhone 6 and above, because the update foe iPhone iOS was not provided now the wait is over.

Telecom operators all around the world must sign an agreement with Apple to enable their customers to use devices such as iPhone and iPad on their networks. NT apparently has not entered into such a deal. The agreement basically allows a telecom company to synchronise its network with Apple devices that run on iOS, paving the way for iPhone and iPad users to use 4G service on its network. NT has said it has already requested the American smartphone maker to enable the ‘location code’. Finally apple allowed NT for it's service.

Follow the following procedure to activate 4G in iOS in Nepal.

  1. Click here(this redirects you to apple's site) to go forward using 4G service in ios 6 and above.
  2. Follow the instructions and download the file taking backup of your phone.

      3. Go to General>Settings>Software Update and download beta version 

Now, you will be able to use 4G Network in your iOS 6 and above devices as well.

Finally, 4G has been made available for Nepal Telecom prepaid and post-paid users .To activate: Dial *444#NOTE:On activating 4G, one will get free data subscription of 4GB for 4 days. *1GB/day.

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