Mahabir Pun The Unsung IT Hero of NEPAL

Everything we wanna know about Mahabir Pun is available and well documented at Wikipedia. So you may be thinking why am I writing a blog about him here again? Well there are few reasons behind it. First is respect towards his contribution and second is again respect as a guru who followed his dreams and make it come true. Like him it's my dream and also dream of many of us to make our dream of a developed village, community and all together a developed country.

It was our third semester at Kathmandu University, where we got this opportunity to participate in Community Education Project. A team of 10 members headed to the various places of Dolkha district of Nepal. There we stayed for seven days providing training to the government officials of District Headquarter Office, Department of Forest. One day we went to the Gaurishankar Hospital with the application from University searching if we can provide any help regarding IT/ computer technology. There from the doctors we encountered a Workstation Setup with a huge monitor and a dedicated CPU. Doctor told us this device came here from Mahabir Pun's Project called Telemedicine.  We explored the workstation and explored how the telemedicine was set up. 

TELEMEDICINE is a concept of providing medical service in such areas where doctors cannot reach physically during the emergency. So with the help of technology i.e. Internet doctors make their virtual presence through video conference and assist online during a treatment. Local health assistants, or any other health personnel take advice from them and help the patient.

I've read about him during my high school as the man who provided access of internet to the people of Mountain regions. I always wanted to meet him and this quest is yet not fulfilled, although we have had timely conversations on phone.

And one day I saw this video recommended in youtube. I watched it and again I was mind blown with his new project of initiating Research and Development Centre at Nepal "National Innovation Centre". He was already an inspirational character for me. And here again he owns a huge respect. 
Theme of this R&D centre is development of country through investment in every aspects of infrastructure of development. Just the concept is that this Organization acts as a supporting cnetre which does research, analysis and also development for the country. He has estimated an approximate 2.5Million USD budget program for the organization. He proposes development of a micro hydropower which will cover most of the expenditure. On top of that he donated all his lands for the project. 
There is a reason for calling him an unsung hero. Since the time of this project initiation four government came and went from the parliament. All government leaders just listened to him, gave consolation and fake promise that they will help but nothing is done yet. If such project is accomplished then it would take no time for a country to swift to the edge of development.
I'm happy that I am also on the same track of contributing the community. With Help Nepal Network's E-Library Project many volunteers from Kathmandu University have contributed to the community and will be helping in anyways I can to his project. 

I request everyone online to take a look at what he has to say. Every information regarding his project and him is transparent. He is a down to earth, humble and genuine person. Let us together be a part of his campaign.