How to Prevent Others From Embedding Your YouTube Video

How to Prevent Others From Embedding Your YouTube Video

When you upload a video on YouTube, the video will be by-default publicly published and also other can embed that video on their websites/blogs, until you manually play with the video settings. But some users might want their video to be public (able to be searched on YouTube), but do not want other people to embed their video on external sites.
Well, here’s a quick guide that shows how you can prevent others from embedding your YouTube video.


  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Visit Videos Manager after you’re logged in
  • Now find the video which you do not want others to embed, and click on edit option
  • Go to Advanced Settings
  • Uncheck Allow Embedding option, below Distribution options heading
  • Finally click on the blue Save Changes button
Now on other people won’t be able to embed your that specific video on their Websites and blogs.


Explore Gadget is a trending YouTube channel which provides informational videos, unique gadgets ,tech accessories, android applications & games, iOS applications & games, tutorials, how-to and many more. On top of that this is the only tech channel in Nepal with such a huge number of subscribers and 80M+ views and growing.
As February is month of Love, Explore Gadgets presents cool gadgets for all the gadget lovers. On this video by Explore Gadget, they present us with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Yosh Car Mount, Sansi RGB Light, Eonfine Spider Web Case, and Aukley Table Lamp. Few features of these gadgets are included below:
Wireless HO3 Bluetooth speaker with unique design and superior sound quality. The beautifully crafted tri-angular shaped Wireless Bluetooth speaker is made of brushed aluminium metal. It is powered by two premium 250mm drivers and passive sub woofers either side delivering deep bass. The premium features built into the design allows for effortless 3D HD sound delivered through the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The controls are in the touch panel display which does resembles apples touch bar. In addition to Bluetooth it also supports NFC.
Perfectly polished surface with a carefully carved logo. This makes for a simple yet elegant design so you can easily install or remove it when needed. 
The body is fashioned from high-quality Type-50D Silicon, which is often used in various high-tech industries. The soft rubber feel of the silicon protects your air vent so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. 
Contains a quadruple-plated nickel magnet that is powerfully magnetized. This extends the car mount’s life period and also holds your phone in place, so you don’t have to worry about it dropping off and breaking. 
Universal-design so it’s compatible with almost any device and air vent can even be used as a phone stand. Systems include : Android, Apple, Windows Phone. 

For your colorful life & healthy life
  • Allow to customized light settings from over 16 million colors for any ambiance or mood, rich your life. 
  • Support daily lighting- select natural daylight color for reading, warm white for relax, improve your life. 
Rich functions
  • Music control: Light color changing along with the mobile phone local music. 
  • Group control: A group of bulbs can be controlled by App at the same time. 
High tech
  • Energy saving: 60w equivalently because of 10w bulb achieving 800lm. 
  • Safe: Insulated inter ceramic shell, safe to install and remove. 
  • Service time is 25000hrs 
Easy to setup
  • Download the "Stellar Wi-Fi" app and install it into Android/IOS device. 
  • Connect your mobile phone to the bulb’s Wi-Fi signal. 
  • Open the App 

Upgraded Version
  • Use top-level metal and TPU as manufacture material, uttermost reduce the effect to the signal to provide protection from scratches. Case comes with high touch sensitivity built-in screen protector. The transparent front and back cover for camera lenses enable high-quality, high-definition photos and videos.
Water Shock Dirty Dust Snow Proof 
  • IP68 standard Waterproof, submersible to over 6.6 ft deep for 30 minutes; designed and tested to 2 meters high, protect your phone from drops and shocks. Full-sealed cover stop any dirty and dust into your iPhone 7.
Precise Cutout 
  • The precision cutting fits iPhone 7 perfectly, all buttons and controls, like touch ID, cameras & speakers, power button, mute key, charge port and volume buttons, work great like there is no case. Please use original iphone 7 charge cable and earphones or corresponding size cables.
Best for Sports lover
  • A must for Sports and outdoors. Fasten your iPhone 7 with the camping snap hook on your bag or wristband, then feel free to enjoy your swimming, skiing, diving, climbing mountains, other outdoor activities and daily use. Record the most charming moment in your life.

  • Touch activated table lamp, reading lamp, bedside lamp with 256 color changing LED lights 
  • Tap the base to toggle 3 brightness settings - Soft, cool, and bright white light 
  • Auto cycle 256 RGB color combinations or select a fixed color to suit your mood 
  • 360° touch panel base provides full control to easily switch light modes and power on/off 

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NOTE: Products specifications may not be similar to the product because this is written per the specifications provided on the online market.

Now Loop YouTube Videos Without any Extra Software

Many of us were always expecting for this feature and it is finally here. The Video Loop Feature in Youtube. Previously we have been searching for any possible browser plugins and tools for looping a video.
But now Youtube provides this feature and you no more need to install any extra software for it. Just play any video you want to and then do RIGHT CLICK on the video and it is there . You can see the fourth option as Loop. Simply click the checkbox and the video plays again and again. Now this feature will let us use YouTube as our media player.

Red Line In Youtube Videos

What is this red line in Youtube videos?

Channel: Traveling Nepal
Have you ever noticed this red line at bottom of your video thumbnail?. It's been about a month that I'm noticing this red strip below the video thumbnails of my youtube channel . And this is noticeable because there is this thin red line in only few videos. So I searched for what was the issue. There was a huge discussion going on in Google Product Forum. But different people had different ideas and nobody were having a common opinion.

Why Red Line?

If you have noticed, after this red line, something has vanished from the video thumbnails. Do you know what is that? Earlier there used to be a already watched notation. And now this is replaced by the red line. So why is this red line? Youtube videos has this red line because those are the videos which you have already watched with same Youtube user account some time before.

In the picture below you see only some fraction of red line in video Zariya. This is because you watched this video to that timestamp and discontinued afterwards.

How to remove this Red Line?

If you donot want to use this feature from youtube you can always opt out from it. In order to do so we have to remove a cookie from youtube. The cookie name is VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE. 
  1. Go to your browser's Settings Menu
  2. In privacy section find cookies.
  3. Search for the site ''
  4. Scroll the cookies and fine the cookie with name VISITON_INFO1_LIVE
  5. Rremove Selected and close.
  6. Restart the browser and you are done.
Note: I Tried this in latest version of Firefox browser 51.0



Sometime it feels like detachment with  Youtube, Google, Facebok, Instagram, Twitter is not less than living in the stone age. These are directly attached with our daily activities, our ups and downs. People share a picture if they are happy, tweet or post if anything good or bad has happened. Search for a solution on google whenever they get stuck in their work & listen to the music, watch youtube videos, share their vines, memes etc. Now we have more than a hundred social networking platforms.

Every social networking platform are strong in their own ways. But nowadays video blogging is being a worldwide trend. People are sharing videos for various purpose. There are youtube channels for every category that you can imagine. Likewise in Nepal, there are some youtubers who are continuously sharing contents about technology. They are sharing Gadgets, How to, tips and tutorials, fresh unboxing, apps and gadgets features, releases and many more. Being a youtube and tech stalker I thought of sharing some of the trending tech youtubers. So here are the top five youtube channels from Nepal based upon the total number of subscribers.
  1. Explore Gadgets
    Started its journey in July 2012, Explore Gadgets creates video contents about Unique Gadgets ,Tech Accessories, Android Apps & Games, Leaks, Rumors, Comparison, iOS Apps & Games,Tutorials, How-To and Many More.This channel has 580+ videos with the highest 366K+ subscribers  and 76M+ Views. 

  2. Joined March, 2013, Gadgetbyte Nepal is a official channel of
    This channel has 130+ videos, 4.3K+ subscribers and 616K+ views.

  3. Joined in December 2011, Gadgets in Nepal  creats content about Reviews, Unboxing, Hands-on, Apps, games, tips & tricks, Q&A and more videos related with smartphones and other gadgets in Nepali and English language. This channel has 30+ Videos with 1.8K+ subscribers and total of 188K+ video views. 

  4. Joined in Dec 2014, KTMTechTV creats content about best android apps and games, ips apps, games, Unboxing videos, tech review , how to videos & many more. This channel has 129 + Videos  with 3.4K+ subscribers and 87K+ views.

  5. Delta Digit
    Joined in February 2014, Delta Digit is 
    dedicated to science, engineering, technology, ideas, gaming and review. We support new innovations, research, instruction and ideas to help everyone. We cover every spectrum of technology, science, gadgets, information and ideas. This channel has 55+ Videos with 1K+ subscribers and 483K+ video views.
Besides these channels there are some rising channels from Nepal like GIS NEPALTechnoxMOMO Tech Nepal. We are happy for having all above listed tech channels from Nepal. We wish all of you all the very best for their upcoming projects. We hope to see more categories and quality contents from channel. I also request the blog readers to like and subscribe their channels and promote content about technology.
I would also like to request readers to provide feedbacks about the articles I've been writing. It will help me to improve my mistakes and also aware me if my articles are unknowingly wrong or violates any law.